Recline Your Seat Or Stay Upright? Cnn Travel Staffers Debate Positions - Cnn

Recline Your Seat Or Stay Upright? Cnn Travel Staffers Debate Positions - Cnn

Is it OK to recline your seat? The great reclining debate

Do you recline? Or decline?

2/14/2020 9:48:00 AM

Do you recline? Or decline?

Is reclining our plane, train or bus seat a fundamental passenger right, or is it time for us all to decline to recline? Two CNN Travel staffers engage in a friendly debate over the best position.

experiences, Delta said it'd begin revampingsome of its jets to reduce the recline of coach seats from four inches to two inches and the recline of first class seats from 5.5 inches to 3.5 inches.For those who abhor the recline option, it's a small step. And for those who value it, well, it's a compromise. This seemingly innocuous topic is one where there are very much two minds on what's acceptable and what's not. Two CNN Travel staffers engage in a friendly debate about seat recline.

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Your seat. Your decision.Stacey Lastoe, senior editor at CNN Travel, is of above-average height and makes no apology about reclining; it's her right as a plane, train and bus passenger. She encourages the person sitting in front of her to recline as well.

On the first leg of my flight to Japan for my honeymoon, my husband and I got upgraded to first class. Although it would just be a few hours in the sky en route to Dallas, I was excited about sipping Champagne, sitting back and relaxing. Flute in hand, I pushed back to recline my seat for maximum relaxation. But it would not budge; I appeared to be stuck in a dysfunctional seat.

Or was I?Turns out the gentleman behind me had a dog in a crate down between his legs, positioned so the seat in front of his --myseat -- had nowhere to go. Because we were newlyweds and loving every moment of it, I did not mind when my husband turned to the man and told him his wife wanted to recline her seat and asked if he could please rearrange his dog crate to allow for everyone's comfort.

The guy lost it, but not before a flight attendant intervened and rationally explained that it was my"right" to recline my seat. She pointed out that there was plenty of room for his dog and that he could not use the animal to infringe upon my reclining rights.

On a long-distance bus ride, having the option to recline makes for a more comfortable journey, according to pro-recliners.ShutterstockIn the end, dear reader, I reclined. I drank Champagne. I reread our Japan itinerary. I napped.You see, I am a recliner. A person who reserves the right to recline. In doing so, I fully expect the person in front of me to exercise their right to recline as well. I recline, you recline, we all recline for increased comfort.

I can't sleep sitting up fully erect, though, wow, that would be lovely. And I enjoy sleeping on airplanes, trains, buses and in the car. I appreciate modern technology that has enhanced seating with reclining capabilities.Outside of business or first class air travel, I know it can be tight. Of course I have to shift my butt a bit further back in the seat when someone reclines so my knees aren't compressed into the back of the reclined seat. But this is to be expected. It's certainly no cause for irritation or anxiety.

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Now, I have heard the frustrationfrom manywho like to work on their laptops on planes. Depending on the size of the laptop -- and the economy class seat -- it's impossible to have the laptop fully open on the tray table when the person in front of you reclines. Allegedly.

With space at a premium, some argue that reclining doesn't help.Molon Labe SeatingI've had success pulling my laptop a little closer to me, half on the tray table, half hovering over my lap, or I have simply opted to keep the tray table tucked away and rely on my lap, for my, ahem, laptop.

What I'm saying is: It's not impossible to work just because your neighbor has chosen to exercise their right to recline.As long as the seat has a recline function, I'll be sitting back and enjoying the flight.Related contentHow early do you get to the airport? The great timing debate

How is this flight different from all other flights?Lilit Marcus, CNN Travel's Hong Kong-based editor, really values the social contract you enter into when traveling among strangers. She is also known toargue in favor of hotels.On the Jewish holiday of Passover, we open with a question: Why is this night different from all other nights? One of the answers is: Tonight we recline.

While that specific discussion of reclining has to do with the metaphor of being able to relax again after the hardship of the Biblical story of Exodus, it also provides a useful template for travel.In other words: Reclining should be reserved only for special occasions.

Traveling, unless you're impossibly wealthy, is often a communal experience. We may not know the strangers squished next to us on the bus, plane or train, but we're all connected to each other by virtue of going to the same place.Related content

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Travel debate: Window vs. aisle airplane seatThe Passover story, too, is one of a journey undertaken by a group.As the Jewish people, led by Moses, fled slavery in Egypt, the Red Sea parted for them and they were able to escape.Due to the precarious nature of the journey, they had to work together. Miriam, Moses' sister, played the tambourine to lift everyone's spirits.

You know what she did not do? Decide that everybody else in the group could just figure out their own way and that she was just going to coast along doing her own thing.You know what else she did not do? Recline.Reclining is a way of asserting that your travel needs, and only yours, matter. People are fine with doing it, but no one likes it when it happens to them. Often it's the very same people shoving their seat back as far as it will go who are the loudest to complain when the person in front of them plows back thoughtlessly right into their dinner service.

Related contentNo one wants the middle seat on airplanes. This design could change thatYes, planes are cramped. But the reason that planes are cramped isn't because of the person behind you -- it's because of airline profit margins that hinge on shoving more and more people into the same amount of finite space.

The truth is that we are all hurtling into the unknown together. We are all doing the best that we can while coping with in-flight anxiety, loud passengers, bumpy air and more.You could decide that your desire for a few more inches of space is what really matters. But just as you wouldn't -- uh, I hope you wouldn't -- scream right into a fellow passenger's ear, you can also be compassionate by not forcing your way into more of the tiny amount of personal space he or she already has.

Be kind. Recline on another night. Even if it's Passover.Remember 'Lost'?If the plane lands on a weird mystical island and you are trapped there with all your fellow passengers waiting to be rescued, they will remember who reclined. Read more: CNN »

Also people on both sides of this issue are so damn toxic. The ppl saying idc just by first class if you don’t like it or the others saying they’ll hit the seat or yell at them... first get tf over yourself and second learn some conflict resolution for Christ sake The first yr I was flying regularly for work I didn’t even know it was a controversial issue and almost always reclined. Since learning ppl don’t like it I rarely do it. That being said I don’t mind when ppl recline in front of me except when they jerk it back out of nowhere

Absolutely! Reclining is one of the few luxuries awarded to all passengers. Unfortunately for him he was stuck in a chair that couldn't recline against the wall near the bathroom. Next time he should focus on purchasing a better seat if he wants more room. Barely recline if u must Reclining abruptly without asking permission, besides unpolite, may cause behind's passenger drop cup of hot drink, injure him if he bend to look for something dropped, break PC screen, ... even I have seen someone hit baby's head when reclining seat.

Recline!!! Remove the function of reclining then FFS. Yes, if not then the airlines should change there seats!! If the option to recline is there, especially on long haul flights...where appropriate of course you should be able to. not the debate!! PLEASE start the conversation about the airlines frenzied increase of seat they can fir into airliners now and how that effects the mental state of people and its correlation of these human outbreaks. CagedAnimals. Give us our space wont matter

No. Totally depends on how my back feels and how comfortable the seat it. Depends on how I'm feeling. Typically no. Why would anyone defend this guy If he doesn’t like it he should pay for a first class ticket.. It is rude to recline if someone is sitting behind you space limited economy mindfulness The fact this is an issue is ridiculous.

It’s the option airlines have always given. The problem is the companies added more seats for profit. This is what happens when there is greed and small, cramped seats... Airlines must do better.... Yes! Man should of politely ask her to keep seat upright. Punched seat way over the top child like behavior unexceptionable

Leave enough room to recline, stop jamming extra seats on flights!! Recline with courtesy. Not all the way back. I don’t recline more than an inch or so Yes good advice I think this is the wrong question to ask. Why are we (the consumers) allowing the airlines to treat us like this? We need to tell the airlines how we would like to be treated with our wallets. But to your question... recline

Recline You put out a story asking who's wrong here. The answer is CNN. By proliferating this divisive content you're playing into the hands of foreign nations that want nothing more than to divide Americans even further. Wise up. If I paid for a seat and it is able to recline then I will decline. I wish someone would act stupid to me or my family.

If my seat reclines, then I do. If a reclining seat brothers you, fly first class. Otherwise, deal with it. Yes otherwise they shouldn’t hv made thm tht way and I’m not asking‼️ I only decline of no one is behind me Back to the Roman Empire Era in ancient time. AuriaChrista Once upon a time it wasn’t a big deal... only now since airlines have minimized space to the bare minimum is it an issue. Fight the airlines!!!

I'm disabled and wouldn't be able to tolerate an hours long trip without reclining. Deal with it. I've never once found a reclined seat in front of me annoying in any way. You have the same room as anyone else on the plane. Deal with it. I think it is rude and self serving to recline your seat. I never recline my seat even if the person in front of me did, although I want to smack the guy on his head for reclining his seat!!

If you recline you’re a selfish person, unless you paid extra for first/business class. No room in economy to recline whether the seats do or not. If you do your in the paid space of the traveler behind you. Airline should take reclining seats away, except in first/business class NO!!!! Apt only for business class and above

It’s not the passengers’ problem. It’s the airlines’. They can simply minimize the number of seats, thus creating more space. Or, simply, remove the recline option. Recline. All the way! I don't recline. I feel the person behind my seat will feel discomfort. If the one in front of me recline, then I recline, and the one at my back will recline......

If I don't recline the pain would be unbearable No! Cause I’m not a savage Fly Frontier! No reclining seats. I’ll take the half inch the seat reclines and so should everyone else If the option is there, it's fair. Recline I do not I don't recline. The seats are cramped enough. We shouldn’t have to choose! If airplane rows were reasonably spaced, we wouldn’t be fighting each other over the scant inches we’re afforded.

Geez those seats barely go back, it’s never bothered me when someone reclines and I will recline every flight. If it’s there, why not use it? Just be mindful of whoever is behind you, the same way that they be mindful of using the touchscreen of the screen behind your headrest. 😊 These passengers needs to UNDERSTAND that all of us must share the ride. We are all passengers. No one is better than the other. The entitlement that we all have is the chance to fly in peace. If the seats are reclinable then recline it. Stop being too complicated.

Just because the seat reclines does not mean you should ignore the needs of the rest of the human beings around you. If it is not an overnight flight with everyone sleeping, you should not be more than minimally reclined. Whilst a seemingly innocuous question, this debate paints a clear picture of common decency in today's society. A very disappointing one based on this thread.

I’ll take a reclined seat in my face ANY DAY over someone’s shoeless feet! Never have. Honestly, I try to think about the person behind me. I mean, why be a dick just because I have the recline button? Have we seriously gotten to the point where we just don't want to think about anybody except ourselves? entitlement

Well if you can’t then they shouldn’t put recline seats periodt If the seat reclines... then yes!!! The seat reclines. So, one can assume it’s fine. Change the seat design to change behaviour. A little consideration for the person behind, but if it's THAT big of a deal, pay for the seat behind, put a coat on the seat, and don't have to worry about it.

Yes youpaid for your seat. Never recline, just like repeatedly dropping your tray and relocking it. That’s what I would have done to show my displeasure You recline back on me and imma put a booger in your hair. Yes. Recline!! Only if I’m sleeping Decline Nope. I fly weekly and I think it’s rude. Even on 12 hour flights I don't recline. Except for when the person behind and in front of me have. Then if the person behind complains they are just an axxhole to be ignored.

We pay rediculous fees to fly..we pay alot for our seat that reclines..we have the right to recline and folks behind you should be aware This silliness has gone on long enough,as no correct answer can be agreed upon.If I were in either position I would abide by the advice I give my children : Life is not always fair and/or be patient,this too shall pass. There, I said it. Grow up children, Grow up World!!

Decline Recline on longer flight I paid for my seat so I will do whatever I want unless extenuating circumstances dictate. Decline because of my three legs. It in coach if someone is behind you Decline and those who recline are arrogant egosts If it reclines, I recline. It's not like it goes back very far anyway. Just do it slowly as to not surprise the person behind you or spill their drink.

If you paid to use the seat you can use any function is has. So recline if you want to If the seat reclines, so do I. I don't recline out of courtesy for fellow passenger behind me, I'm also not a fussy lil bitch either. It's an airplane, I'll sleep through the trip so that I don't end up bothering anyone and nobody bothers me.

I never recline, cuz I am aware of how much it would suck for the person behind me. The airlines are cramming as many people as they can onto planes. You buy a ticket, but you have to pay more for options like...a seat. But I won't feel any better making someone else miserable. Slow news day? IT IS CALLED COMMON COURTESY....SOMETHING THAT NO LONGER EXISTS

This is ONLY because stingy airlines have spaced seats too close that violence erupts Attn stupid, rude people. The seats recline because airlines used to install seats further apart. Then they realized they could make more money if they sandwiched them closer together. They use the same seats because why spend money you don't have to. Reclining is rude.

Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump!!!! 🇺🇸 realDonaldTrump SpeakerPelosi BernieSanders ElizabethWarren MikeBloomberg PeteButtigieg LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder Shouldn't even be an option If person in front of me reclines, I gotta recline. 🙄 Recline respectfully. I never go beyond what is comfortable for those behind me. I don’t like it and I’m sure others don’t either. They paid to enjoy their flight as well. There’s no need to be a wanker. But the airlines need to address this issue themselves for those who are.

I can understand somebody reclining on a coast to coast flight, or flight to Europe or someplace far away. But any dickhead making the New York to Florida run who has to recline his seat is begging me to sneeze every five minutes. That said, the airlines are pigs; we are cattle. can back at it with the hard hitting journalism...go get a real job.

Purchase these to prevent the person in front of you from reclining. He’ll yes that guy pounding on that women’s seat omg he’s lucky it wasn’t mine, they would have been pulling us both off the plane. She did what he asked while he stuffed his pie hole and quite frankly didn’t have to even do that. Don’t have reclining seats if u can’t use them!

Recline. I pay for seat. Person in front same. Typical mainstream media framing. Pitting the average American against one another when the real culprit is the multinational corporation who profits and extracts every ounce of life out of us. Divide and conquer. I'm reclining. And I dare you to punch my seat

Night time and or long haul flight and everyone is going to sleep? 100% yes. Short haul daytime flight? Nope This is amazing how much it shows the ugliness of human beings. Make better planes. I can’t believe this has to be asked. If your seat reclines.. recline it, if not well guess you can't. If you know damn well the space is limited and your seat reclines, then use some damn common sense! Be nice and don't recline the damn thing! Geez!

If I were to recline, I’d check with the person behind me to make sure it's okay. I don't fly often, but when I do, I try to make it a pleasant flight with those around me. I do not’ unless I’m on a flight to Australia on a 747! If it isn’t proper to recline, then why does the Airline have reclining seats?

I recline. If you recline into my knees I will stair down into your head and I will make sure you regret doing it for the rest of the trip. If the cheap airlines gave adequate space btw seats in the 1st place instead of trying to squeeze folks into tiny spaces to squeeze everydrop of $$$$ we wouldn't be having this debate. So the question should be why do these airlines take advantage of their paying customers

This isn’t about reclining! A guy incessantly punched at the chair of a woman w a fused vertebrae! What is wrong with you, CNN? Nothing gives someone to punch a person’s chair like that. This was not a problem until the airline companies got greedy and wanted to cram more people in. Blame the airlines.

If it’s not ok then why is there a recline feature? Regardless of whether or not it is ok to recline, it is never ok to punch another person in the head Why the hell isn't the news doing a report about WHY THE SEATS ARE TORTURE Be considerate with the person behind you. If you want space then pay for First Class.

YES.... At appropriate times, there is nothing wrong with reclining your seat! Seats recline. Ergo no one should get upset over someone opting to recline. I personally try to avoid it, and will obviously dislike it if my front neighbor does it. But I would never aggressively call someone out for it or try to forbid it.

Yes. My ticket, my seat preference....I recline. I only recline if there is no one behind me. Otherwise I feel it’s inconsiderate given the tiny space we deal with in economy class. If it reclines,I recline. It's part of what I paid for. People just lack of common sense, consideration, and most important, communication. Those seats are designedto recline so use it. If you know there’s a tall person behind you, dont!

No! It’s not ok to recline your seat! Are you really going to relax that much more with that extra inch of recline?!?!?! It’s hell on taller folks whose knees already touch the seat in front of them. Here’s the question. If you know that reclining your seat will make the person behind you extremely uncomfortable for the next 4 hours but you do it anyway, what’s going on with you?

ToniKalHan If no one is in back of me yes if someone is in back of me I have enough respect to not recline. How about everyone recline? Then it’s not a space issue. I’ll recline if there’s an option. You punch my seat, I’m going to get arrested for punching the shit out of you. Steps off soap box... I never recline out of respect for the person behind me.

It’s part of flying. I always hope the person in front of me doesn’t recline, but know they paid for their seat just like I did. Likewise, I try to avoid reclining, but if I do, I do so gently. But has anyone ever been made THAT much more comfortable by the 10 degree recline? Do you smoke in an area for smokers? Do you pee in a place that has toilets? Do you use the air conditioning in your car?

I hardly ever recline, and don't like it when someone ahead of me does, but totally get it's within their rights. This is rediculous. If you have the ability to recline a seat, yes. If someone doesn’t have the maturity and common sense to handle that, they shouldn’t be out and around the general public.

Leaving your seat as is is really not that uncomfortable. I never recline. I think it’s rude to be on the person’s lap behind you. No, I never recline. I only recline a small amount, I want to be courteous of the person behind me. Rarely does the person in front of me show the same courtesy. Um. I paid for a reclining seat I’m using it. Who sits straight up? Sociopaths.

Do you think there is a correlation between how people answer this, and being a Trump supporter? At 6’8” I don’t mind if you recline as long as you don’t mind your seat moving every time I get uncomfortable! I don't get enough satisfaction out of reclining for it to be worth wondering if the person behind me is annoyed. Decline.

i sold a kidney for the seat next to the bathroom, i'll recline all the way fucking back. On a British_Airways flight, the flight attendant told everyone to put their seats up during meal service. She told everyone but the man in front of me. Instead she looked at him, looked back at me, then laughed. I ate whilst holding my tray so as not to risk spilling my dinner.

Always ask the person behind you? Planes today are cramped and not recline friendly. Although it was childish for the person to repeatedly tap on her seat, she needs to be cognicent of those behind her. I recline as long as I'm not making someone uncomfortable...because well I'm not an asshole Decline. To the person in front of me- my laptop thanks you.

The debate really should be about how commercial airlines are making it more difficult for poor people to fly. Just as the conglomerates are raking in tons of money at our expense! We should be debating the airlines instead. This is their fault. They keep cramping as many ppl as possible in tiny spaces so they can make more profit. The airplanes are designed to make people’s life miserable. On top of they treat passengers as if the are doing us a favor.

I normally don’t recline my seat unless the person sitting in front of me reclining their seat. I'm 6'6', I don't fly because there's no leg room to begin with. Only if the person behind me decides to reclyine their seat - or long haul flights a few hours in. I don’t recline because I’d feel like a jerk.

I recline. It there to use and I'm not on a flight to make friends Short flights...I don't recline. Cross country or international...I absolutely recline the seat. It reclines, which means it’s okay. 1 I never recline my seat 2 Consider people who do recline their seat rude & disrespectful Just be courteous.Don't do what you don't want others to do to you. It is the fault of the airlines to pack people like sardines in the cabins and cause these problems. But there are always selfish people in the flights who think 'I paid for it I do what I want no matter what'

If you’ve been reclined on,thinking of others, you decline,knowing that your head will be in that persons lap. I could literally smell the stinky guys head while trying to eat dinner on an overseas flight. It’s very uncomfortable trying to eat from a tray and a head in your lap. People who recline are the reason I always book a window seat. Sitting by the window makes a huge difference especially on long flights ✈

I'm tall (6' 6') & don't recline my seat. Why? Someone behind me prob needs the space. If s/he reclines it hits my knees. I ask them to raise it & say why. If that doesn't work, I ask the flight attendant for help. Many ppl receptive to this. Some not. I personally don't because I'm more comfortable upright. With that said, I'm a big guy so if you recline my knees will setup shop in your lower back and I don't wanna hear shit.

Yes So you'll talk about this, but not about how Bernie won NH and IO? Decline. Had way too many nasty grumblings over it. I gave up. The option to sit behind non-reclining seats is avail on EVERY plane. Frontier has entire planes without reclining seats. Seats in front of exit rows almost never recline. If a reclining seat is going to ruin your flight then why not book accordingly?

if everybody reclines I think it’s rude. But that’s just me. I wouldn’t like it if someone did it to me, so I don’t do it to other people. I do I’m reclining. Punch my seat and see what happens They only “recline” by a couple mm these days so....😂 if I do, it’s just to get the chuckle I always get by how underwhelming the sensation of the “luxury”.

Trump or Bernie? Future seating chart for all passenger planes. I recline and feel free to recline when you're in front of me. Only liberals , leftist, dramatic and moronic people don't understand this logic. YOU ARE FAKE NEWS I always want to recline because of my back issues, but I always feel like it’s wrong... so I recline very slowly and only a little bit so that I’m not upright and it relieves my back a little bit. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I always tell the person behind me I’m going back with my seat. I normally never fully recline. Recline onto others as you’ve been reclined on too Gotta love the comical airline graphic you used for this piece no airline has seats spread out that much. I've seen this happen on a number of flights in many parts of coach. If you are not under 5'5 any time the person in front reclines it his your knees. Blame the airlines.

How far back are you guys reclining? The seat reclines like half an inch. I recline because I fall asleep as soon as in the air Recline. If it bothers the person behind then let them figure it out with the flight attendant. It’s not rude to use what you paid for. It’s rude to physically or verbally assault someone because you didn’t choose an appropriate seat.

People have their drinks sitting on those little tables that are attached to your seat. Recline all you want, it's a amenity you paid for, but you should absolutely let the person behind you know it's happening first. I don't care if you recline right into my lap but if you wear so much cologne I can taste it I want you dead. Fragrances are the worst thing that will put you into other people's space. There is no escape. Just stop.

What’s all the fuss about? I will recline the seat because I PAID for the damn seat! I don’t get mad when someone does the same either I’m not a selfish asshole so no, I don’t recline my seat if there are people behind me. This discussion goes to one of the roots of the issues in this country. Individualism does not mean to disrespect others. Your rights end when the rights of others begin. Is time to grow up and stop being a child. You live in a society, stop being so selfish. timetogrowup

I don’t. I feel bad for the person behind me. Plus it doesn’t recline a whole lot to warrant pissing off theperson behind me. Recline. If we weren't supposed to they would not be made to recline. Recline otherwise my neck is bent forward by the crazy shape of the seat. Recline if you want, as will I. But you ain’t gonna complain when my bad knees are pokeing at your back. Equivalent exchange if you ask me.

If the person in front of me reclines I will recline just a little so the tv doesn’t fry my eyeballs. Otherwise I don’t. These seats recline like 4” nowadays. It’s pathetic. I'm 6'3' and 250 and have had multiple back procedures, airline seats are not made for me There is no debate. They are designed to recline

She paid for her seat and the guy who is obviously single can't get a date with that attitude. The true problem isn’t recline ir not, the problem is the tine space betwen the seats. Complain with the airlines companies. Wake up felows YES...If you pay the fare and your seat reclines its not your fault if you use it. If they don't want people reclining don't give them seats that do or better yet weld them so they won't recline..

Tough shit a better seat. If it's not okay to recline, then the seats shouldn't be able to recline. Or here's an idea, the airlines could add a couple inches between the seats! Just make the seats unable to recline - problem solved Buy a better seat! There! Resolved! The world is on fire, pandemic running the US we’re protesting fake milk prices, debating plane seat reclining, rushing to find chicken sandwiches, and trying to get our brooms to stand on end.

I have flown over 1 million miles so I have a little exp about it. I don’t recline during meals, period! But I also pay for premium economy or business. When necessary to be in coach, if it is only 2-3 hrs flight I don’t recline at all just out of courtesy. Nope, it’s very inconsiderate. In Europe? Sometimes. In America? NEVER! (space is inhumane)

Do onto others.... Of course it's ok. You want to fly commercial then you must play by the company rules. Since everyone on the plane reclines their seat on every flight I’ve been on, how did this become an issue? The guy who behaved like a baby is a jerk. To be fair, he may have issues that we don’t know about. That’s not normal behavior.

If you don’t like the seat in front of you reclining then sit in the seat behind the exit row seats or pay for more legroom. It is simple. Of course you recline. You pay the airline for a seat that reclines and the right to use that feature. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect to be able to use what you pay for. If you want someone to blame, blame the airlines.

Why is this news? The question should be... why do the airlines give such little space? It's a safety hazard on many levels. Stupid debate & that situation isn’t the first or last until airlines stop squeezing so many people in a small space. I blame the airlines for picking profit over customer comfort & experience. Not to mention safety. I don’t recline because I respect those sitting behind.

broke people problems Recline away! You are allowed. The bigger question is what kind of person are you when it’s time to deplane- the standing in the aisle ready to rudely push through humanity or the person willing to grab a fellow travelers overhead bag and help get eveyone out together I PAID FOR IT; I’m reclining as far as it will go!

Yes, and own it..... Now, let’s talk about the arm rest.... I paid for a seat that reclines and I’m doing it I don’t recline. People who do, don’t particular bother me but I’m 5’5” and I fly so much that I can get an upgrade to comfort seats with a couple extra inches of leg room. But even in coach it doesn’t matter to me.

If you recline way back like a savage( we seen them) Then I am going to cough , make ear throat noises and sneeze until you get out of my space . I can be the most annoying person ever , so just try it Decline. I hate it when people recline in front of me so I don’t do it to others No! Empathy for those behind you.

How about having some consideration and learn how to ASK the passenger behind them if they mind them’s THAT simple....doesn’t anyone believe in being nice to one another anymore Not ok. I was on a Coach with absolutely no leg room. My knees touched the seat in front of me. A man decided to recline and broke my kneecap.

I don’t do it, but it’s allowed. I’ll be annoyed if the person in front of me does it, but I’m not going to fight about it or punch their seat. It’s painful for tall people like myself when the person in front of me reclines. My knees and legs get pinned in and I’m unable to move them. I’m usually forced to get a business class seat for the leg room.

Decline. It’s very inconsiderate. Seats are tight enough BUT I blame the airlines. It’s solely on them to correct the problem. They made billions last year and before. It’s time they stopped the fighting. My flight to UK was met by a lady kicking my chair from behind because my sick son reclined to sleep! He was 5! Recline rage calling me a cow! Staff threatened to land the plane and remove her! It was our right to recline! Not even all the way! 8 hr flight! Nightmare!

I reclined once with a little kid behind me, and she beat the daylights out of the seat back until I straightened up :) Little kids keep it real. Decline, there is so little room that I hate to inconvenience others and despise those who recline without asking I only fly if I can afford 1st class. After reading the many comments from people who are self centered and selfish, I do not wish to have my legs crushed by you jerks. Good thing I make more money than most of you!

Recline Recline If my seat reclines I’m using it. I recline if the flight is more than 5 hrs. I recline every time. I look forward to it on every flight. You safe space, cry babies should take another mode of transportation. I can’t wait to recline on my next flight. Of course you have to recline your seat after 2 hrs of flight . The airline just have to give you more space .

It’s built to do so. Everyone can do so. Everyone should accept that fact. Trying eating your “dinner” in economy while the person in front of you is reclined. Instead of wasting time on impeachment congress should be fighting for more rights and room for the American people on airplanes . Absolutely NO most annoying

I usually don’t recline if the person behind me isn’t reclined too. Or else I feel super conscious the whole time. Yeah if you wish too I don’t but you can’t get mad others do. Most seat configuration don’t even allow passengers to properly position themselves in the emergency landing position (bent over head between your legs) which I think is in violation of FAA and NTSB regulation.

If everyone declines, you all have there same amount of room We are not supposed to be smoking on a plane, so they took out the ash trays. If we are not supposed to recline, then remove the buttons... No.... both the recliner and recliner have paid for their seats but the recliner is invading on the space of the other individual....

jemelehill you done started a whole debate. I see about 3 news outlets asking this today On long night flights, yes. Other wise unless you have some medical reason, no. Just be conscious of the person behind you, may be tell them why or warn them and try to recline as little as necessary. Never recline. It’s rude

IMHO depends. I know it makes the person behind a little uncomfortable, but if the flight is 8+ hrs, I need to recline for few hrs. No way I can be sitting straight that long. And when the person in front of me reclines his/her seat, I don’t get offended, they’re free to do it. I think at the beginning of each flight, as they show you the exits and how to inflate the life vests, they should have a quick tutorial on airplane etiquette: who gets the armrests, reclining your seat, stuffing a sock in your screaming kid's mouth, speaking at low volume, etc.

How could ANYONE think that it’s OK to recline a seat if someone is behind you. Use your heads If you want to recline your sit do ask for permission from the person seated behind you, or at least alert the person, it’s just courteous! Some airlines have rickety seats that make passengers to be suffocated.

I wouldn't recline my seat in economy if someone is sitting behind me. Period. It's called respect for others. I pay for seat........I recline seat.......You pay for recline seat.......any questions? I don’t recline. It is rude to those behind you. I only recline if no one is behind me or if the seat is broken (been in a few that keep reclining back even when you don’t want them to).

Have some respect for people who are tall. Double check to make sure it’s not to far back... It’s that simple I te line but try to wait a little while before doing it. But on long haul I can’t not imagine the option not to recline. It’s hard enough getting Comfy and s’ getting sleep let alone it I was sitting up right.

If you paid for your seat and the seat reclines, you paid to be able to recline. If they don't want you to do that, don't make the seat do that. If you decline your seat into my lap be prepared for me to push a knee your seat, and grab the headrest unnecessarily as I get up to pretend to need something out of my carry-on. Seriously don’t do it.

It comes down to being courteous. If I recline, it's just the very slightest to keep it from being a 90-degree angle. Remember the Golden Rule. I don't care if 'everyone else is doing it.' I also don't agree that because we pay for it, screw everyone else. Show some decency. I don't recline, poor person behind me

What debate? If the seat reclines, recline it. If you can't handle the seat in front if you reclining because airlines are constantly squeezing you into tighter and tighter seats, don't fly. This isn't hard. Why do you insist on making this hard? Recline. It doesn’t bother me if the person in front of me reclines.

It’s not a debate. The reclining is limited and part of your price you paid. A actual great debate is do airlines have a right to cram all those seats so near each other you feel like a sardine in a can. This conversation brought to you by, Unbridled Capitalism... Where your discomfort is a shareholders dividend. And by proud sponsors like, 'Head Rest Defender'... For when disdain for avarice turns violent. Comes in Traditional spiked and now electro-stun!

BizNasty2point0 Simple solution. Everyone in coach reclines. Then there is no problem. Sometimes you should worry about yourself first I do t appreciate having less space because someone thinks they need to put their seat back a few inches. The person putting their seat back into the person’s behind you is rude. I thought the airlines had settled once and for all. That space is for the passenger. airlineseats

Treat others as you want to be treated. Do you want the person in front of you to recline? NO. Then don’t do it yourself. Only on long-haul international flights. Never domestic because I don’t know how tall the person behind me is. Yes. There is nothing like that extra 2 inches....why do they call it reclining anyway? It's not like your recliner at home. What a joke.

😐 ...'journalism' Not in coach. On night flights yes go ahead, apart from that no keep your seat upright. Is it okay to recline your seat? Yes but do it slowly. I don't fly because of people. This entire thread explains it There are so many analogies I could make about socialism... It’s the airlines that are wrong by offering hardly any legroom

Reclining should be banned on any flight less than 4 hours For short flights no, I only recline on long flights to sleep Airlines pack you in like sardines and then allow you to recline. WTH? I upgrade and recline Only on a night flight after the food is done ✈️ Uh yes I never do Remove the recline option... problem solved

What we really should all hope for are more of the planes now circulating that charge a bit more and squeeze in a few less seats so everyone can feel like people instead of livestock. They are out there. Unless it means shoving your knees in to someone's back, or crushing their legs, yes. Of course it is. Stop wasting time on this drivel.

I do not recline. And it is very uncomfortable when others do. However I don’t resort to beating the back of a recliner’s seat. CNN has much more important things to deal with Remove two rows of seats and raise the prices. There, fixed it for you all. anyone who says they recline is a short nigga who has doesn’t know what it’s like to be tall and have to sit in an airplane seat

Depends on the flight hours/airline/low cost/full airline. Low cost I normally leave as is but if the person behind me kicks the seat I will recline as punishment. So leave my seat alone. Flights over 6hrs I go biz class.💺🍷 Ask the airline for a refund, because I'm using that recline button! Does anyone bother to ask the person behind them if the hey mind?

No cnn instead of writing this stupidity. Please write about airlines reduce passengers and putting us in tin cans for long flights. They make billions of profit at our discomfort and pain. Yet you write like this is an individuals fault.. this is why nobody trusts I have zero problem if someone reclines in front of me. So I recline whenever the heck I want to ✈️

There is no rational argument against reclining. 97% of anti-recliners complain because it interferes with them clicking away on their dumb laptops the whole flight. You pay for transportation not an office. A stranger should not be made uncomfortable because you want to work. You pay for the seat and you should be able to recline. If there’s any issue, The Airline stewardesses should intervene.

Any ride over two hours long I’d consider it fine to decline under you need to back the f up With the prices airlines charge they can all afford to have a few less rows and give people leg room. Not every human is 5’. This is kinda silly. They recline such a small amount. It doesn't matter. I don't get the fuss about whose arm rest is whose either. Those petty little things don't upset me. People get more upset about losing an arm rest than about children dying from lack of healthcare.

Here's a totally shocking idea. Ask the person behind you if reclining bothers them. Then proceed based on the answer. duh derp doyee Of course it’s ok. Since space is so limited these days, you are taking up someone else's space. Be considerate and ask. If you r on a short flight there is no need to recline, a short flight is anything less than 4 hours and more so if the 4 hours is a daytime flight.

Is this 'racist' too, CNN? Reclining is selfish. You get a slight lean. Not even more comfortable. And the person behind you is far less comfortable. It’s a selfish move Recline. Why wouldn’t I. The internet is an interesting place. BizNasty2point0 Here you go lol I have to blame the manufacturer for building a plane that would spark this conversation. I’m reclining. Why? Because the person in front of me is reclining. 🤔🤨❤️🇺🇸❤️🌎

There is no this question if the airline donot put too many seats for profit. If I paid for a seat that reclines, I would assume I could recline. If they aren't supposed to recline they would be made that way. The solution is in the question... No. There is no room as it is. I decline when it is necessary and polite to do so ie. Not before take-off and not during meal service. And usually only when the seat in front of me has. Airlines should think about removing this from economy.

I'd recline even more it the seat allowed it 😂 I hate recliners with a passion. The seats are made to recline for comfort. So, RECLINE! Thats part of what pay for, so yeah. If its not ok they can have non-recline seats like Spirit. Everyone pays for their seat so stop arguing if you pay you get to be rude, and no deflecting blame on the airlines. You also get a vomit bag it doesn't mean you have to use it. Reclining is SELFISH.

Not everyone is comfortable with planes seats therefore people should respect each other while flying. Just use your manners and common sense. Ask the person behind politely, if the person behind you is 6ft 9 then obviously don't recline. The same manners we use on the ground apply in the sky. Im 6'6 so if you do decide to recline, my knees will dig in your back the whole flight. The Choice is yours!!!😂

You only recline if you lack empathy Never recline... There is already not enough room, and when people do this, I feel it is rude! Recline, 100% recline. These snowflake, cancel culture pansies are out of touch. If they don’t want me to recline, don’t have seats that recline!! Why is this even a question?!

CNN as ever tackling the World's biggest problems. This whole article would be moot if American airlines would reconfigure their seats so customers/passengers didn't get off the planes feeling like they needed to scream from tight quarters. AmericanAir Delta united I am usually flying back from overseas, after 20+ hours and that close to home I like to recline and take a nap. If anyone has a problem, too bad. All domestic flights are short compared to my normal long hauls, deal with it.

If there’s the option I’ll use it. As simple as that. as little as possible. If it wasn't okay then the seats wouldn't be made to recline. If someone in front of you reclines, then just recline your seat too if you want. You damn right it's okay I just put my knees against the seat in front of me to make sure they can’t every time.

Respect the person behind. Ask if ok. Little courtesy goes a long way Recline...shouldnt even be a debate. They barely recline anyway. Recline your seat, you paid for it. The airline is the one that can deal with the issue

Oklahoma professor apologizes for saying N-word in class as he equated slur to 'OK, Boomer''I was wrong. I am sorry,' he wrote in an email to students. 'I realize the word is hurtful and infuses the racial divisions of our country, past and present.' Never heard of ok, boomer. If it’s used to degrade someone then I would say he has a point. Oh man--when his grandkids teach him how to 'plug into his twits' he's not going to be happy about what he reads. That is sad that someone does that, I am 68 yrs old and my grandmother taught me when I was about 5 yrs to not ever say that word. I haven't!

University of Oklahoma denounces professor who compared 'OK, Boomer' to N-word'The use of the most offensive word, by a person in a position of authority, hurt and minimized those in the classroom and beyond.' Freedom of speech. Don't really give a damn either way. So many hilarious people in the world just competing for most victimized..... I get why his use of the word was wrong and agree with the school for admonishing him for using, but why is his personal opinion about the usage of the word 'boomer' also considered offensive by the school?

Why it's still OK to take a cruise amid the coronavirus outbreakAmid mounting concerns over the spread of novel coronavirus, many would-be passengers are asking whether it's still safe to embark on a cruise. We talk to experts about whether or not travelers should be changing their plans or taking extra precautions. Because cruise lines paid CNN to say this because they’re losing business Like I'm going to take any advice from a CNN doctor. Lmao! The cruise ship industry has a pretty bad history when it comes to diseases and breakdowns. They turn these ships around in short periods of time to make large profits. I have no confidence in getting on one.

I only took three years of high school math, escaped with a 'D' and turned out OKCalifornia State University students don't need four years of high school math to be successful, says columnist Sandy Banks Nobody who writes for a living turned out OK. Believe me, I know. I think what this highlights is the importance of good educators shinning the light on “formulas I’ll never need” can be useful in a writer’s career. Just as writing is useful in a mathematicians career One could also argue that if one lies a lot, one could become president. So we should teach how to lie?

Airline passenger films man punching her economy seat after she reclinesAn airline passenger's video of a man punching the back of her seat sparked an online debate: Is it OK to recline when sitting in economy? No. yes, it is. Nobody should be reclining on a short flight. This way it’s fair to everyone. It’s just being polite NOT to .... Unfortunately, not everyone is built to be polite.