Inside the multibillion dollar race for a Covid-19 vaccine

The world is betting on one thing to halt the pandemic: A vaccine. This is what it will take to bring one to the masses.

8/15/2020 7:01:00 PM

The world is betting on one thing to halt the pandemic: A vaccine. This is what it will take to bring one to the masses.

The world is betting on one thing to stop the pandemic: A vaccine. This is what it will take to bring one to the masses — and the key players behind those efforts.

£84 million ($109 million) of government funding towards the British vaccine candidates at Oxford University and Imperial College London. The bulk of the funding, £65.5 million ($85.5 million), will go towards the Oxford candidate.The Oxford vaccine -- among the most closely-watched and highly-anticipated efforts -- has also received investments from the EU and the US. But the British government has secured early access to around

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100 million doses of the vaccine beginning in September.Europe’s Inclusive Vaccines Alliance (IVA) -- spearheaded by France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands -- has struck a deal for up to, with deliveries starting by the end of 2020 to participating European countries.

The US has made a similar deal with AstraZeneca for, delivering as early as October.ChinaIf the US and Europe have merely hinted that they’ll prioritize their people first for vaccines, China has made no secret of its plan to do exactly that.President Xi Jinping

told the World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of WHO, in May that Beijing would help provide a vaccine globally, but only after it had been deployed in China.US health officials say America, the G7, the EU and the ACT Accelerator are collaborating closely on vaccine development -- but not China. “I believe they're just -- they're doing their own thing,”

US HHS Secretary Alex Azar has said, referring to China.China has a shorter history of vaccine expertise compared to the US and Europe, but it has size on its side. It is the world’s largest producer and consumer of vaccines and can supply more than 1 billion doses of a vaccine annually from 40 manufacturers across the country, according to the

China Human Vaccine Industry Report, 2018-2022.Chinese President Xi Jinping assesses the progress on vaccine and antibody research during his visit to the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Beijing on March 2.Credit: Xinhua/Ju Peng via Getty Images

Of the 29 vaccines currently in human trials globally, nine are from China -- the most from any country by a long shot. And three of the six vaccine candidates in late-stage trials are being developed by Chinese companies Sinovac and Sinopharm.The chairman of Sinopharm has

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that it could have a vaccine ready for public use by the end of the year.Some Western health experts have expressed concern, however, about China’s safety record due toBut Beijing is determined to shake this image.Asaid Chinese scientists and officials were collaborating with international partners, medical institutions and experts to ensure transparency around their vaccine efforts. It also said that although vaccine research and development had been dramatically accelerated, Beijing was adhering to safety principles.

What happens nextBut the question remains: Will leaders -- the world over -- be able to respond and buy the vaccine for their own populations if one of the big three efforts succeeds? And will poorer nations once again be left behind?It is this concern that prompted Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to call for an international accord to ensure poorer countries get access to the vaccine.

The best-case chance of getting a vaccine, according to Berkley, is adopting the collaborative approach that was used in the race for an Ebola vaccine -- a process which began in the Canadian Public Health laboratory, was transferred to an American biotech firm, then an American multinational company, and finally to a German company for manufacturing.

“That’s the way things get done,” Berkley said.A lab technician looks at a bottle containing a reagent, before performing vaccine tests at Sanofi's laboratory in Val de Reuil, France, on July 10.Credit: Joel Saget/AFP/Getty ImagesRestricting the effort to a national lab or set of scientists or certain company won’t deliver the best vaccine -- and it certainly won’t allow it to be distributed to all -- he added.

There are some promising signs of international cooperation. Aside from WHO’s ACT Accelerator initiative, the Read more: CNN »

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Yet parents will not vaccinate for proven pandemics to send kids to school Ok. It's not for the masses. 50% have indicated the will not take it. Of the remainder 36% are obese so max this will work on Is 14 % ...not masses. There is no pandemic No, the world is betting that after the election CNN will find some other BS to try and scare and control us. The pandemic has been fake from the get go!!

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Inside the multibillion dollar race for a Covid-19 vaccineThe world is betting on one thing to halt the pandemic: A vaccine. This is what it will take to bring one to the masses — and the key players behind those efforts. And yet the fact that it's a race to billions of dollars in investment and not an investment in actual people startles no one. There is no vaccine for the common cold will be no vaccine for covid The vaccine is here when Fauci says it’s here.....surprise! November 4 duh!

Inside the multibillion dollar race for a Covid-19 vaccineThe world is betting on one thing to stop the pandemic: A vaccine. This is what it will take to bring one to the masses — and the key players behind those efforts. It’s sad technology advances on all other things but not in the most important one which is medicine.. You're welcome.. Yes.they were already trying to make a vaccine

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