Irish Leader Returns To Medicine To Help Battle COVID-19 Pandemic

Acting Prime Minister Leo Varadkar reregistered as a medical practitioner with the country's Health Service Executive in March and will begin to work one shift a week.

4/7/2020 2:46:00 AM

Ireland's acting Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has reregistered as a medical practitioner. He will begin working one shift a week to help with the surge of COVID-19 patients.

Acting Prime Minister Leo Varadkar reregistered as a medical practitioner with the country's Health Service Executive in March and will begin to work one shift a week.

Donall Farmer/Getty Imagestoggle captionDonall Farmer/Getty ImagesActing Prime Minister Leo Varadkar worked as a doctor for seven years before going into politics.Donall Farmer/Getty ImagesWhen Ireland's acting Prime Minister decided to go into politics, he put his medical career behind him. But Leo Varadkar will be working as a doctor once again as the country battles the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Varadkar reregistered as a medical practitioner with Ireland's Health Service Executive in March and will begin work one shift a week.He left the medical profession in 2013 after working as a doctor for seven years. By 2017, he'd become the country's

youngest-ever taoiseach, or prime minister."Many of his family and friends are working in the health service. He wanted to help out even in a small way," a spokesperson told the broadcaster. Read more: NPR »

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What a leader. Ok answer this simple question can a nation goes on without a leader or health system. Always nice to be reminded what real leadership actually looks like. momaura Leo is showing powerful leadership right now, leading by example. So proud . LeoVaradkar Now he is a leader I would take medical advise from. Unlike .realDonaldTrump who slept in a Holiday Inn once and now thinks he is qualified to give medial advise.

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I'm not an expert, but does it make sense for the leader of a nation to work with COViD-19 patients? In general, continuity of government is important and the leadership of most countries is not a part-time gig. But what do the Irish think? Ireland a true leader and hero And that’s how you exemplify leadership.

Melissa89431446 Wow that’s impressive! Hay look, a leader with a brain, and courage, and compassion, and love for his country and people. Luck of the Irish!! This is awesome. Leading by example. Now do Trump. This is pointless ❤️

Irish PM returns to work as a doctor to help in coronavirus crisisIrish PM Varadkar re-registered as a medical practitioner last month to help Ireland's healthcare system as it deals with the coronavirus epidemic, his office said Sunday. Imagine Trump doing this

Irish Prime Minister to Work As a Doctor During Country's COVID-19 CrisisVaradkar will assist in conducting phone assessments of people who may have been exposed to COVID-19. Leadership from the front. Good for you.

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