Ingenuity’s First Black-and-White Image From the Air

The first flight of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

4/19/2021 2:36:00 PM

It happened. Today our MarsHelicopter proved that powered, controlled flight from the surface of another planet is possible. It takes a little ingenuity, perseverance, and spirit to make that opportunity a reality:

The first flight of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter


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Awesome LOL I see what you did there. It's amazing! Lol good how you fit inn all the Rovers Names in that post.congrats on your third flight Great! We've got an education system failing our kids, millions of homeless people, health crises, but have fun patting yourself on the back for blowing all that money to go to space.

From which studio Lmao😂 NASA IS A LIES AND BULLSHIT WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON AND WERE NOT ON MARS LISTEN TO HOW THAT SOUNDS WERE CONTROLLING SOMETHING 7 YEARS AWAY ON ANOTHER PLANET USE COMMON SENSE ¿Os acordáis de cuando flipamos con las fotos de Marte en HD? Pues es difícil dejar de flipar con lo que están consiguiendo en este planeta últimamente...

Its working its working!!!!!!!! Fake...poor video display. Black n white? Really? Lol wow

Crazy! Yes Wasn't NASA already able to fly in mars using jets Sky crane ? neke mars is the next step Congrats NASA! That is an incredible achievement! So amazing Bravo nasa Can not fit curiosity? :) Tremendo Well done

Creating dumping grounds in space and blaming others Em bé nhỏ (nhưng có cái không nhỏ).Hjhj.Đã có chồng Vui vẻ, hòa đồng, hài hước, cao. Đã ly hôn, có 2 con.&p Persevera y Triunfarás! Công việc ổn định, người ốm nhưng ngoại hình và mặt dễ nhìn ^^! Adrian’s thread is a much more efficient way to explore space

Muốn tìm ai đó có thể quan tâm chia sẽ vui buồn. Thích đi du lịch càng tốt. Vì tháng nào mình cũng đi xa 1-2 lần Cuộc sống buồn chán ,tẻ nhạt . Bị bạn bè hiểu lầm , mất niềm tin quá nhiều awaiting the first Marsian green or red plant.

Bitchen man! Progress is Power I've watched this live. Swore I saw something moved! Bạn nữ tuổi từ 22 - 27t . Tính tình hoà đồng vui vẻ , biếc quan tâm đến mọi người. Nghiêm túc trong tình cảm . Ingenuity, perseverance and spirit - I see what you did there! We live in a pinnacle era of exploration. Ah man that's cool is that like little air blasters on the side oh man does it have blasters lol either way hell of cool

ngoan, sống nội tâm, vui vẻ, nhiệt tình, thích đọc sách, nghe nhạc, cafe.... chỉ muốn tìm 1 người yêu thương mình :) Awesome achievement !!!!. Top ko đẹp trai chung tình yeu thương và san sẻ vui buồn và biết giúp để nhau khi cần la được rồi..

Is perseverance's shadow visible in the far right? Great achievement 👍 Technoking of Tesla, Imperator of Mars Winking face NEWS D-O-GE AIR-DROP ᅠ ᅠ White heavy check mark--/\\ ᅠ Don't miss this opportunity! ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ There are only a fe`w minutes left before the end.`` exactly as would be expected!!!.!

Fantastic news to share for the all world 🌎 Efi Like you I’m not moving to Mars our government can Les gooo! Some body explain what is this in red circles at bottom and top right of the pictures DogecoinToTheMoon I thought it took billions of dollars. While the poor of Earth starve, you’re flying on Mars. You assholes.

What is the shutter speed of that camera? It must be super high to freeze the rotor shadows like that. Why is there so little video out in public? You are fuelling alien conspiracy theories by showing so little of this mission footage. Congratulations🎉🎉 Awsome Send the video out to the world we need live streams nasa don’t be greedy now we have a right to see the same thing your eyes see .

Hello, I am an expert in binary trading I help people who can earn more money. DM me for more information. Yeah yeah yeah😊😊....... great! If these propellers are spinning faster than any drone on earth... why such a clear shadow? Any drone I've ever seen never casts a clear shadow of the spinning propellers! I know the answer....

Good Honestly why does nasa still use balck and white since technology is so far past it. And i believe they can fly a drone on mars but honestly this just looks fake to me. Il believe it when i see high quality video of it meaning 1089p quality

Exciting! Move to nd suspended in the air NASAPerseverance Is there any way ingenuity can get it's batteries charged up from perseverance the same way an iPhone can charge up but being placed on a wireless charger? The blades seem static though... 😃 SV Can tien dong tro. Yeeeeee ^*^ Its history and mile stone for future , congratulations team

What a stellar feat! Trust to conquer the realm of the impossible! Again and again and again! How you calculated the gravity on mars to make this thing fly You left curiosity out. And a little bit of curiosity too.

new video was released about the smallest city in Brazil Don’t forget all that taxpayers money! tìm 1 người con gái để yêu, chia sẻ vui buồn, di dạo, cafe......:D 'Dont worry about the man behind the curtain...' and of course, Curiosity! Cool stuff Cmon! You can do it! Congrats I wonder if the wing deflection can be measured by comparing the wing and leg shadows.

Still waiting on that space tourism tho

Awesome! Getting to Mr. Musk's level though? 🤔 🚁📲 It’s scary we can’t even trust the people in our own planet and we want to go to other planets just to get away from them. I do hope if we do begin to populate other planets we develop different cultures it won’t end up in humanity destroying and tearing each other apart again

What about the airport foot pole lines check in on the pic, maybe is the 🚀 feet I’m obsessed with this helicopter Ah I like what you did there with the names... Very clever 😉😀 Amazing!! astrojam2 It was something to expect in a planet with atmosphere and yes, now it had been materialized. Congratulations!

gioi viet nha biet thuong cha me

Heyy NASA Dünya Gezegen degildir ! I see what you did there! Very nice. Whilst civilized world is conquering Mars and reaching our for the stars Russia is doing some nasty shit with it’s citizens. Go humanity! RaDiKuL!!! ✌️😎 What a good selection of words Awesome! A haha hah haha black & white!? Seriously! A haha hah down in shot? Ahahahhahahahahahah

Chỉ cần người làm em bớt hậu đậu ❤️ Great Woooww 😍😍😍

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Wow! Remote MarsHelicopter from earth is awesome! Why not drone? Cheaper? Love to see NASA and spaceX exploring outside earth for mankind 👏👏 This is huge... Congratulations earthlings, I see you are advancing fast 👏 A bit sad to have left sojourner out of this :( So amazing! Congratulations!! 'It takes a little ingenuity, perseverance, and spirit to make that opportunity a reality:' Nice. But out of curiosity, it seems that something is missing. 😉

Looks like a mosquito in a bowl of oatmeal🪰 Still wondering who's a wanderer that will become the first human on Mars. De pm 💛 Fantastic First Flight! Congratulations. Well done. Vegan or DIE. Congrats Ingenuity on your historic flight! MarsHelicopter Now in next 2 decades we will land on Mars and will have a Tour

quite remarkable ADA 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

I see what you did there...😉 Poxa, não dava pra colocar uma GoPro?! Foto preto e branco em 2021... 😕 Outstanding! Love the usage of terms in your tweet. Congratulations!!! It would be nice to get polar movement - real time measurements daily ... sent email awhile ago on this. I like how you cheekily used all the previous ‘s rovers names. Way to go lads. Keep going.

Curiosity is also why humans adventure in the first place and there's also Sojourner but that isn't really an uplifting feeling like the others lol. XX Go space X!!!!!!!! Dear Ma Mi Mi Aung Congratulation on your success.We have the same picture.If you can make the world hear more,can you tell us? WhatHappeningInMyanmarNow Apr20Coup WeSupportNUG RejectMyanmarMilitaryCoup

Awesome . Mars we are coming This is so dope! And I love the word play on this. ✨ 💫 ✨

Fake fake fake If only you could put 25% of that Excitement on solving 🌎 issues, hydrate the Saha desertification, pollution...we will be all better. Are this and we still have all kinds of illnesses and people starving on this planet. Just some perspective. Hey NASA how about a tether in space it will be way easier and will consume soooooooo less fuel this will help us to advance to finally do a manned mars misson or maybe a moon base with the help of that it will be easier to lach stuff in space yes it will take time but like the

😍 Satelites. com The one and only Premium domain for SpaceX operation in ALL Latin America 🇧🇷🇨🇴🇲🇽🇦🇷 elonmusk what do you think ? 301 redirect to spacex. com 🎶 Is their flight on Mars 🎶 When is the first dog fight vs Chinese drones? This is huge! Amazing 👌👌💕💕

Congrats. Sometimes you have to give it a go despite the previous test results. Glad it worked out. A helicopter flying here on Mars? I'll believe it when I see it. BernieSanders NASA PerseveranceRover With everything going on in the world I feel like people are truly missing the most remarkable scientific research exploration in the worlds history.

Well done all the JPL team! Well done Ingenuity and Curosity! The 1st unmanned flight on another planet!! Wow!!❤☺🇦🇺🇦🇺 Amazing news!!!!!Congratulations to NASA for this successful historic first flight. Future belongs to you!!!!!!!!! Hojala y logren su objetibo suerte linda mañana cuiden su salud Impressive and so much other dreams which are allowed too...

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Makes Its First Flight On Red Planet : MarsHelicopter Ingenuity NASA space Video We can compare this image to the Apollo 17 mission, It will give you same feeling.🚀 Check the link below :

❤️❤️ Why is this a helicopter. Isn't it a drone? Looks like my ceiling fan Great Now we are officially the “alien invaders” of mars You're killing it Doge in th moon? SAFEMOON Don't believe any of this !!! Wow!

Рогозину до вас далеко😑 Get to the choppa! Awesome 👏 Hahahaha Peepeepoopoo It happened. Today our MarsHelicopter proved that powered, controlled flight from the surface of another planet is possible. It takes a little ingenuity, perseverance, and spirit to make that opportunity a reality. That astonishing achiviement seals our sojouner on Mars.

It’s sad to be happy alone. Chung thủy, không ẻo lả, có ý muốn lâu dài Osm❤️ So cool!! Keep up the great work! Elon musk brother I also want a ticket to space

Must have been worth all the Billions then hey? And curiosity TanzimShahrier Okkkay bro?😎 Why didnt you take 10 or so mini hand held or smaller drones with cameras to mars inside rover.that way if one crashed or malfunctioned youd have a replacement .plus could do multiple flights to observe the planet.

I see the pun there elonmusk hi bro So, mars soil successfully skipped all the conscious age. Like, stone age and every other age Earth soil had to go through (in time) to build a drone. So, mars is already a technologically advanced planet without having a single conscious being on/in it. The best on globe scale

Nothing as powerful as highly educated POP OFF!!! Great!!!!!

👍 Is that thing registered with the FAA Gimme a ride I'm tired of looking at a blue sky Full house😆 That little copter had help from 2 brothers named Orville and Wilbur. It flew with their spirit. Most Excellent job guys and gals. Great🔥❤️ Don’t wish to jinx it but if the helecopter tips over on landing is the rover able to right it?

UFO for Martian😂😂😂 what an amazing work, probably mars will be inahbited by future generations then. những hạnh phúc của tình bạn là có một người để gửi gắm những tâm sự

That jump data will be invaluable. I remember the veritasium video on this. Awesome stuff from everyone involved! awesome! 👏 Safemoon 100% one day ;) How exactly does the avionic need to be adapted to a different atmosphere and gravity? And why is this such a big deal? The physics of flying is perfectly understood and drones are perfect machine on Earth. To me it seems like trivial modifications are needed to fly them on Mars

NASA is spitting bars🔥🔥🔥 Awesome Anyone who believes in Nasa is a great fool. And this elon musk is also a liar about space. Congratulations to the entire team on this successful and historic first flight!

When the market is covered in blood, wolves hunt thebaoman Hooray to human endeavour.👌🏼🥳 Awesome! Congratulations on achieving a first powered flight on another celestial body 🚁🚀 How can it help you to search lives at Mars USMission2ASEAN So we’re the aliens then It's a historical leap for mankind!! 😃👍

Lez go nasa You coin should be spaceman-lol $SML to Mars 😁 😁 Bam 💥 Omg! So exciting!!!🥰🥰🥰

Fake as fook Incredible I can see shiba inuuuu dogecoin 😍 spacetech space elon pancakeswap I’m trusting these devs. I hope they do the things right! They can’t imagine the potential we have with this project! I’m ambitious! Really ambitious and with their loyalty and commitment, we’ll be able to put this much further than 1000X!

spacetech space pancakeswap I’m trusting these devs. I hope they do the things right! They can’t imagine the potential we have with this project! I’m ambitious! Really ambitious and with their loyalty and commitment, we’ll be able to put this much further than 1000X! Oh yeah? Well I’d like to see you pull the same trick on Jupiter.

Looks like I picked a hilarious time to start watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. 😆 You couldn't put a color camera on the damn thing? Also how did you guys get through the Van Allen radiation belts time? 😉😉 What label is on that DOGE or SAFEMOON, maybe both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the puns!

It landed quickly after seeing the 'No Drones Allowed' sign. This is amazing. I look forward to planetary swarms. How is this even possible? Air density on mars is 0,6% of that on earth Blades must rotate almost 200× faster Mars has an atmosphere at less than 1% of earth's, so how is this possible? I see what you did 😉

Amazing Amazing! Caption 10/10 That means there is air !!!!!!!!!😍😍😍 Good job 👍

Ridiculously fake And the game continues....... That made the history That is so awesome! Amazing! Awesome Curiosity and Sojourner be like: am i a joke to you? First of all congratulations...But I didn't understand how did you succeed in this where the air isn't? future will be interesting... Bravo. Many Congrats to the entire team.

Robots can be sent to mars can get all the data by remote control. cmarinucci Please let me know when you’re going to test out delivering the Amazon packages.😂

Let’s go on and share this is something. bravo It is important that such news are spread Well I celebrated this momentous occasion by making strawberryempanadas I see what you did there explain why the shadow of rotory blades looking transparent in the image. is it changes with speed/rpm of blades? Yeah...nice work Nasa... we are proud of you... humans earth

BePartOfTheSolution_NotThePollution Awesome, congratulations Twenty years of carefully planned naming culminating in one sentence

Yet another Giant Leap for Mankind Well done, Amazing! Start of a new World for us So thrilling to know this. Congratulations to NASA Where are the Martians! Show us the Martians! Congratulations to everyone who had a hand--or brain--in this incredible achievement!! 🎉👏👏👏👏👏🎉 Hello👋 If you want to create additional source of income or to trade Forex professionally to replace your job, this Professional Forex Trading course will give you all the essential skills and strategies to become a winning trader. D.M now

For less than a min 3m high but 'giant flight for mankind.' Congratulations ! 🌠❇🇺🇸👍 goodjob Great job guys! So the rovers landing wasn’t considered “controlled flight”?

Congrats NASA!!! 👏 👌🏻 👌🏻 I hope someday the MarsHelicopter and all of the other intrepid little drones end up in a museum on Mars. For those who say we shouldn’t be spending money on Mars while children are starving here on earth, let’s tackle mega yachts, 100 million dolor penthouses and other wealth inequities before dreams, exploration and innovation. Amazed at this accomplishment by the NASA team!!

BroadStBoss 👏👏👏 Mera naam ravi Kumar hai mai india ka rahene wala hoon mai ek plae ka design Kiya hoon sire o bahot dangerous fighter jet plae hai mai apne use mehnat mehnat ko barber nahi hone dena Chahta Mujhse Sampark Karen NASA ke Mali main aapka Intezar karunga ok Une blonde a écrasé un hélicoptère. Un policier lui a demandé ce qui s'était passé. Elle dit: «Il a fait froid, alors j'ai éteint le ventilateur

hahahhahahahahahahhahaha and you people still fall for this YYYYAAAAAYYYYYY! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! CHOPPER ON MARS! Bwhahaha BS.

Congratulations to you all who made this happen 🙏🏼😎❤️ Nice shadow! Harmony&Grace&Good Rhythm Depend On Simplicity PLATO 🎵I Got Rhythm I Got Lift I Got My Independence I Got Pictures Who Can Ask For More🎵 🎼”I Got Rhythm”1930 Congratulations To ALL For Your Ingenuity Many Successes To Come ForALLSpecies OnOurSHARED ONEMultispeciesWorld

BRAVO🥂👏 BRAVO🥂👏 Not going to lie. Corny as the comment maybe I got a little misty eyed. To our curiosity for the future 🌌 Great milestone..!! Hats off & Congrats nasahelicopter Team for the excellent achievement..!! Congratulation FengDing1Million BIGBREAKING NASA SpaceToSpaceThisIsMNL48 MissionMarathon KUNNOENESTILODF นายเน่ mikasalamanca 田中樹入所13周年 松山英樹 Deserved

Did you clear your flight patten with FAANews or SpaceForceDoD? Wow! 💪🏻 Fly it over the insight landers solar panels and blow the dust off them to save the lander. Congratulation

Why would it not be possible? I don't understand. A country that’s almost entirely populated by refugees and immigrants, is having a hard time legally accommodating refugees and immigrants? JoeBiden I Thought I Could Think Of outer space Like Major Threat A.K.A Jeff From Wander Over Yonder, Now I Could Think Of If You Can Watch On Disney+ Until Wander Over Yonder Release Until may 7.

Hip hip hurry. success gg 💯 ▫️ ꓛIꓒƎ ▫️ Huge moment and a huge achievement. Congrats NASA, is the best!!! 🙏 Congratulations 🎊🎈🎉 this is awesome

You’re telling me that B&W is the best we can do? I see what you did there. 😉 MaxFosterCNN Congrats. Although, first ‘controlled flight’ stretching it a tad. No need to try and big up something that already has a wow factor. Awesome! High-five for all humans. A historic moment. Perseverence get it Congratulations 👏👏

It is amazing to see what the human mind and spirit can accomplish through determination and the will to innovate!

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Could the chopper be used to blow the dust off the other rover? Just askin Це важливий день в історії людства!!! Вітаю NASA👍👏👏👏 NetflixAndLamp JPL did good on this project. To think I wanted to work there when I was in college over 35 years ago. And just this week, accomplished flying a 1kg copter on the next planet over.

Amazing! The camera must have high shutter speed to capture the wings, still.... great..

Astronaut_Nora Congratulations nasa 🇦🇪 is not far behind. Excited for the 1st Arab woman to reach the space uaespaceagency is the helicopter taking gas measurements at different altitudes? So awesome 😎 Amazing!! First powered flight on another planet, this is a huge moment for science and aviation!

Caught those puns! Great job! We see what you did in that Tweet A human UFO woot! We are lucky to have different colors Well done congrats to all involved why such high quality footage for the landing of the probe and such crappy gif for this?

That's history being made ! Aliens invade Mars!! Ppl on Mars trying to get a pic of the “UFO” Ok I’m done now. Big day. And yet we still utilizing fossil fuel here on earth. Super!!I am very glad that you have marstoday Yep, and it all started with the ancient mariners first voyages... That last sentence was for decades in the making!

When Apollo 11’s lunar module lifted off from Tranquility Base on July 22, 1969 to return to the command module, wouldn’t that have been the first powered flight? Asking for a friend! Great work! Congratulations to all the men and women who achieved such a marvelous results!!!🔥🔥🔥 A historic moment! When The first US man walked on the moon I watched it with my 94 year old grandma from Mexico , My NaNa. “So NaNa how about that, a man on the moon “. She said , clear as a bell “ Eho, es bullshit, no Pudo “

congratulations nasa Reaching for the stars takes a little Ingenuity The word little in this tweet probably means 10-20m lines of code🤣🙏💙 why the blade's shadow are a different shade then the body? they seems to be opaque vurnt22 Awesome!! In the world of Chaos,this part this little part is called happiness.🚁

CONGRATULATIONS !!! Congratulations to MarsHelicopter great news from Mars, how high did you get?. Great achievement 👍

I thought it was a mosquito and almost hit my screen NASA up here with the puns during history. Amazing ... Man Made Technology creates History, Once Again I went searching about real hackers and I came across illuminati I received $10,000 within 24 hours of contacting them via WhatsApp +16474983791 Thanks alot for the the transfer and I promise to publish your good work to the world...

This is the cutest tweet ever 🥺🥺💜💜 Congratulations NASA. Don’t forget MarsCuriosity and Pathfinder too. WAIT DOES THIS MEAN CONSOLE FNCS?!!!!?

Ingenuity Mars helicopter flying video... NASA Ingenuity perseverance helicopter MarsHelicopter science technology JPL ISRO who's y'all ghostwriter siddarthpaim Wow! 'Ingenuity, its blades unfurled!' ❤ It would have never happened without curiosity, though. But no curiosity is required. It takes NASA to do this. Another milestone for the very best humanity has ever mustered. Thank you!

DuvalMagic Incredible testament to what humans can achieve working together. Congratulations Persevere nasa on this historic achievement. Another giant leap for man kind 👏 DuvalMagic This is awesome

Good Made history MarsHelicopter Congratulations to all!!! Such an incredible achievement! Congrats Congratulations Doing a huge disservice by trying to put this in the same category as the Wright brothers. Extraordinary feat for wireless comm but comparing a flying robot to man literally taking flight is a reach.

A new achievement for humans ...and mostly, it takes education 🎓 to get us there/anywhere. MarsHelicopter Congratulations! 🥳 I see what you did there... Pretty clever insight on your part.

I can see its noon there.... bon appetit ingenuity 😋 Mini Hélicoptère porte bien son nom 😍😁 Emotional and AMAZING! Well done team what an achievement you super heroes Well done! Ingenuity airborne on Mars! Amazing😎🚁🔴👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 YES!!!!! ❤❤❤ Recover deleted text deleted media Download & view Status Gallery for backup MarsHelicopter 대화하쟈니 mondaythoughts DogeDay420 MarsHelicopter MondayMotivation You_make_Me_DAY6 FelizLunes The_Book_of_Us Negentropy DAY6 ResignModi Click 👇👇

The extraterrestrial on ground watchin 'uh, they flight 158b miles to start a Fisherprice Drone, fkn cute gamblers' HISTORIC 👏👏👏 Ingenuity🚁 ingenuity Mars perseverance trixels trixelart hexels hexelart pixels pixelart procreate digitalart marshelicopter gif loop This is so incredibly cool.

congratulations this is huge leap for space sciences Wow! 👊😎👍 😍😍 But when are y’all going to release UFO and alien footages I’m sure y’all have some really interesting videos. Who needs atmosphere when you have ingenuity!