Vol 56 Issue 21, Coronavirus

Vol 56 Issue 21, Coronavirus

Inspirational ‘Hang In There’ Chalk Message The Thing That Finally Breaks Entire Neighborhood

Inspirational ‘Hang In There’ Chalk Message The Thing That Finally Breaks Entire Neighborhood

6/30/2020 9:27:00 PM

Inspirational ‘Hang In There’ Chalk Message The Thing That Finally Breaks Entire Neighborhood

CHICAGO—Sinking into a depth of despair that they had been able to stave off until this point, locals reported Thursday that an inspirational “Hang in there” chalk message written on a sidewalk was the thing that finally broke the entire neighborhood. “Christ, I was actually feeling okay today, then I go out for a walk and I see this bullshit? We really are doomed,” said resident Sandra Tilly, who claimed that the pathetic use of multi-colored chalk and sad single exclamation point did nothing but remind her of how “useless and powerless we all are right now.” “Are a bunch of stars supposed to make me feel happy? To think a grown person actually spent time on this, makes me want to jump off a bridge. Thank you so much for reminding me I’m living in a waking nightmare. If this is the best we can do, we’re completely fucked.” At press time, residents reported feeling a little better after a thunderstorm destroyed a row of children’s “Thank you heroes” signs.

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I shouldve followed this account sooner. I hope this drawing wasn't in Palmdale. I hate blue. I hate pink. I hate stars. I hate sidewalks. I hate grass. I I I i I I This and no AARP discount when it comes to Dutch Porn sites! Glad I got outta there when I did. Look at the left wing antifa BLM propaganda and graffiti. They should be arrested smh 🤦‍♀️

If you don't read the story you wont know why this is so funny. My annoying ass neighbors On another news, 'Noose' suddenly become popular search term on a neighborhood. Crying in the streets, dying in the sheets. Makes this video from a month ago make much more sense People getting worked up over chalk deserve to have bad things happen to them. The world doesn’t revolve around them.

“Threatening messages being written on sidewalk” - every other post in the neighborhood’s NextDoor group! Baldy Tallman Coffee Coop A message like that could easily be misinterpreted in today's world. Priveledged little jerks. Goddamn kids Is this about lynching? those little %&^%/ i told them to stop with that graffiti

To late again........Better close everything by Friday or the coronavirus will destroy lasvegas for good. Man up and do it now not after! CantBreath Time to reconsider Carter (and many others) recommendations to Abolish Electoral College. We see the disastrous result of this Clause in front of our eyes (plus it's a clause that roots in racism). Abolish Electoral College!!

Nice subtweet Me to myself during the entire election process And then you start wondering who wrote this and get worried it's a suspicious looking guy and that unbreaks you Guys what type of onion is The Onion Cool cnn would say it was racist dog whistle. foxnews would cry about the rainbow and be appalled. this world sucks

It was hanging by thread for a while now, bout time it finally snaps Hang in there king😪 Bubba Wallace has felt a disturbance in the force FakeNoose

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