'Institutional racism has no place in our societies': Prince Harry speaks out

WATCH: Prince Harry speaks out on racism and unconscious bias.

7/2/2020 1:01:00 PM

WATCH: Prince Harry speaks out on racism and unconscious bias.

Prince Harry spoke out on racism during the virtual ceremony for The Diana Award 2020 on July 1.

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His wife is very racist towards Queen How long have humankind been on this planet? Speak King👑✊ Your family invented it Inbread little freak He knows 0 Absolutely! Here is a perfect example of growth! He was very quiet about it when he left the royal family with his biracial wife who is half black and half white. He still has yet to address his family and England for what they experienced. Of course, he is still financially funded and cared for by the royal family. No risk.

A notable certified expert in the field. We are proud of you Harry Well done Prince Harry. well done Harry There is no racism, blacks have to say there is to get more free stuff, everyone knows it. Hey, but where’s Meghan? Completely right! 👏🏼👏🏼 Prince Harry is true royalty!❤ I like Harry a lot. But I think for someone of us to take him more seriously he needs to take the gloves off and more directly call out the monarchies history of genocide and colonialism. It’s a tough position for him though since it’s his family and heritage.

We know what he thinks, it's clear and he married a black lady and he had a pinkish child and that's the problem with whites men marrying blacks their children turn out pinkish. White men want a future that protects them and their family from pinkish. You mean 'Harry Markle?' Someone please tell Meghan’s PR team that an emasculated Prince groveling about privilege is a sad look that won’t win him friends. He’s white, rich and royal - everything the mob he is pandering to hate. Harry is a sad little rich boy in a man’s world.

Harry is a a baby.. 🤮🤑🤮🤑🤮🤑🤮🤑🤮 Your family are pedophiles.. Speak on that Without the racism propaganda, the domestic enemy democrats wouldn't have a message to sell their mob rule democracy. Who’s your writer, a 23 year old coed? Not “prince” anymore British rule here was thrown out for a reason. Your voice isn’t welcome or valid bc you married a half black girl.

Distraction from uncle Andrew troubles?🤔 The privilege speak of things they know nothing about. England kicked him out Well done, Harry! He lost his ⚾️⚾️’s. Howdy Doody go home Here you go Prince Harry Rich, coming from an elitist, with a security staff!!! 🤮 Preach in your own country, not here He’s not a prince

Tatatahhhh. . . Mr. I will ruin England in the Name and for the profit of the small Upper Class. . . ( you dont must have money to be callt to be upper class. . .the Name and ancrestry is much more importent) But dont tell anybody, i need any stupid men or wo man to vote. . . after, doesent matter, let them die on corona, its only the flu. . .and if they cant pay the Bill in Hospitals. . .who cares. . . me not. . Mr i had the job. . .and. . .

Harry saying whatever the boss ask him to say. His boss doing anything to make herself relevant. Easier said than done. God help the evil world we live today, I call it very deep systematic racism, very hard to detect except you're a victim, even the truth of the act elude some victims of racism. Gotta do what wifey tells you

Nice, but whats about Hong Kong? They Unitet Kingdom leave them alone, China broke the contract they made, and nobody do anything against this!!!!! Unbelivebel!!!!!! A shame for the so named Leader of the Unitet Kingdom. . . .Mr. No deal. . . Mr. I am for the people in my class. Same ole same ole lingo. Has no place but it took a place 400 years ago and has sustained its poison! Just ugh!

Prince Harry needs international understanding,help & respect. As a younger son,he was more close to Princess Diana, so he got Bereavement Shock. In Afghanistan,he saw soldiers dying,he got Post-Traumatic Syndrome. Now, when he is in stress he holds Meghan's hand firmly for help. Isn’t he just ‘Pussy - Whipped’ Harry now?

No thanks. I've heard enough leftist propaganda ...so he looks terrible. Is there any bias from being a prince of the House of Wettin which has held power in Europe for a thousand years? So what Nausating. He's right. The royal family should step down and allow a nice little Cambodian transgender midget take the throne in the name of diversity.

It's time to work from home to avoid the coronavirus😷 Don't depend on your salary only. If you have a gmail account, computer or smartphone & 30mins daily you can make £2000 in daily. For more info write me on whatsapp +1 (469) 532-3993 Institutional grooming and abuse of underage girls is fully in place in Harry's family society.

Did Harry speak out against racism in his Nazi uniform. Ugh Now have him ask Uncle Andy about the Epstein thing. Nice job harry 🙂😎 It is some easy to have beliefs when nothing is at stake them. We see so much extreme opinion that comes from the top. Good and bad it just never seems to carry weight with me.

“Unconscious bias” what a load of ..... Is your Uncle Andrew scared right now? I thought Mr Harry Mountbatten-Windsor wanted to retire as a senior royal? If he cares so much about it he should donate all of his money to BLM and get a job at the Popeye's drive through. It won't be bad. The chicken sandwiches are awesome, so the people will tip him.

PrinceHarry is a phony. Anything about the British history of colonialism? No. Thanks. Not interested. Hollywood bores me. Bro, your Uncle is being investigated for raping underage girls and being part of a sex trafficking ring. StayinYourLane RoyalPedophiles LiberalismIsTheRealPandemic 🤡 Good man! A Prince lecturing us former colonialists on privilege 😂😂😂 Where is the SNL cold open on this one?

Very nice of his wife to allow him to read a statement she prepared for him. The guy in the Nazi shirt? Well, he IS in an interracial marriage where she wears the pants in the family. Black women have a history of being strong. Good thing he is a pansy. Just go away... While this is a beautiful statement much of the prejudice is rooted in classism as well.

Stretching for relevance! Looks like a hostage video. Poor guy still looking for his balls Who and who gives a shit It’s time to end the monarchy. Nothing screams white supremacy like the monarchy! ❤❤❤❤ I do hope that disappearing, toerag is not preaching to the country he wants nothing to do with He was never the brightest , but now that boy has become A complete idiot....

Yes you are rich what do you know? Must be takin bout racism against gingers..😏😂 The guy is a clown 😂 He’s still a prince? I thought he gave up the title Umm...I’m not a grammar guru, but I think you mean subconscious and not unconscious. Prince, There are so many racisms in the world worse than US. Why don’t you say anything about that?

Formerly known as... His wife sucks and they can't own it so they blame racism Then why does the UK control Belfast, Ireland. Why do they discriminate against Catholics Why do only non-Catholics get jobs Why do the Orangemen march down the street to intimidate the Catholics But little Harry lives off the dole Racism is in his world

Just Harry. Thanks. unexpectedly he is showing more humanity Blacks have to keep racism going so they can keep getting free stuff. Is he going to apologize for all the havoc his royal ancestors created throughout British colonies for centuries? If not, sit down. Hostage video. I thought that he explicitly asked not to be referred to as Prince Harry, so why should we listen to him? Other than being related to Queen Elizabeth what makes him newsworthy?

Where did his monarchy generate their $billions to buy him his nice suits and a golden pulpit? Why are you still calling him a prince? LoL. Hostage video. MAGA I think he should donate his entire share of his fortune to make repriations silver spoon baby Makes me think there was a couple of trips to Epstein Island here.... OOPS

Doing just what his wife tells him to I need to listen to Prince Harry like I need to stick a lit firecracker up my ass Regurgitate key talking points, and .....go go back to england ! Prince? He’s not a prince anymore. Literally fake news from . Have no shame. He's dim. Unfortunately racism will never go away. It's been around since the ancient times.

Hispanics for Trump 2020 British elites telling Americans what to do have no place in our society For someone who wanted out of the spotlight, they’re sure put themselves in it quite a bit... Why’s it news when the rich grow balls and suddenly yap about “racism” and “unconscious bias” and tell the average people that they’re all pieces of crap?! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE.

MaxwellDidntKillHerself No one cares Meant more when he was a Prince No we really do NOT need to hear from you harry, stay out of the uSA So it’s Meghans words behind his face They both need to get a job So what? Is he an intellectual? A moral leader? A philosopher? Who is he to be listened? Love how the wealthy pander to the mob because they dont want their shit to be taken. 😆

🙄 living the high life off of the british or us? yeah, i'll listen to him.....much later. Prince ?! Then how about he give back all the gold his family stole from the African counties they looted. Wow... then he must really hate Slow Joe... You’re irrellivent dude! Prince Harry is the poster child of White Privilege. When he gives up everything that he received by birthright, then maybe he can lecture people.

FUDGE YOU PRINCESS YOU NEVER WENT TO AMERICAN SCHOOLS WHERE BLACK KIDS WERE JUMPING WHITE KIDS FOR NO REASON , THATS WHY BLACK BOYS KILL EACH OTHER. THEY START TROUBLE Speak out on this Racism is combatted by antiracism. “Unconscious” racism is a charade. There is only racist policy and the people peddling it.

The former Prince and the hysterical Left should take in the work of Dr. Carol Swain. YouTube video posted 2 days ago. The Dim Prince and his Royal Gravy Train hopping wife....💤 Unconscious bias, real or not, works perfectly as a form of gaslighting those against it, and validating those who use it as ammo.

Elites have so much virtue to offer commoners . What would Harry know he doesn't live in the real world like us working class commoners Ghislaine Maxwell did not kill herself. Pass it on. Of course, this nimrod states this while he's a guest in our country, which feels antagonizing AF. what does the royal boy know about anything?

Deport him. He's not a prince, unless your speaking of his woke royalty. No thanks. 👎 British are not racists, because they treated the white Irish people the same as Asians, Native Americans & Africans. What a loser It's amazing how many rich people (black and white) speak out about discrimination, privilege, and defunding the police while sitting behind the walls of gated communities and protected by armed bodyguards. Just shut up already.

Where’s Yoko Harry? Who cares! He is a nothing! He give up all his rights to be with a bitch! Says the one whose family destroyed and killed millions while trying to tule the world. FuckOffHarry why i believe him: he is a ginger his mother got killed by child trafficer his wife Also Prince Harry. Ghislaine Maxwell de tutuklandığına göre sıra amcanda söyle kuşum teslim etsinler artık Prince Andrew'u.

Prince who ? That several emperors from africa may have been black. Very ironic considering the roots of most of these issues can be traced to the british empire. Racism is a somewhat modern invention. There are no Roman sources depicting a particular distaste for imperial subjects from any province, including africa. Some have even postulated

silver spoon baby Does he mean in England He is an idiot Abdicated castrated Thank you, Prince Harry! My research shows that the Catholic Church taught this difference in color decades ago. Can you meet with Pope Francis to end this insanity? There is no difference in the color of skin. The difference is in the spirit of the individual. Good or evil.

How can he say this? Try telling this to all the Irish that you have raped, stolen from, beaten and murdered over centuries. England is worst then the US. You guys created this. 👎👎👎 Prince Harry has a good heart. But I can't say that I share his confidence in 'man's ability' to solve racism and bias. If people could on their own do this, they would have done it already. Methinks it will DEFINITELY take a higher power. racism

He's right. The royal family should step down and allow black transgender midgets to take the throne. diversity I will give this heir of the British Empire the attention he wants in these words: nil, nada, none. Living in the US, when he says institutional racism does he mean in the US or in the UK? We're talking about the same guy who wore a Nazi uniform to a Halloween party?

Go back to your own country!!!!! With time comes the Change...Some traders went to trade in India then they tried to civilise them. They form a government therein. RACISM is directly related with the so called civilization. But with time comes.. Worst thing he ever did was leave the family! Lmfao your family is the root cause of it all

At what point in this hostage video does he hold up the newspaper showing the date? Blink 3 times if you're in grave danger, Harry! Unconscious. 🤦‍♂️😂 fuckoff Christ Lambeth thought New Orleans Louisiana to be more hood than Tehran Iran. And that's why the Irish clan and I don't get along. He fuckrd my sister and didn't marry her. Guess how he fucked her. By promising to marry her.

leave the USA please you are not an American... 🤨 ASS WIPE Go home Harry. Go back to a England Good morning to the three of you RoyalFamily Unconscious... subconscious, maybe? Anything about his nonce Uncle? Harry can kiss my ass.

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Prince Harry Condemned 'Institutional Racism' in His Diana Awards Speech“My wife said recently that our generation and the ones before us haven’t done enough to right the wrongs of the past,' Harry said on what would've been Diana's 59th birthday. Jasamgurlie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Good man!

Prince Harry Speaks Out Against Institutional Racism: It Has 'No Place' In Society“My wife said recently that our generation and the ones before us haven’t done enough to right the wrongs of the past. I too am sorry,” the Duke of Susse...

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