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Inside the Valentine’s Day Text Message Mystery

Did you get the texts


Did you get the texts

Did you get one of the 168,149 strange texts sent in the middle of the night?

— appeared from jilted lovers and distant acquaintances. They were sent to close family members and former co-workers.

In "technology ruins everything" news, at 3 a.m. my ex's cell phone decided to re-surface a text I'd sent him this past Valentine's Day, when we were still together. Which led to me waking up to a "Huh?" from him that from my perspective came out of nowhere.

While some mystified recipients replied to the messages for clarification — creating only more mysteries, since the senders’ phones indicated that no messages had been sent

. (In a foretaste of a social media-era Rapture, the platforms were also flooded with posts from disappointed users wondering why it had not happened to them.)

‘Am I gonna get sued for sexual harassment?’ at 4:45 in the morning?”

A search of her conversation history eventually revealed the subject of her text: a long-forgotten email fiasco. While attempting to thank a friend for buying lunch, she had accidentally sent a heart emoji to a male co-worker, told him he was “the best,” and wished him “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

, however, it was “slightly alarming.” (Mr. Candler said that when he found the message Thursday morning, he assumed his wife had woken up confused, in the midst of a nightmare, and texted him.)

“I was immediately filled with joy,” Ms. Davis-Dunmire said, describing waking up to the texts. A screenshot of the exchange shows her writing back with giddy disbelief at 7:02 a.m. (Ten minutes later, she replied with another burst of affection: “Yaaaaaaaay!! Xxxxxx.”) She got out of bed right away, she said.

“Honestly,” she said, “I cried. Because I was so excited to see my husband again, and it crushed me that it wasn’t even an actual text.”

“I know how exciting it would be to have a loved on [sic] returning from duty,” wrote the representative. “I hope that they do return home safely to their family.”

On Thursday afternoon, after many unreciprocated emails were sent to carriers, a spokesman for Verizon suggested that the answer might lie with a third-party text message service provider called Syniverse Technologies, in Tampa, Fla.

Syniverse describes itself as “the world’s most connected company,” and says it has developed “the largest private network ever built for linking to the mobile ecosystem.” It is difficult, if one is not fluent in

Late in the afternoon on Thursday, a spokesman for the company,

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