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Is It Time for a Sleep Divorce?

Maybe Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (and the censors) had it right all along: Sleep in your own bed


Maybe Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (and the censors) had it right all along: Sleep in your own bed

That buzz saw snoring next to you, the freezing room, the elbow in your face. One way to a better night’s sleep may mean creating a separate sleep space.

Separate sleeping arrangements can include pairing side by side beds of similar size, having a smaller plus a larger bed in the room that the couple could share when they want to be intimate, or designating nights in a spare room. Separate bedrooms is another option.

“I’m a night owl, he’s an early bird,” Ms. Cooper said. “I need soothing sounds to fall asleep to, he likes silence. He likes a hard mattress, mine is soft and full of pillows. And because I don’t like the early day’s sunlight, Donald gave me the master bedroom which gets less light and he has the second largest room that gets the sunrise he loves.”

Healthy couples who sleep separately can be as happy as healthy couples who sleep together. “They seem to have as good a sex life as couples who share the same bed,” Ms. Rapini said. “They feel very close to their partner. Maybe it’s because they respect each other’s personal space.”

How do you become a more successful sleeper? Grab a pillow, curl up and keep reading to find out.

For couples not ready for separate sleeping domains, a happy medium could be met with the right sleep solution. Investing in an adjustable mattress that accommodates both partners sleeping needs or pushing together two separate mattresses can help solve conflicts while still allowing a couple to remain close.

Read more: The New York Times

my parents have separate rooms due to them wanting to watch different tv channels or having different sleeping schedules Nope. puritans. One of the many great things about being single is enjoying sleeping with someone - because you know its only occasional, therefore savored. The rest of the time its two cuddly non-snoring cats.

This is a sick joke Yeeeeeessssssss!!!!! Rock Quarry: This is the part where NYT plays the turn around, and suggest poison in the medicine in retaliation for exposing SAG's relationship with the Seventh Day Adventists, and the heroin that SAG uses to control the SDA army. It gets deadly personal in real terrorism.

I can’t believe people actually pay you to have this garbage delivered to their porch. Nobility used to do this a lot, although part of that may have been so the man, in particular, could sleep around more easily. Been doing it for many years... peaceful nights... for both.... Anyone in this thread who agrees is single lol

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on TheTalkCBS Oh God!! Yet more drama for the Osborne’s!!! SURPRISE😂😂😂 TheTalkCBS No one wants to see or hear their children has come to the end of their marriage. It’s worse when children are involved. So sorry Jack I pray you both find a good way to coparent.

Here is a story for you. Why were 3 CNN anchors on Epstein’s pedophile island? Why the coverup from the media about the biggest child sex trafficking story in history? Are you hiding something ? How many of your employees were there? The truth will come out... So used to sleeping in my own bed at this stage of adulthood that I could never move in with someone else WednesdayWisdom

Sleep in your own separate bedrooms is even better. rosangelat_ te acuerdas cuando hace algunos meses te comenté qué idea tenía, mira ahora, no soy el único It’s the only way to get a good nights sleep. I think The NY Times is the worst news paper org in America. Seriously awful takes

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