INTERACTIVE RADAR: Tracking monsoon storms around the state

8/17/2022 11:21:00 PM

Track storm activity around our Valley and state with our interactive radar.

Abc 15wx, Rain Radar

Heavy rainwater overflow near Doney Park this afternoon as monsoon storms hit the Flagstaff area: RADAR: abc15wx

Track storm activity around our Valley and state with our interactive radar.

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Premios Billboard

Sitio oficial de los Premios Billboard de la Música Latina de Telemundo. En vivo desde el Watsco Center en Coral Gables, Florida. Jueves, 29 de septiembre 7pm/6c. Read more >>

Check out the red dust through the neighborhood out in east Mesa. Holy 'Haboob', Batman! To the Batcave & we will stay dry!. Holy I'm in chandler oml That was the wildest dust storm I have been trapped in. In queen creek and it hailed too!!! Here it comes! 25th street and Chandler Blvd 😱 ShawnInArizona Maybe NOW you want to wear masks..

Just don't call it a haboob.

Leon Valley sues apartment complex for 'dangerous' conditionsThe municipality is suing the owners of the Vista Del Rey apartment complex to force repairs at the troubled 453-unit property.

ShawnInArizona Holy eff… this looks like dustbowl times. NWSPhoenix MONSOON: a seasonal prevailing wind in the region of South and Southeast Asia, blowing from the southwest between May and September and bringing rain (the wet monsoon ), or from the northeast between October and April (the dry monsoon ). NOT IN Arizona!

ColeAdamGeorge I hope everyone is OK? Wow! From the debris on the road it looks like it was much higher. 👙 Grab the inner tubes!!! Yikes!! Wow that looks scary

Police disarm pipe bomb found on patient at Pomona Valley HospitalBreaking: A pipe bomb found on a patient taken to Pomona Valley Hospital was disarmed and confiscated by authorities after it was detected by the medical center's bomb-sniffing K9.

Mill Valley man pleads guilty to turning garage into illegal gun factoryA Mill Valley man has pleaded guilty in federal court to converting his garage into a factory to manufacture illegal firearms and ghost guns. 1. stop selling black men to the american political drug dealers, land occupying corporation, with corrupt police, no matter what anyone say, drug is there politics, that create all kind of things for the kkk, real oral sex, black Americans need to clean up three things

Terry Silver Rules over San Fernando Valley in Cobra Kai Season 5 TrailerNetflix has released the brand-new Cobra Kai Season 5 trailer, featuring San Fernando Valley inhabitants efforts to stop Terry Silver.

Wendy's worker charged with murder after punching customer in Prescott ValleyA Wendy's employee is facing second-degree murder charges after allegedly punching a customer in Prescott Valley. Damn This is why it pays to restrain yourself. One Tall Tree... One Short Rope... Can I help the next person in line please... 'Nuff said!!!...

$12M Provided to Repair Flood Damaged Roads in Death Valley National Park“This level of disaster, formerly considered an every-thousand-year phenomenon, gives us renewed urgency in the steps we’re taking to fight the climate crisis and to make our infrastructure more resilient,'said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.