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Inside the best cult vintage stores: Starry Starry Night

On a quiet, cobbled street in Glasgow, Anna Graham sells vintage clothing to collectors and costumers of our favourite TV shows.

1/23/2021 11:49:00 PM

On a quiet, cobbled street in Glasgow , Anna Graham sells vintage clothing to collectors and costumers of our favourite TV shows.

On a quiet, cobbled street in Glasgow , Anna Graham sells vintage clothing to collectors and costumers of our favourite TV shows.

, followed by a series of relaunches of varying success over the past few decades).Anna lived on Adam and Eve Mews just off Kensington High Street, minutes away from the original Biba shop that sat inside an old chemist on Abingdon Road. Living here, and frequenting Portobello Market regularly, she began selling vintage clothing at a little stall on Church Street in Marylebone every Saturday. “I don't know whether it was just that I was young or that that period really was such fun but I think it's the latter,” she says. “It just seemed to be such a joyful time.”

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She began collecting more and more vintage, even attending auctions to buy it. When she moved to New York in the late 70s she continued to sell the odd pieces she’d found in London, but unable to fully support herself on this alone, she worked at Rubicon, an “exclusive” boutique designer on Madison Avenue, which made couture “with a Victorian and antique flavour” as well as at a horse racing data tracking facility in Greenwich Village. “It was a very ‘only in New York’ thing,” she laughs.

“People get a bit confused about the Biba in the shops these days, it’s not the same as it was back then,” she says. Anna has a solid stock of original, “real” Biba, as well as a few pieces from Ossie Clark, a legendary designer of the same era. Her favourite piece, however, is a Fortuny opera cloak doused in venetian opera beads which she keeps securely tucked away in storage.

But it’s the 1920s and 30s that Anna is best known for, even if it struggles to sell in Glasgow. “I used to go down to London and buy stuff and bring it back here,” she says."But he people who bought it were usually dealers from London,” so it would do a full cycle and end up back in some shop on The King’s Road.

“There's got to be something you love in life that gives you a buzz,” Anna says.-- “particularly old clothes, that’ll never be made again” -- is certainly what does it for her. Read more: i-D »

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