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Inside the Below Deck crew's incredible homes: Captain Lee, Bugsy Drake & more

Inside the #BelowDeck crew's incredible homes: Captain Lee, Bugsy Drake & more

5/11/2021 6:21:00 AM

Inside the BelowDeck crew's incredible homes: Captain Lee, Bugsy Drake & more

Below Deck crew's homes: Discover the Netflix stars' real-life houses including Captain Lee, Hannah Ferrier and Bugsy Drake - and see where the yachties live while not on board the 184ft mega-yacht

Below Deck: Mediterraneanafter being fired by Captain Sandy, Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier has since hung up her epaulettes in exchange for motherhood. Taking to Instagram to share her baby daughter Ava's renovated nursery, the new mum often shares glimpses of her lavish condo in Sydney, Australia.

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3/12In a recent Instagram post of her adorable daughter, Hannah wrote "I know it's all I post these days but she's kind of my whole life and she's pretty damn cute" whilst posing with her little one in her spacious, open-plan kitchen.

Captain Sandy Yawn4/12Another favourite crew member from Below Deck: Mediterranean is Captain Sandy Yawn, who currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her partner Leah Shafer. In an interview with Bravo, Sandy said she relocated from Los Angeles to be with Leah. "I moved here for love." How sweet!

5/12Sandy's apartment is full of interesting and meaningful décor, from a wall decorated with motorcycle helmets to multiple keyboards displayed in front of the window, nearly every inch of Sandy's living room gives insight into her and girlfriend Leah Shafer's unique hobbies and interests.

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Boat Crash Was More Intense Than We Could've Imagined - E! OnlineOn May 10's episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Bravo viewers watched as Parsifal III made contact with a docking wall...twice. The STD scare is even scarier.

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