Mass Shootings, Gilroy Shooting, El Paso Shooting, Dayton Shooting, Midland-Odessa Shooting

Mass Shootings, Gilroy Shooting

Inside a Deadly American Summer

Mass shootings came one after another, sometimes only hours apart, leaving a reeling nation wondering why.


On today's front page: Inside a deadly American summer. 26 mass shootings . 126 dead. We reviewed all of them and found that while each was distinct, clear patterns emerged.

Mass shootings came one after another, sometimes only hours apart, leaving a reeling nation wondering why.

“We believe this HERO helped save several lives including an infant,” the police said in a mid-August

While several of the summer’s 26 mass shootings dominated national headlines, others — like a triple homicide in rural Pennsylvania — received little attention beyond where they happened.

The suspect in every shooting was male, and no case went unsolved.

In many cases, including a triple homicide in August at a house in San Antonio, the gunman killed himself. In others, including in Virginia Beach, the police killed the gunman.

It was a chaotic scene: A barrage of bullets at an apartment complex, three young men dead, witnesses pointing toward where the gunman had run. Soon, officers found Hyquan J. Parker, 26, who was arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree murder.

Read more: The New York Times

This is so important. But I hope that three months from now, has another front page giving life to the people who will have been killed in their neighborhoods, in silence in their bedrooms, by someone who claims to love them, etc. That happens too. In Chicago, 363 people have been killed this year. 2019 .. Study that !!

America has lost its soul ... Chicago? we get it you are anti white. have fun in bankruptcy You know EXACTLY why they happen, and it has NOTHING to do with weaponry. SOON! Yes, they all unlimited access to weapons of mass destruction and enough frag ammo to wipe out the NK army.

What keeps us from eradicating this deadly, contagious disease?'If we are to defeat Ebola and other diseases that threaten global health security, we must take steps to resolve the conflicts that create a favorable environment for the spread of disease,' writes Mary Ann Peters for CNNOpinion Opinion Dodging Iran making military strikes against a neighboring country like Pros... Opinion very good Opinion

Hi. Chicago here. This is a week for us. Yet no media, no Presidential candidates. Odd, right? This is perhaps America? This happens almost every weekend in Chicago. And I don’t think the people involved are hampered by background checks. God bless Americans! 🙏🏼 Hope peace in America & Hongkong and all over the world!

Just asking foreign government to investigate an American for political gain is impeachable . You don’t need to offer anything or say it 8 times. Let’s keep it basic because any little change in the details Trump wins. Anything extra is ice cream on the cake We saw Solly do it in Tshwane, we see Herman do it in Jozi, now we see Alan do it in the WC,...... I'm struggling to think of a cANCer mayor that does it in any of their metros..... 🤔🙄

Now do - gangs (protected by Democrats) - illegal aliens (protected by Democrats) - CAFE standards (driven by Democrats) Still Muslims are projected as inhuman 😄 realDonaldTrump GOP senatemajldr SpeakerPelosi How many more people must die because of your inaction on tougher gun control measures? This is happening on your watch? Laxing of gun control rules working for you, DonTheCon AskingForAFriend GunControl ChoosePeopleNotGuns

Deadly Floods in Texas Revive Memories of Hurricane HarveyFor East Texas residents like James Revia still recovering from devastating Hurricane Harvey two years ago, tropical depression Imelda brought flooding they thought they would see only once in a lifetime.

Imagine reviewing mass shootings. Does the NYT ever focus on NYC? 671 shooting victims in 2019 alone. It's interesting.Everybody in US know we should ban it,but it still exist for so long…screw your goddamn right and freedom,lives are more above of them. One weekend in Chicago Why ain't that the headlines Ohhhh....cause MUH NARRATIVE

I haven’t read it but I’m willing to guess they conveniently forget to cover the daily and especially weekend shootings in Chicago. GEE POST HOW MAN6 DIE FROM DRINKING DRIVING OR DEATHS FROM NEW MEDS FOR HEART ATTACKS OR OTHER STROKE MEDS . THATS WAY MORE DEATHS FROM REAL KILLING TOOLS Oh, like the fact that most of these are due to gang violence? That kind of pattern?

But capitalism survives!!! Money makes it all easier.

Review: 'Deadly,' a new musical, gives voice to women who vanished in an 1890s killing spreeH.H. Holmes lured young women to the 'murder castle' made famous by the book 'The Devil in the White City.' Now this history is a stage musical. A musical? ... No, it should be a terrifying movie. With Leonardo DiCaprio.

CCP China 中共 泛亚 官骗 ——泛亚之殇:无间道…… And yet republicans are blocking anything that could save lives. VoteThemAllOut

The Latest: 5 tourists still critical after deadly bus crashSALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The Latest on a tour bus crash near a national park in Utah that killed at least 4 (all times local): 7:45 p.m. Five people remain in critical condition after a... How is it possible to crash a bus on flat ground with nothing around to crash into? Thank god they know a lot of Dr’s... Is potus involved?

'The Cave Tried To Keep Us': The First-Ever Dive Inside An IcebergJill Heinerth is one of the world's most accomplished cave divers. When she and her crew explored Antarctica's B-15 iceberg, they were in danger. 'Mother Nature had given us a last warning,' she recalls. But they wanted one more dive. (onlyagamenpr) OnlyAGameNPR Wow! OnlyAGameNPR Dying to see the photos and video! OnlyAGameNPR Huge balls

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