Is It Safe to Share Stress-Baked Sourdough with Neighbors?

Is it safe to share stress-baked sourdough with neighbors? (Via @EaterSF)

4/9/2020 4:40:00 AM

Is it safe to share stress-baked sourdough with neighbors? (Via EaterSF)

The etiquette for sharing food during coronavirus, from cookies to casseroles

, they might also feel comfortable accepting homemade food.As with takeout, you should drop it off on their doorstep and maintain social distance. And they should transfer the food to their own plates, toss the containers and packaging, and wash their hands before digging in. As already covered,

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, andmighthelp kill the virus, so it’s worth reheating casseroles and lasagnas until bubbling, and simmering soups and stews for a few minutes. This might not be an option for baked goods, if you normally enjoy them at room temperature, but it couldn’t hurt to toast sourdough.

Digging into the differences between restaurant takeout and homemade treats, a few thoughts. Again, I’m no virologist, and this is not medical advice. But as a cook myself, who’s worked out of both restaurant and home kitchens, I’ve got to say, I personally have way more confidence in the cleanliness of pro kitchens. Restaurants have steel countertops, with sanitation buckets tucked underneath, and particularly right now, cooks are wearing gloves, wiping down, and are professionally trained in hand washing. That said, in terms of social distancing, there are more people in and out of those kitchens. As a home cook, you might be baking solo.

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