Is the Crisis Putting the Republican Senate in Jeopardy?

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If you look at history, President Trump isn't the only politician who the crisis could take down

It’s a question as obvious as it is critical: How will the trio of crises—the pandemic, the economy, the demands for racial justice—affect the 2020 race for the White House. But in Washington, there are other implications that could matter almost as much to the direction of national policy, chief among them the Senate.a question equal in importance to the outcome of the Presidential race.

This year, the Senate Republicans hold a majority, again making them vulnerable to any vote to toss out the status quo. But don’t voters make different choices when they vote for a President and then a Senator? Once upon a time, yes. looking to hold the Senate for the Republicans. Not that long ago, Republicans were a good bet to hold the Senate even though they held 23 of the 35 contested seats. Only two—Cory Gardner of Colorado and Susan Collins of Maine—were in states that Hillary


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Bitchy Mitch must be a follower, he can’t think for himself. Not much can be done for him, he’s made a deal with the devil.Those pacts never work bc the devil is trump and he couldn’t keep a promise if his life depended on it. Evil breeds evil.His Son don jr. is proof of that!

Probably the gop hates civil unrest issues people just don’t know their place👹👹👹👹

The framers of our constitution made a mistake assuming that honorable men would serve in government.

The SenateGOP certainly deserves to be in jeopardy. While the crises raged, they prioritized the confirmation of questionable conservative judges over the needs of the American public.

Crisis or the party’s history? Come on Politico.

I pray

No. Period. The pandemic, resulting economic pullback and racial injustice are challenges to be sure. The President has demonstrated the strength of purpose to do the difficult, to do things not done, to do what is right in the face of strong adversity. He will now. senatemajldr

No, people aren't that stupid


Yes! 23 Senate Republicans are up for re-election in November. Vote them all out. Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham are both up for re-election. Vote them all out. All Moscow Mitch cares about his power. Take away his power. Vote him out. Vote out Trump's lap dog, Lindsey Graham.

Impraying it crushes these idiots that have stood by Trump and did absolutely nothing!

Let’s hope so.

The threat from the leftest crazies will get President Trump reelected.

Hell no



*Sure with all the Distractions ,Spin & Disinformation provided by MSM....!

The Republican senators have lost their moral compasses. They are willing to forego ethics, honesty and espouse lying, exploitation, divisiveness and violence. This is likely their last chance to do what’s right and rescind their support for so much that’s wrong with Trump.

That is all this sleazy politician cares about. It's time for this dishonorable discharged mitch to be voted out

It probably will. The week democratic left has to blame someone for systematic lack of responsibility in our government infrastructure.

Real news : WHO says: Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is 'very rare’

No, sorry it will not.

Probably not, but it will likely put the Democrat Congress at risk. Anyone voting for those who are already in charge of the largest cities most effected by all those issues would be fool to keep them in charge just because they wear African garb.


no idiot republican candidates for senate like martha McSally are from Arizona!

I hope so

The Republicans are at risk of becoming like the historical Whig party.

The bs of the bogus racist crap is in the lefts districts that have been their for decades. Trump has fixed everything!

No because it’s all because of the left. You fools!

Yes inshallah

It is putting them in jeapordy as long as they let Donald Trump lead them by the nose it makes them look awful gutless to their constituentsy, each and every one of them! The truths will come out on them also once the smoke clears!

The Dems have more to lose if they don't handle this right. We know Republicans won't. It's what the Dems do that matters.

I sure hope so. Sounds like a rainbow after a storm to me.

Hope so. But it’ll be the only good to come out of all this.

Republicans can pick up seats

Yes send Mason verger McConnell 😂 back to Kentucky along with his cousin rand Shaggy Paul from Scooby Doo

Nope. You just guaranteed both houses to the GOP.

The Senate has one objective under MoscowMitchMcConnell : create a conservative judicial system.

It should. If it doesn't America has lost it's collective mind.

Could put the GOP in jeopardy? Preposterous! The Republicans have put themselves in such a horrible position, that they lose more credibility every time they raise their heads up! Mr. Trump & his stupid clonies have beat their dead horse to death! They are going, going, going...

Seems to be the lefts plan

One can only pray that it does

If it leads to international oversight and accountability for fair USA elections, the answer is clear.

Sure hope so

Nope, republicans will have a an even bigger majority after election cause democrats look crazy and everyone knows to vote red to save us from their craziness

Let’s pray it is

And what are the Dems focused on? Not black lives - 92 shot, 27 dead— the most violent weekend so far this year in Chicago

🤔🤔🤔 normally yes... but they cheat, so.... it’s up to those institutions that Americans don’t trust 🤷‍♀️

Hope so.

It should There’s about a billion other reasons to vote these motherfuckers out as well

Moscow Mitch is the reason for Age limits in Congress.

Just have to replace the damn Rhino's...


The senate was in jeopardy as soon as they started licking Trump’s oxfords.

It should to All Americans who have integrity! Republican Senators Fault! dumpgop

Hopefully. New direction is needed.

Hope so.

Backing Trump will be the Republicans downfall.

I sure hope so.

Even if it does, they'll be back after maximum of 8 years once their Democraric Partners do the work and get wealthy on the back of Americans. Never ending abuse by politicians!

Hope so.

The economy is starting to rage the pandemic is easing. All the dems got left are their riots & those are being found out & stopping. What are they going to do next. Trump Just keeps doing his job & things get better everyday. Let the dems stay home & out of his way. MAGA

The idiot-mob is immoveable. *Nothing* will make them question the dear leader. So we can safely write off ~35% of the Right. It comes down to those who identify as Independent / Unaffiliated.

China is to blame for the pandemic and democrats are to blame for the other two so the answer is no.

The media is trying their hardest to help democrats

If it's not about the rich Mitch doesn't care. You are not his problem. Even Kentucky is not his problem.

🌐...could this jeopardize the Republican Senate? Republicans are already kneeling with Biden ... and who will protect American🇺🇸 people from street gangsters?

There are subtleties too. Trump delegated C-19 mgt., reopening, and 'law and order' to the states. What happens if he precieves they fail by his unstated standards?

The designed-to-obstruct rules Mitch McConnell has set up for the Senate puts his knee on the neck of the whole nation...this is not how it’s supposed to man deciding the direction of the country’s laws is not democracy. He is not a leader, he is a saboteur...

We can only hope

No, the cowardly SenateGOP are putting the Republican Senate in jeopardy. Try and keep up,

The fact that Trump still has 38% approval or even anything above 1%, tells you everything you need to know about America. It’s depressing.

Who can possibly support this guy still? 45% of us are 100% morons

Negative , nobody cares about the pandemic it's being revealed the experts were wrong, recovery we are now in , the POS who killed floyd and his conspirators are locked up tighter than an obama college report card and will get justice and the Russian Coup directors are singing

I hope so. We need police reform to get through the senate.

Why hasn’t any media interviewed the people who filmed George Floyd’s murder .... mmmmmmmm

It was in jeopardy the moment they decided to profane our Constitution and rule of Law by not holding a real Impeachment Trial and removing that fat orange Abomination.

Don't forget MurderHornets

Democrats are going to sweep everything all thanks to Trump

It should be!


it should but it probably will not, because Republicans only give a shit about themselves.

I would hope so?

They are using force and censorship Chinese style. Knock it off and stop it there/

They are doing nothing but watching it burn to the ground.

Not at all

Please lord, please

The Whigs

Fingers crossed.

I sure hope so

Hope so!!!!!!

I sure hope so.

I fervently pray for it

Buh bye Moscow Mitch.

Buh bye Graham Cracker

DumboRat4000 All of them


Not happening.

This good looking one too? Stop giggling.

The GOP sealed their fate long ago when they blatantly refused to follow the law during the impeachment trial.

Complicit is the word for the Republican Party

Let's hope

Hope so! Also it should be *whom*

Don't get me started.🧟🗣️Moscow Mitch & GOP Senate are destined for defeat in November. We the People will not forgive them for denying Justice w/a positive impeachment vote, for refusing 2act on legislation: gun control, pandemic response, people in cages at the border.🚫🇺🇸👎👎🏿

Please God!

I put senatemajldr ethically, racially, cheating and lying right in line with trump...and maybe more so. He could not stand a black man being president and he could have ended this trump sh!t show a long time ago. He is every bit as poisonous as trump.

OMG I sure hope so.

Voters need to flip the senate to the dems and then the dems need to get rid of the 2/3 vote requirement and the filibuster rule and let the republicans cry like babies, then get to work and start accomplishing things. Four years of the senate doing nothing is unacceptable.

If it isn’t I can’t imagine what else it would take.I mean when you look at all republicans Moscow Mitch ,Cruz,linzy and all the rest.We must get rid of all the cult or our country will never recover from “THIS VIRUS “ AMERICA NEEDS A VACCINATION.VOTE!

It had better be. GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPComplicitTraitors GOPCorruptionOverCountry

A girl can dream

Clean house November 3rd! VOTE BLUE PERIOD!

Needs to do his job. I understand he has a number of bills sitting on his desk to be voted on. He somehow believes he was given the power to select which he would allow to be voted on. He needs to do his job or get out.

From our lips to god’s ears.

Yes, please!

I think it was the Democrats that let the looters steal and burn down buildings and beat store owners. Democrat mayors and governors!!Voters will remember!

One can hope

One can but hope!

Yes. VoteOutTheGOP

i hope so

Let’s make sure it does! TheLincolnProject

Senator’s who have been covering for the outrageous seated president have to justify their continued existence. When any politician stands and rebuke the presidential actions, but refused to vote for removal, will now have to answer for that decision!

Counting (and voting) on it!

Joke’s on his opposition because Mitch already made his millions while in the Senate.

If McConnell is forced out of office, then a least something good will have come from all of this.

One can only hope that MoscowMitch is a casualty and eventually an inmate.

If there’s a God.

We had a BLACK DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT for 8 years. How'd he do on unifying the nation? How'd he do on race relations? The black community has suffered generations of racism and oppression at the hands of local & state democrat politicians.

The turtle is just greedy and evil.

If I were Mitch, I'd hire extra security.

unless they are voted out its all wishful thinking. don't talk, prove that america is not becoming a fascist society.

The Republican Senate is afraid to act except at the whistle of Mr. Trump. Perhaps they should be more afraid of voters. I have been a voting member of the Republican Party since 1976 and I am ashamed.

Lets how, support Amy AmyMcGrathKY, just think, Senate turns and Moscow is unemployed.

Let’s fucking hope so.

I sure hope so... we don’t need a bunch of wannabe nazis in this country and this gov!

I don’t know, is it?

hateful McConnell-Trump needs to go. No change would happen as long as they are in. that where racism


We can hope

Moscow Mitch

Riddle me this. How can the minority party be in control of the Senate.

This is a parasitic symbiotic relationship. They are complicit in the demise of the democracy...trump has been their cover

This 4 year long crisis has put the whole republican party in crisis

I hope so

Haven’t seen much from senatemajldr or VP They are 100% complicit by supporting a lawless president and should be concerned. I am sure Trump has dossiers on both, but their self centered, anti American, racist agendas go back long before Trump.

President Trump’s African American approval rating are above 40%. The President is doing great.

This should. The broken ideals of the new GOP is not who we are as a country. Racism. Homophobia. Sexism. The list goes on.

Yes! endtheGOP rethuglicans VoteThemAllOut

i hope so.

We MUST take the Senate!

Hopefully, the Senate will go to Dems.

Republicans always claimed the democrats were the weak party. Turns out, the GOP are afraid of tweets from a middle schooler with terrible spelling and grammar skills. VoteThemAllOut

That's why Republicans have won the last few seats up for election recently.

It’s putting the whole party in jeopardy. If they don’t see they’re past the point of return, they’re blind.

Let’s hope so. This has to be the most evil group to ever control the Senate. McConnell the most anti American of all.

The GOP must be defeated in order to save our republic.

McConnell needs to go down - to Hell!👿

This is not going to be about just recent crisis - where republicans have failed miserably- this is going to be about the past 3.5 years of hell this country has endured at the hands of Republicans.

It should! Look where we are today because they did not stop Trump! They proved they are supporting Trump to maintain their power. They are cowards afraid to oppose his idiocy, corruption and injustice! Pathetic!

Vote as if your life and your children’s lives depend on it!

The 2nd most hated human being in America! DeposeMoscowMitch2020

vote Mitch out

This MF'er needs to go down HARD... DitchMitch

I hope that everyone in Trump's regime' is taken down. They all must be removed from office.

Absolutely, as it should. McConnell, Graham, Burr, all of them have to go! VoteThemAllOut


The Dems getting way ahead of themselves. Mitch is bad for democracy but he has support at home. No lip SOB is a powerful political force.


The Senate was already at risk before the effects of the pandemic were felt. A model using 4th qtr 2019 data on Senators' approval, and Trump's approval by state in Feb, identified six Rs with predicted vote shares at or below 50% compared to one D.

The so called crisis is taking down the media.

One of many spineless, moraless enablers to Trump. He needs to go

Let's hope so. The GOP can make rich folks richer like no other party, but they know beans about governing for the people. And the current crop of Congressional Trumplicans are a pathetic, cowardly, sycophantic bunch. GOPBetrayedAmerica

Dear greenfield64 & : If you are going to publish this propaganda piece to boost TheDemocrats as if it were legit analysis, could you at least have Jeff correct the obvious typos in his writing first? Just trying to help.

Mitch knows that it has been a gamble to pick Trump in 2016 as nominee, because Trump registered twice as Democrat and twice as a Republican. Trump family are all Democrats. Look at Melania Trump staff in East Wing all Dems. Hard to say: gamble. Many races are tied.

Bunker Boy

It’s not the crisis, it’s the response to it. Or lack thereof

Most of the GOP needs to go

Sounds good. But let's not get too comfortable. VOTE!

aha, the man with the disappearing chin!

One can only hope and vote

Meanwhile, in Lincoln on 6-3-2020 this is the police and the people demonstrating. Do you see this on the news? It is on LOCAL news.

The man who would be king! ...would have loved to have bumped into this guy when he was twelve! Looks like he thinks he's Hitlers aide.


These triple crises, health, political and soon to be economic, he had nothing to do with. MM fuels the fires, hardcore democrats, new world order players like Soros, and the deep state as well. The economy was doomed from 2008, no reform. The billionaires are now looting leftovr

Please make it happen.

They put themselves in jeopardy by supporting Trumpsterfire’s bullshit. Fuck every one if them.

Down down down Moscow Mich going down

It’s gonna take down the agenda news media and all their activist hiding behind the “journalist” shield.😉

Trash News lies!!

The crisis is taking out liberal progressives by the hour!!

Nixon was the Republican Party's black eye. I use to say Trump would be the Republican Party's body bag. Now? Trump IS the Republican Party's apocalypse. VoteTrumpOut VoteOutTheGOP ALL of them, in such overwhelming numbers that the rest, not up for reelection, resign in fear.

The entire Republican party needs to go away for good. Since they crawled up Trump's rear, they've shown time and time again they do not care about America, only their own self-interests. They're the party of racists and bigots, traitors and sycophants. Let them all burn.

Goodbye in November senatemajldr and your COWARDLY brethren. GOP have proven they are totally unfit to hold ANY office in government. McConnell will let the Republican party be destroyed and for what? LINING THEIR OWN CORRUPT POCKETS 2020 GOOD RIDDANCE - COWARDS ALL OF YOU

I certainly hope so!

Dream On , dream on!

This turtle’s in hot soup.


Thank God! They are all ignorant.

I hope so.

Content of Character Matters Most. More like the lunatic left media, & charlatan hypocrite politicians bowing to Socialist BLM, facist Antifa, Commie Soros, Islamic seditious and treasonous groups & deranged ID Political groups spells the end for the Dems. PoliticalTheology

Republicans will lose badly for years unless they clean house.

Lets send Mitch to his retirement ...Kentuckians vote this Do-Nothing Senator out! He promoted trumps agenda and stood by him during the impeachment so let Mitch suffer the same outcome this November!

Never ever

Trump and his enablers need to be taken down.


I truly hope so. And if the American people don’t vote out this time around then they deserve everything this Senate and their president put them through.

Oh gosh 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 yes



Does anybody know of entities who are in opposition to Mitch McConnell? Maybe some links to donations. Who’s running against him? Who’s devoted to getting him out of office? I’d LOVE to give those people my money. Lol

Republicans policies are putting the republican senate in jeopardy.

If only...


Good. Senate republicans all need to be voted out. They are the reason Trump is still terrorizing this country.

Of course he has tainted the entire party. I am a registered republican and plan to vote blue, solid blue, from local races to POTUS. The cowardice and willingness to kiss orange ass to keep a job the PEOPLE sent you to do is disgraceful. You forgot who you work for.

No. The overwhelming support for Law and Order has finished the Democrats.

what crisis?, the only crisis I see is the democratic party enabling rioters and pushing JoeBiden to offer reparations to the black community realDonaldTrump


😤😡👊⚡Trump 💀

It better or Biden is going to have a rough four years.

Let’s hope so, MoscowMitch isn’t bothered with governing he blocks anything that comes from the house

Politicians have been down but civilians are so fuckin dumb... like really there so many tools claiming to be “woke” to know who’s out for them ... Jesus was a communist and all you wannabe communist have no idea what the doctrine means but it’s the same for democracy

wow no trump followers blowing their dogg whistles or their 1¢ input for this article? amazing!!! guess they can't say sh*t! truth hurts! come nov reality gonna hurt too!!!

Yup and should be gop did not stand up for constitution or democracy and silently let it be destroyed . Vote senate repubs out

We can only hope. We need dem control of the presidency, senate, and house. Then the real work can get done

If any politician truly cared about our nation there would would be term limits. It is the only way to keep the politicians working for the people.

IvankaTrump ByeIvanka Has done a Public Disservice to our Country😡Entitlement Greed ItBelongstoUs JaredKushner NOT QUALIFIED to be in the People's WhiteHouse LEAVE NOW ResignNowTrump ResignNowDONALD DonaldGATE RacistinChief RESIGN NOW TRUMP😡

I hope it takes down the criminal Catholic cabal around Hillary Clinton.

🙏🏼 it does!

I don't feel sorry for crooked GOP Senators or President Dump. These guys f'kd up our lives, so they might as well enjoy the ride too. I can only hope and pray that they get tossed or imprisoned for ALL of their egregious criminal. activities since 2016.

Or ...Not take down! Nixon came out of 1968 just fine. (Two landslides) And Democrats are making the same mistakes again in 2020.

Suckers for power. Paying the price for deal with the Devil.

I hope so! Retire Mitch.

No person in Kentucky should be voting for poo-poo McConnell.


Let’s hope so

The turtle will go down along with Trump & cronies.

All going down! Failure to represent the people!

What has realDonaldTrump to do with what happened in Minneapolis? Nothing.

Good. To see McConnell taken down would be almost more satisfying that seeing Trump hone

😂😂😂 keep dreaming Liberal democrats run the cities with police departments that kill citizens on the reg, but that’s going to “bring down trump.” Haha 😂 oh libs always so dumb and funny. TrumpLandslideVictory2020

Breonna Taylor was a female health care professional with no drugs in her body--she was killed --don't let Mitch/ GOP get us all focused on just George--Mitch has got to go--he has said nothing about her death amjoyshow MeetThePress

Sure do hope so

And they would deserve it!

If McConnel wins re-election we are going to build a fence around Kentucky before burning it to the ground.

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