‘Information About Your Upcoming Flight’ Email Informs Passenger That Airplane Will Go In Sky

‘Information About Your Upcoming Flight’ Email Informs Passenger That Airplane Will Go In Sky

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12/3/2021 9:30:00 PM

‘Information About Your Upcoming Flight’ Email Informs Passenger That Airplane Will Go In Sky

NEW YORK—In an effort to keep customers apprised of what to expect on their trip, a United Airlines email with the subject line “Information About Your Upcoming Flight” reportedly informed passengers Friday that airplane will go in sky. “You go up, up, up!” read the informational email in part, confirming that sky was…

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Terrifying How? I KNEW IT 😳

CDC requires airlines to share data about passengers traveling from southern AfricaThe CDC has directed airlines and aircraft operators to collect contact information for passengers entering the U.S. from several African countries, as concerns over the omicron variant of the coronavirus mount.

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