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Inside the Minds of the Women Who Joined ISIS

Azadeh Moaveni’s “Guest House for Young Widows” tries to understand why middle-class girls and women would join a jihadist movement.


Review: Azadeh Moaveni has written a powerful, indispensable book on a challenging subject: the inner lives and motivations of women who joined or supported the Islam ic State militant group.

Azadeh Moaveni ’s “Guest House for Young Widows” tries to understand why middle-class girls and women would join a jihadist movement.

Moaveni anticipates such objections, acknowledging “the extraordinary horror and centrality” of the suffering of women victimized by Islamic State, like the Yazidis whose enslavement and rape have received enormous, sometimes prurient, coverage. “But along the way,” she writes, “we have been perhaps too caught up in revulsion to fully appreciate the conditions that gave rise to the group’s female adherents.” To truly understand these conditions, Moaveni argues, we must look at these women “with more nuance and compassion.”

As Moaveni writes, one challenge was, and is, that such discussions can come perilously close to sounding like sympathizing with ISIS. From the United States and Europe to the Arab states, counterterrorism dragnets too often equate any degree of Islam-infused politics with support for Islamic State or Al Qaeda. Worse, in this atmosphere, any political discussion among young Muslims about the geopolitical or social issues most pressing to them increasingly risks being labeled “jihadist.”

As Moaveni shows, Islamic texts may provide clues about some ISIS leaders and theologians, but they were rather beside the point for thousands of foot soldiers, administrators and go-along-to-get-along caliphate residents who mostly lacked religious expertise and were driven by a varied mix of politics, faith, economics and self-preservation.

Here, Moaveni is particularly poignant and incisive. If these poor, sometimes non-English-speaking immigrant parents had time to notice daughters spending more time at mosques, they saw that as a sign of good values and safety. She brings to life the children’s chafing between their freewheeling London environment, pressure to succeed and conservative family strictures.

Finally, for all its compelling material, one of the book’s lasting accomplishments is its form. It is a master class in illustrating the big picture through small stories. And it uses women’s experiences — still so often framed as a subplot — to reach the heart of ISIS. Centering a narrative on women leads, here, to a superior analysis of the overall subject, and this is a lesson with applications far beyond ISIS.

Read more: The New York Times

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Why are you pushing this? Of course historical documentation is necessary BUT I mean “She made me hang on every turn to find out what would happen to them.” Referring to those terrorists! Wow. If only the victims had that sympathy. Maybe more would’ve been done to save them/their communities Media seems to think terrorists are more deserving of exploration/attention than the victims. How about their victims’ inner lives? Those pigs are terrorists inspired by toxic ideology/false god. Simple as that. No nuance. No compassion from me. I can’t with isis sympathizers

Trying to defend terrorists now...enemy of the people new york slimes! She is terrorist, she must be prisoned! There’s nothing “powerful” about being a terrorist..GTFOH.. Good book. Join the potters . There's nothing 'challenging' or 'indispensable' about it. They sympathize with their beliefs, likely assisted with crimes against humanity, and romanticized killing of non believers. Gfy.

Only trash inside.

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'here is how women who leave their families and countries to join ISIS, a Terrorist Organization are actually the victims' I don’t even remember now. Why am I supposed to hate ISIS? Were they involved in 9/11? “Brain damage, my life as an islamic hefty bag.” With this mentality it's no wonder why America is going extinct!

They are called 'Terrorists' . Wow did you guys have to make this article so close to 9-11 you go to bed after remembering those who we have lost and wake up to this. Seems kind of disrespectful. They had no minds!

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