Intubated Man Informed That His Free Covid Tests Have Arrived

Intubated Man Informed That His Free Covid Tests Have Arrived

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1/20/2022 12:15:00 AM

Intubated Man Informed That His Free Covid Tests Have Arrived

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Lots of upset people in this thread. The Onion nails it yet again. Walking on thin ice with this one... he's a hypochondriac, he could've waited until the results were delivered before going in, just to be sure You stole this from the dark anal of the BABYLON bee . Better late than never?🤷🏻‍♂️ You seem to be confusing a test with a vaccine.

Damn, USPS got them there hella fast donde es el funny Intubated Man Sad His Free Covid Tests Will Arrive Too Late To Burn On Facebook Live To Own The Libs Maybe he should have gotten vaccinated Imagine arguing with an Onion article.

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This would be funny if the government was only giving out free tests… but it literally provides its citizens with a choice of three different vaccines. You don’t even know what joke you’re trying to make to push a point you can’t even recognise What would an idiot anti-vaxxer need COVID tests for? I think you confused tests for the free, widely available, safe and effective vaccines we have.

The correct headline: Intubated Man Informed That His Free COVID Tests Will Ship In 7-12 Days Is this supposed to be funny? Rare miss from the Onion tbh Since the Onion explained it I went ahead and learned about Wordle Positive news!

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Damn. He should have gotten the vaccine that's been free in every drug store in America for the last 9 months. He was probably only 2x vaccinated. lot of hurt feelings and people ignoring science in the replies on this one. god speed, Onion. 'b-but he should've gotten vaccinated' yeah tell me about your two doses that give you near-zero protection against infection and *about* 89% protection against death

The Onion is having a tough time staying ahead of the curve. Too little, too late. Why did Biden wait over a year to send masks and tests? Do you think the tests are vaccines? Bernie getting blown out in two primaries really broke the onion’s brain Ah, and here we observe the magnificent goalposts making their glorious migration.

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The intubated man was unvaccinated and he wouldn’t have used the tests anyway you seem to be confusing tests for vaccines Wtf would a test do that a vaccine doesn't? Moronic, whiny satire. Still waiting for the PCR test results though… He was waiting for the Former1 retract his fact that the 'disease' was only a 'Democratic Hoax'.

The vaccine is free In this example, his free shots were available for nearly a year. Kids going to be Light Wow. Edgy stuff. Let’s Go Darwin!

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intubated man should have taken vaccine

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