Tech, Instagram Bans Content Promoting Gay Conversion Therapy - Cnn

Tech, Instagram Bans Content Promoting Gay Conversion Therapy - Cnn

Instagram bans all content promoting conversion therapy

Instagram says it will ban any content that promotes conversion therapy, a pseudo-scientific, widely discredited process that professes to change a person's sexuality

7/10/2020 7:24:00 PM

Instagram says it will ban any content that promotes conversion therapy, a pseudo-scientific, widely discredited process that professes to change a person's sexuality

Instagram will ban any content that promotes conversion therapy, the tech company told CNN on Friday, after campaigners called on the platform to block providers from advertising their services online.

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👍 Wait. You’re telling me in 2020 this was still allowed?!?! Fuck M*rk Z*ckerberg. Talk about it to Charliza theron and angelina jolie Im a straight lady amd I support instagram on this! Wtf Man the bots are attacking this one heavily. Must have hit a nerve. Social media platforms, should start calling themselves “Pubishers” and censore what they want. If they want to be platforms where other people publish things , they need to stick to their terms of service. Problem also is, they hire trust and safety team members and tell them1/2

Never heard of it so I Googled. Alrighty then. This is important I will be your social media marketing manager. Check Here: AndrewCote91 Wow Zuckerberg you want those Ad dollars back so badly you are finally doing some good But prostitutes and porn can continue because it attracts new users and more active users, great job Zuck

Already deleted their app cool, now ban all the fucking anti-vax, 5g and covid conspiracy bullshit social media blocking alot lately Can they 1st ban the bots I would think changing the gender of children is pseudo- science 🧬 I guess it depends on what scientist 🥼 you listen to — can Instagram tell us what scientific evidence they are using? That would be prudent!

So called conversion therapy is evil brainwashing that doesn't work. Evolution proves homosexuality is NORMAL in all animal species as well as insects. It's found in all. Conversion BS is mass insanity. No one can change his or her sexual orientation. It's 100% impossible. Unless content was posted by realDonaldTrump, which will prompt Facebook to declare themselves defenders of free speech, and force M. Fuckerberg to vehemently defend Donald’s right to promote conversion therapy, and point out that’s it’s not his job to fact check politicians.

We are teetering on the squashing of free speech. Then I think they should ban anything to do with religion. No factual basis for that either You would think people would be concerned about the mentally ill. Peoples sexuality is not changeable, I'm glad we finally accept this. Now we can finally get back to giving hormone blockers to children.

Scientology must be pissed!!!

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Instagram is banning all content promoting LGBT conversion therapy - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Today? yikes is this true? Just ban Instagram.....🧐

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