Inside NYLON's Art Basel Party

All the details from our Miami bash.

12/7/2021 1:10:00 AM

All the details from our Miami bash.

All the details from NYLON's exclusive Art Basel party in Miami.

All the details from our Miami bash.twAfter a week of gridlock traffic and nonstop talk of NFTs, a poolside party was necessary.On Friday of Art Basel Miami 2021, NYLON hosted its first NYLON House, a celebration of art, music, and fashion. Held at a private residence on Miami Beach, the event drew out a crowd representing all three pillars of culture.

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A live mural made in real time welcomed guests, before they made their way to the estate’s sprawling waterfront backyard. The event kicked off mid-afternoon for an afternoon pool party where guests could cool off from the heat and jumpstart the weekend with specialty rum drinks courtesy of Edrington 1888, Soulboost sparkling beverages, and cocktails made with Unmuddled mixers. The space also boasted a cosmetics stand manned by e.l.f Cosmetics, where guests could freshen up their glam with a fully stocked cart of makeup free for the taking. Daytime snacks came in the form of individual cartons of sushi, passed sandwiches, and homemade fruit cocktails, as attendees pored over the pages of NYLON’s exclusive print zine, made just for party guests, featuring our

latest cover story on Avril Lavigne. Other activities included personal tarot card readings and a green-screened photo booth, courtesy of Soulboost, while throughout the day, VIP guests took it all in from a private yacht docked behind the house.Things turned up as the sun went down, with the event’s special guests taking spotlight: DJ sets from Bedouin, AMÉMÉ, and Layla Benitez, who had everyone dancing under lasers until the early hours of the morning.

Here, take an exclusive look inside the event.

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