Inside the Return of NYC In-Person Events With the 'Pose' Final Season Premiere

Inside the Return of NYC In-Person Events With the ‘Pose’ Final Season Premiere

4/30/2021 7:40:00 PM

Inside the Return of NYC In-Person Events With the ‘Pose’ Final Season Premiere

What it was like to attend the 'Pose,' final season premiere, New York City's first high-profile red-carpet event to take place in person since the pandemic. COVID-19 protocols included mandatory testing, temperature checks, masks, contact tracing, social distancing.

THRat the premiere."We had a very clear vision for the important moments that happen in our series finale, and so that's been the thing that we've been writing toward for the past two seasons, and it just so happened that this third season, we saw the ending."

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He continued,"We had to make a decision, like, 'Do we just go there and write it, or do we sort of bypass it and come back to it?' And it just felt like it would have been really sloppy writing for us to find a way to stretch the story out when the ending was so clearly right in front of us. And so we just wrote to it."

Season three takes place in 1994, with Blanca struggling to balance being a mother with being a present partner to her new love and her latest role as a nurse's aide. Meanwhile, as AIDS becomes the leading cause of death for Americans ages 25 to 44, Pray Tell (Porter) contends with unexpected health burdens. Elsewhere, the emergence of a vicious new upstart house forces the House of Evangelista members to contend with their legacy.

Rodriguez revealed she initially struggled with the idea of the show ending so soon."The moment I found out that this would be the last season, I kind of tried to wrap my head around it as much as I could. I didn't want to believe it," she told

THR."But I did some things with myself and made sure I made amends with myself, and it was emotional, it was bittersweet but I got through it and I knew that what we were doing and where we were ending was a good place."Moore echoed Rodriguez’s sentiment, noting,"We're walking away having felt like we created something beautiful and important."

"Empowering" is the word that came to mind for Porter."I hope that this show can empower the ones behind us, the queer ones behind us," the Emmy winner expressed toTHR."They see representation of themselves, and they can move through the world and into the world empowered and know that they are enough just as they are and to dream the impossible. You can be anything you want to be."

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