Amanda Knox Wedding, Leap Day, Christopher Robinson, Wrongfully Convicted, True Crime

Amanda Knox Wedding, Leap Day

Inside Amanda Knox and Husband Christopher Robinson's Love Story

Inside Amanda Knox's Perfectly Conventional Love Story

3/1/2020 2:28:00 PM

Inside Amanda Knox's Perfectly Conventional Love Story

Her international nightmare behind her, the Seattle-based activist and podcast host found love with writer Christopher Robinson and they had a space-themed wedding on Leap Day

Guede was convicted in 2008 of sexually assaulting and killing Kercher while"acting with others" and sentenced to 30 years in prison, where he remains today, all the while continuing to insist that he's innocent. Knox and Sollecito were both convicted of murder and committing sexual violence in December 2009, but they were freed two years later when their convictions were overturned on appeal. (Guede's sentence was reduced to 16 years on appeal in 2010.) Another court dismissed the acquittal and ordered a second trial.

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Knox returned to her home state of Washington—where once upon a time she was just a regular student at University of Washington—as fast as possible. She stayed put when Italian prosecutors re-tried her and Sollecito, who was taken into custody, and they were convicted yet again in 2014. Knox was sentenced in absentia to 28 years in prison.

But on March 27, 2015, the country's high court vacated the conviction for good, making it possible for Knox to step foot in the country again one day without being arrested. Until three months later when she was charged with defaming the police for testifying that investigators coerced her into accusing Guede of killing Kercher.

ReadWhy the Amanda Knox Case Still Doesn't Make Any Sense: Inside a Shockingly Misogynistic Murder Investigation"The international spotlight on the case in fact resulted in the investigation undergoing a sudden acceleration," the high court determined in its 2015 ruling, noting that the police could have probably arrived at a more definitive account of what happened if they hadn't made so many missteps—aided and abetted by salacious tabloid takes on the case—along the way.

Knox, meanwhile, returned to school at UW and graduated in 2014, writing a book about her experience—Waiting to Be Heard: A Memoir—along the way, all while still waiting for her name to be cleared back in Italy. "I find it incredible that despite an absolute lack of evidence that connects me to this murder, I am still being judged based upon unrealistic and unreasonable expectations about how a young woman would react to a horrible situation," she told CNN's

Chris Cuomoin 2013 while promoting her book.In 2016 she participated in the Netflix documentary Amanda Knox, which probed the rushes to judgment and media hysteria that plagued the Kercher murder investigation from the start.And ultimately Knox determined that she should put her experience to positive use, helping others who have fallen prey to a criminal justice system that doesn't always put a premium on doling out actual justice.

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