Inside the Forecast: Abortion rights bring governor races into spotlight

POLITICO’s Steve Shepard demystifies this week’s election data in a video series.

5/7/2022 1:21:00 AM

Some of the nation's biggest swing states are electing governors this fall. These are also places where the end of Roe v. Wade would have immediate sweeping impact. POLITICO_Steve breaks down 5 states to watch.

POLITICO’s Steve Shepard demystifies this week’s election data in a video series.

Roe v. Wadeprecedent is thrusting a new, hot-button issue into the midterm elections: abortion.If the high court’s eventual decision does eviscerate federal abortion rights and return the issue to the states, it will shine the spotlight on the 36 governor’s races on the November ballot. The list includes major toss-up swing states like Pennsylvania — where, if Republicans can flip the governorship and keep control of the state legislature, they could approve new restrictions on abortion next year.

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POLITICO_Steve This is a crude but effective topic for Democrats to capitalize on to beat RonDeSantisFL - under Florida law, blow jobs were illegal until Lawrence v. Kansas (2003) After Dobbs, SCOTUS will overturn Lawrence, and Florida men will no longer legally be allowed to get Blow Jobs POLITICO_Steve If DeSantis carries Florida sad day for those living in home state of Putin wannabe

POLITICO_Steve Manjitkaur. Amen. Thank. You. Punjab. India POLITICO_Steve DeSantis 2024 POLITICO_Steve The Constitution doesn't mention abortion once, medical procedures are not mentioned in the Constitution. Anything not enumerated in the Constitution goes to the states. That's how our country works, the ppl decide

POLITICO_Steve They should make a issue out of Desantis investing millions in russia POLITICO_Steve Well if Americans want this man as their leader that is truly sad. POLITICO_Steve Florida is Fucked. POLITICO_Steve The sad thing about making abortion illegal is that it sounds good and moral before you do it and it’s not until after it’s done that you reap the horrors of what you have sown.

POLITICO_Steve Extremist, radical right-wing authoritarians are taking away our rights. POLITICO_Steve Vote Blue

Student shot inside residence hall at Fort Valley State UniversityCampus police at the Fort Valley, Ga., school responded to a single gunshot fired shortly before 7 p.m. at a residence hall.

POLITICO_Steve Majority of Floridians are fulling backing DeSantis. It's a sad reality POLITICO_Steve pro-life state. they voted DeSantis. this isn't hard to forecast. POLITICO_Steve No, it won’t. He picked a fight with Disney. They make more in parking revenue in a week than he has in his entire war chest for reelection.

POLITICO_Steve I’m saying a prayer 4all moms that have lost children in dispensary robberies. SenSchumer & SenBooker stand in front of SAFE Banking which wud 100% save lives. Now NY/NJ R legal cash cows. It’s a shame but they will cause deaths of their own constituents. How many have to die? POLITICO_Steve GOP succeeds in passing law outlawing abortion 1) healthcare denied for 1 million who miscarry & 24k of those who have stillbirths every year.2) 500k+ will die from no healthcare. 3) Death investigation for every fetal death. 4) MarchofDimes outlawed. 1/2

POLITICO_Steve 2000Mules POLITICO_Steve Scamerama. Meanwhile they're robbing us blind while we argue about something no politician cares about. 👿💩😈 POLITICO_Steve United Woman 1 List all Companies who are Contributing to Republican party begin boycotts to buy from those that don't WE control the family purchase power! 2 Call up every State, municipal representative 3 Contact your local Woman's rights committee Demonstrate fight on ROAR!

POLITICO_Steve If Republicans push through defeating RvW and a constitutional open carry law at the same time, they’d better lock up all the women! POLITICO_Steve If a justice is hurt or killed, your news outlet is to blame.

Russia-Ukraine war live updates: 'Bloody battles' rage inside Azovstal steel plant, last Mariupol holdoutHeavy fighting has been raging inside Ukraine's Azovstal steel plant, where Mariupol's last defenders have been holding out under Russian bombardment for weeks. Ukraini force using civilians as a shield in Azovstal plant. There is vast market for Russian oil, No Problem, China, India, Asia will buy cheap russian oil wherein EU will buy costly American and Arabian oil. Western Media is running false propaganda I thought the US sent money and weapons? What has the money been spent on? Why aren't they using the weapons?

POLITICO_Steve My Southern evangelical relatives accepted Brown v Board of Education, and helped implement it. Most of them were Democrats at the time. Now all of them are strong anti-abortion folks. My sister told me she had voted for Trump because he had promised appoint /1 POLITICO_Steve Not what polling says, but I honestly believe that many Democrats/Journalists (same thing) knew the leak was coming before this week and had these articles pre-written. Disgusting the depths that Team Blue will sink to in order to obtain power.

POLITICO_Steve Before you know it, pulling out might become a form of homicide. POLITICO_Steve Politico the leaker, why would public trust fake news POLITICO_Steve Lol it not gonna workout how the dems think. People don’t wanna hear about dismembered babies and see their riots and looting POLITICO_Steve According to Harvard stats, if abortion is banned_white population will significantly increase from nearly 60% to 65% in 10 to 12years It's all about idiology ,I think Democrats are living in a metaverse world if they think they will win this comin midterm election based on abor

POLITICO_Steve Thank you Steve, that was a great video! I’ve got a really good understanding now about midterm state races ✌🏽 POLITICO_Steve Everyone watch 2000 mules. POLITICO_Steve REVOKE AND REPULSE ALL OF THEM TIL “ONE” Comes forth to their fruition for Thou to Concede & take amnesty in due AMERCE. In thine among, I am No Public. Even Joe Biden’s Juris Doctor


Inside Ukraine’s Besieged Azovstal Steel Plant: Siphoning Fuel, Singing Songs and Surviving the NightThose trapped inside, including dozens of children, celebrated birthdays and holidays, cheered after each night they survived intact and wept from joy when Ukrainian soldiers brought them supplies. And to think Biden is undermining the peace process and continuing this type of needless chaos, sorrow and displacement. They will reach an agreement when 90% of Ukrainians are either dead or in bordering countries. Azov didn’t let them. Say truth AZOV exchange 15 civillians for 1T food. That is called HOSTAGES.

POLITICO_Steve Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett assured the Senate Judiciary Committee and the American people that Roe v. Wade was ‘established precedent.’ They all lied to us and the Senate Judiciary Committee. POLITICO_Steve Good luck with that😂😂 POLITICO_Steve CNN poll finds leaked abortion opinion currently has a 'muted' impact in the 2022 midterms.

POLITICO_Steve Don’t forget about recession summer!

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Evacuees from Mariupol describe how they survived inside the Azovstal steel plant'Like the apocalypse, like a horror film,' is how one evacuee describes weeks of sheltering in the vast, Soviet-era steel plant. Her daughter says, 'Each day felt like it would be our last one alive.'

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