Middleeast, Iran's Supreme Leader Vows Revenge After Top Nuclear Scientist Apparently Assassinated - Cnn

Middleeast, Iran's Supreme Leader Vows Revenge After Top Nuclear Scientist Apparently Assassinated - Cnn

Iran's supreme leader vows revenge after top nuclear scientist apparently assassinated

Iran's supreme leader vows revenge after the apparent assassination of the country's chief nuclear scientist

11/28/2020 4:44:00 PM

Iran's supreme leader vows revenge after the apparent assassination of the country's chief nuclear scientist

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has vowed revenge and to continue the country's 'scientific' activities after the apparent assassination of the country's chief nuclear scientist, as top Iranian officials pile blame on Israel over the killing.

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Revenge as in “we’ll shoot down another passenger plane of ours”? Because that didn’t do much last time Did Trump organize this? There was report Iran was reaching out to Biden. Then that Trump wanted to attack Iran but was advised not to. Then that Trump and Israel and Saudia were planning something against Iran. Then suddenly Israel starts doing these things. Trump is trying to start a war!!

Some pretty piss poor decisions have come from this desk the last 4 years. You love to write this don’t you? This man was on the list of terrorists of US government , how come some people come here to lament his death , his elimination was a gift to humanity Clearly not America, this kind of assisination looks like Russia, or China or Israel, or even India, or internal Iran STYLE! Not American style at all!

Bring it... Iran vowed to revenge last time, but they didn't do anything afterward. They want trump to pay I have no problem with this So...he's decided to be NEXT.? OoOoOohhh scary 🥴 No balls. They ain’t shit and won’t do shit Could be pompeo, he did in the Iranian general, traded in for trump allowing the turks to go after the Kurds, who knows , could be Iranian too, most are going against the Ayatollah lately.

Dr. Sheriff saad had everything to do with do with yemen but blaming other people trying to use asylum as tool to commit international terrorism, as well as civil rights retaliations, also aided planning w/Chauncey of massacres/shootings/fires to get 911 info he hacks!!! haha this is just posturing for another trillion dollars in cash he already swindled out of Joe

The 10 year deal was a sham a mockery a farce. The world is half way through that b.s. deal then guess what, Iran can legally build nuclear weapons. What was the point? Hmm, interesting when you consider: Ha ha ha. Somebody was really stupid. Hopefully, it wasn’t Trump. The world doesn’t need a war. We have enough to deal with Covid.

Probably going to shoot down another passenger plane. Incompetent. Did donny call Bibi and greenlight this ? Just to fuck things up for Biden should he want to get back round the negotiating table with Iran? Counter to US interests and regional interests? Sounds like donny. He must really have a load in his pants

Maybe it was the Saudi Prince ! No plans to send a team in for MBS I notice. They know that if Iran gets a nuclear weapon they will definitely use it probably as a suitcase terrorist device on a major city Take a dirtnap pig Trump is all your have at it! Biden had nothing to do with it! Take it out on Donald Trump and not innocent Americans.

I guess somebody doesn't want them going nuclear. Joe’s at work already Is Israel working with Trump in order to start a war that Biden and we will have to deal with after he leaves office? For some time now, I've been concerned about Trump and Pompeo starting a war with Iran. With Israel's help? They promised when army chief was killed n now. And its called 'kuse sher'

R.I.P Until we have warmongers like Netanyahu in our world peace will never prevail, he didn't even have mercy his own countryman 'Yitzhak Rabin' How much in back payments will Joe ship to Iran? Do you suppose this man may be next? If another country is responsible then they should be nuked off the face of the earth.

Iran is a joke, they cant do shit We should all fight against Covid because this is the real danger now. All other conflicts now seems to me very ridiculous That's got Mossad all over it. Iran can take trump shit save the US and take his supporters as well🤷🏻‍♀️ What’s he gonna do, strap a hand grenade on a donkey and send it our way? 😂😂😂. FOH

Jeffrey Toobin stopped in for a quick legal analysis and said this 'This was assassination was clearly illegal.' Toobin went on to say 'but this isn't.' and quickly exited the zoom interview. Oh, darn Oh boy...there’s no peace 💃 Blah blah blah HassanRouhani youre not going to do anything We may get to see the Biden administration test early.

hmmmm. sorry to hear this. NOT Great end to the year, just like it started. Iran is a terrorist country and must have a regime change. gefformika fue por 4ta vez If Iran retaliates against Israel there will be carnage. This will be more blood tRump’s hands. Pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement one of the first of many mistakes this incompetent idiot did.

Great that he’s dead another evil man gone So much for Trump's peace deal. I said Trump was the Antichrist and was going to start world war III when he was elected... Here we go... Austere Scholar! Looks like BarackObama's Middle East strategy has just taken a setback..... Sounds like the People have had enough of the Fascist Government.....👍

Apparent assassination ? CNN investigating whether it may have been COVID related . 😎 Why are you spilling tears over a man that was planning the destruction of Isreal and other countries across the Middle East? Patience, Trump will be more accessible after inaugural. This is insane Supreme leader huh? Makes sense

Who Cares! Play with deadly toys....get killed by deadly toys! FYI A scientist who was the head of nuclear weapons development team. He was working for a terrorist organization called “Islamic Revolutionary Guard”! They always find a way to create problems where there's non. Isreal under Netanyahu must stop the senseless killings. No one lives forever. I hope the Iranians keep claim and not respond .

They have no evidence that it was carried out by Israelis. Their hate is showing, and any excuse to attack will do. This could very well set off WW3, worst case. Amazing that some still think pulling out of the Iran nuclear treaty was a good idea. Trump2020 Trump2020Lanslide BidenCheated BidenCheat StopTheSteal CNNFakeNews CNNForSale

Yep now that Biden will be in office the terrorist attacks will return cause just like before the left will throw money at the people instead of force Don't worry CNN! they won't do anything. The only thing they are able to is hanging ordinary hungry Iranians and shooting them. And you are expert ignoring the facts. get back to your activism and don't pretend you are a media outlet.

So now, who do you suppose engineered that?🤔