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Is America in decline?@JohnPrideaux, @JamesMAstill and @JBennet consider the challenges the superpower faces

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10/16/2021 1:13:00 PM

Is America in decline?JohnPrideaux, JamesMAstill and JBennet consider the challenges the superpower faces

America is reeling from a failed war in Afghanistan, political polarisation and increasing social division. Could the superpower be in decline?00:00 - Americ...

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Video: Ostriches run through streets of Chinese city - CNN Video

80 ostriches in China made a break for freedom after a farmer failed to secure a gate

JohnPrideaux JamesMAstill JBennet I hope its Trumpist decline is slowing down. You left out the word 'still' JohnPrideaux JamesMAstill JBennet Is America in decline. What a loaded question. Answer: JohnPrideaux JamesMAstill JBennet For a long time, now!

U.S. retail sales rise sharply, but customers are paying more due to high inflationSales at retailers rose sharply in September in a sign that America ns are spending enough money to sustain an economic recovery, but they are also paying...

Tight Labor Market Keeping Jobless Claims in CheckJobless claims declined to 293,000 last week, the first time they fell below 300,000 since the pandemic began This number means nothing because it doesn’t include jobless with exhausted claim status, and former numbers include claimants who now choose to not work. No more enhanced unemployment benefits. Have to get back to work.

Opinion | The Inflation Tax RisesFrom WSJopinion: Is inflation still “transitory,” as the Federal Reserve and White House like to say? Not if you’ve been visiting the grocery store, gas pump, online retailer, or anywhere else across the U.S. economy. opinion Mexico is not paying for the wall and China is not paying for the Trump tariffs. The ignorance in this country is off the charts. opinion Bitcoin fixes this…somehow opinion The dirty little secret is inflation helps the government. As prices go up sales tax increases.

Crystal Murray Becomes Ice Cream for 'Too Much To Taste'Watch the 19-year-old's latest release off her 'Twisted Bases' EP. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

‘America’s Got Talent’ contestant Jonathan Goodwin hospitalized after stunt goes wrong' America 's Got Talent' contestant Jonathan Goodwin hospitalized after stunt goes wrong omg.. i wish him a speedy recovery.

How harmful is Facebook?How harmful is Facebook? On our “Checks and Balance” podcast: - The Economist ’s Hal Hodson explains why we need better data - When a violent video game sparked panic on Capitol Hill - AlexandraSuich on whether politicians will take action wow Facebook Google People lie when they post on Facebook. When people search for information on Google, they never lie. If you are looking to buy a Lotus Evora, you will never lie to Google that you are looking for a Porsche.😆 We are stressed, frustrated and worried. I believe I can speak for many in the USA.