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Indonesia, Joko Widodo

Indonesia’s President Halts Bill That Would Ban Sex Outside Marriage

Parliament had been expected to pass a sweeping overhaul of the penal code, much of which mirrored Shariah. President Joko Widodo said it needed “further study.”


Indonesia 's president has halted the passage of sweeping legislation that would have criminalized sex between unmarried people, saying it needs 'further study,' after an outpouring of opposition from rights activists, women's groups and legal experts

Parliament had been expected to pass a sweeping overhaul of the penal code, much of which mirrored Sharia h. President Joko Widodo said it needed “further study.”

The measure, aimed at overhauling Indonesia’s penal code, had appeared likely to win approval next Tuesday from the country’s outgoing Parliament, with Mr. Joko’s blessing.

For Islamists in Indonesia, which has the world’s largest Muslim-majority population and an officially secular government, passing the bill would have been a major victory. Some had said that if Mr. Joko secured its passage, his name “would be written in history with golden ink.”

Indonesian Muslims are known as being relatively moderate, but

While the president has pulled the plug on the national legislation for now, similar measures are certain to be introduced after the new Parliament is sworn in.

The legislation would have taken effect in two years, once regulations had been drafted to implement it.

Mr. Harsono of Human Rights Watch said the bill would also have restricted the rights of nonsanctioned religious groups and government critics.

Other articles would have prohibited insulting the president, the vice president, the government or state agencies.

, the 76-year-old head of the Indonesian Ulema Council, an influential body of Muslim leaders. In a letter to the president last month, the council urged Mr. Joko to approve the bill. The letter was signed by Mr. Ma’ruf, who will be sworn in as vice president next month.

“Indonesia has social values, moral values, also cultural values that are different from those in Western countries,” said Mr. Arsul, who studied in Australia and Scotland.

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If this is passed 1 year later they'll be crying that their economy and tourism has hit rock bottom. What kind of fresh hell is this As per Islam sex with any person other than spouse is severely punishable crime. Good. Further study What kind of backwards country is this Oh right must be those bible classes .

This is Islamism, a very feminist religion. Why do these religious zealots and totalitarian regimes have such an obsession with sex?🤔 But not even good obsession. It’s this oppressive, possessive extreme obsession. Nature gave us sex and it didn’t come with any of these man-made rules! The hell with Big Brother sex police

Stopped in the nick of time !Panic was setting in! Hellll yeah. the religious zealots in US and world are the most hateful dangerous people on the earth He's like 'i think this is a little too far guys'. He'd probably end up in jail tbh...

Millions may risk jail as Indonesia to outlaw sex outside marriage Indonesia is poised to pass a new penal code that criminalizes consensual sex ou... Wtf BYE EARTH PEOPLE WE ARE GOING TO HEAVEN

No place for LGBT in Indonesia You don't need to study anything. Just understand that 'There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation' (want happens between consensual adult humans need not be policed by the state) So which arm of global finance threatened him exactly? Everyone would be arrested!

Marriage is for suckers FridayFeeling “Study”... 🤔

Indonesia shelves vote on penal code criminalizing extramarital sex Indonesia n President Joko Widodo on Friday ordered a delay in a parliamentary vo... Shelved penal killed my uncle. go straight sharia… why even bother? they all think the same anyway Fool president

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