Instagram chief says it will roll out 'take a break' feature, is pausing Instagram kids project

Instagram chief says it will roll out 'take a break' feature, is pausing Instagram kids project

9/27/2021 6:13:00 PM

Instagram chief says it will roll out 'take a break' feature, is pausing Instagram kids project

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri joined TODAY in the wake of a Wall Street Journal report that suggested the app is 'toxic' for teen girls.

Monday that the project is being put on pause in an effort to incorporate more parental controls on the current app."Parents of kids of all ages are looking for more ways to supervise and control their kids experiences online, and so the idea is that we're going to bring these parental controls as an optional feature to teens everywhere," Mosseri told TODAY's Craig Melvin.

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March 17, 202106:05"We're still working through the details, but the idea would be that they could see what their kids are doing. They could manage how much time the kids spend on the app, and they could possibly approve things, like who they can message and who they can follow."

While the company's current focus is on launching these features in the next few months, Mosseri said he believes a separate product for kids under 13 would still have a positive impact.He added that it could also help fix the problem of kids under 13 getting accounts without their parents' knowledge. (Currently, the app only allows people 13 and up to create accounts, but Mosseri acknowledged that many users younger than that use it.)

"As a father, the most important thing to me is the safety of my children," he said."I have to believe that a world where there's a version of Instagram that's designed for tweens, one where there's no ads, where there's age-appropriate content and where a parent can choose to let their child use it and control things like who they follow and who they message, is better than the alternative."


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This entire segment is ridiculous. We have tv shows, magazine ads, music..etc. that contributes to negative image perceptions everyday. IG is not the center point here.

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