India struggles with coronavirus shutdown; Pakistan cases top 1,000

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India's 1.3 billion people were under lockdown on Wednesday to prevent an e...

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The police in India resorted to violence in some cities and towns as the country struggled with the coronavirus lockdown

India 's 1.3 billion people were under lockdown on Wednesday to prevent an e...

Nivedita Bhattacharjee 5 Min Read NEW DELHI/BENGALURU (Reuters) - India’s 1.3 billion people were under lockdown on Wednesday to prevent an explosion of coronavirus cases as the government struggled to deliver essential goods and calm nerves. Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered everyone indoors for the next three weeks, saying it was the only way to avoid a disaster and effectively shutting down Asia’s third-largest economy. Crowds of people thronged shops to stock up on milk, rations and medicines in the hours before the restrictions went into effect at midnight on Tuesday even though Modi said these would be available throughout the lockdown. Others including laborers and day workers headed home to the countryside from cities such as Delhi, many walking because public transport also stopped. “My daughter needs allergy medicines regularly. The medicine shops are open but how do we reach there?” said Yash Goswami in the northern town of Moradabad. “Who wants to risk a run-in with the police?” Reuters photographers witnessed several cases of Indian police officers hitting people out on the street with sticks. One rickshaw driver, who showed bruises on his calf, said he was defying the lockdown because he was unable to feed his four children otherwise. The Home Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Some medical companies said the lockdown was complicating their operations, with workers struggling to get to work and products stuck. India’s tally of 606, including 10 deaths seems tiny compared with those in China, Italy and Spain, but health experts have warned that the world’s second most populous country faces a tidal wave of infections if tough steps are not taken. The lockdown comes after evidence indicated it was spreading out into India’s countless small towns after a first wave in Delhi, the commercial hub Mumbai, and other big cities. Related Coverage Indian doctors evicted over coronavirus transmission fears: medical body That has raised the prospect of a cash-strapped public health sector being overwhelmed. India has just 0.5 hospital beds for every 1,000 people, compared to 4.3 in China and 3.2 in Italy. “The only way we can save ourselves is by social distancing, and staying inside our homes,” said Information Minister Prakash Javedkar. “A little bit of inconvenience now will save so many lives.” India’s population is even more densely packed than China’s, raising the risk of rapid transmission of the virus. In New Delhi, Modi met his cabinet at his residence, with ministers sitting apart from each other in a large room. STIMULUS The government is considering an economic stimulus package of more than 1.5 trillion rupees ($19.6 billion) to fight the downturn, two sources said. The economy was already growing at its weakest pace in more than a decade. “Asking people to stay at home is necessary but the majority of the population can’t afford to sit at home without work and pay,” said Madhura Swaminathan, head of economic analysis at the Indian Statistical Institute in Bengaluru. British bank Barclays pegged the loss to India at $120 billion or 4% of GDP. “We are shaving down our calendar year 2020 (January- December) GDP forecast from 4.5% to 2.5% and for financial year 2021( April 2020-March 2021) forecast to 3.5%,” Rahul Bajoria, chief India economist, said in a report. Other countries in South Asia - home to a quarter of the world’s population - are also struggling as they try to put up defenses against the coronavirus. Police officers in protective suits arrive in a residential area to check on people under home quarantine, during a 21-day nationwide lockdown to limit the spreading of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Ahmedabad, India, March 25, 2020. REUTERS/Amit Dave Pakistan’s tally of cases rose to 1,022, with eight deaths, its Health Ministry said. Authorities have shut down Sindh province, home to its largest city Karachi, even though Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was opposed to a full lockdown because the poor would suffer the most. Sri Lanka has sealed itself off from the outside world, suspending all flights in and out of the island nation. India, the world’s main supplier of generic drugs, on Wednesday banned the export of a malaria drug that is being tested as a coronavirus treatment, saying it had to meet domestic demand. Bangladesh, the second-largest apparel producer in the world, unveiled a $588 million package for its export sector, asking companies to use the money to pay workers. Confirmed cases, government figures Read more: Reuters Top News

Estos garrotean parejo, lo linces solo a los pobres. lariporro GeraldoRezende3 tukiamore alyozu557 Молодцы полицейские ! Brits are gone but left their legacy. India's slave mentality will never be over. Indeed it's great leader Bal Gangadhar Tilak has died from lathi charge by police on orders of Brits. Nothing has changed except government.

الهند تفرض حظر التجوال If the same thing happened in China. biggest demogrstic country lol 😅😅😅😅😅 这是黑警对人权的践踏,是一个极权国家对人权的漠视,对渴望自由人民的迫害!独裁政府不倒,国家永远不会好。 什么?这是在印度?嗯…印度是最大的民主国家,警察用民主的木棍保障人民的自由和尊严,充满人性的光辉。 Come on!!! Where are the human rights fighters? Call the Human rights watch and blame this? Just because India is “democratic”, this is not a problem suddenly?

What else can they do? Go home or get caned. Wouldn’t work in UK, but this isn’t India

Coronavirus, Senate, India: Your Wednesday BriefingMorning briefing: Here's what you need to know to start your day I m new here 😄 please follow me🙏 Here is what you need to know to say safe Covid19Out | UPDATE First Coronavirus reported in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh Corona coronavirusindia

This is so cool 👌👌 I wish we could do this in USA.. I think means of how you control corona virus is important as well and using violence is not one of them... can’t believe this happened in most population democracy country. where’s the human rights and freedom. terrible ШТА ИХ БРИГА.ТАМО НЕМА ИЗБОРА.ПА ДА ИМ НЕКО НЕШТО ЗАПАМТИ

this_vid Higherselfi What they are doing is for our benefit as a country to save us from this dreaded corona virus. so what reuters? .... its their country, their rules ... stop the woke/SJW meddling ... get a life of ur own The shutdown is a dream come true for the power hungry! I hope saner voices within the police force will come out strongly against this. Last thing we need is a policestate

In other countries breaking law gets you shot & broken legs during such emergency situations. Maybe if citizens in India stop abusing their individual rights & neglecting social responsibility for once in their lives. They are so desperate to be hospitalized & use ventilators. PMOIndia : this breaks my heart.

India struggles with coronavirus shutdown; Pakistan cases hit 1,000 India woke up to a sweeping lockdown of its 1.3 billion people, in one of the world's most ambitious efforts to fight the coronavirus, but the order didn't stop crowds of people thronging to stock up at grocery stores and chemists Amazing effort India! I was just watching Pandemic on Netflix and wondered what would be India’s response to COVID19 and THIS is spot on! It will still comeout with least affected figures.. speak for urself Reuters

GetVideoBot Although they have some good minds, they still very stupid country. Government treat people like animals where Cows are treated like gods and queens. Isn't this stupidity? One side is good to have lockdown but on the other side country is failing to protect their citizen because police are taking advantage in the name of lockdown, please stop beating the public and find the other solution about awareness AmitShah PMOIndia rashtrapatibhvn

Indian people take money when they vote. Now you eat your own pie. Bye Bye! They are citizens but not children. Does this await us, predsednikrs avucic? As you decided to take away human rights during this crisis should we start getting in shape for public humiliation similar to this? Serbian crazy nationalists imposed a total lockdown of the country!

This is why Indian blame China, because their police use full of violence to their people. They have over 1 billion people, 4x the US population. This is a good method to keep people inside. It won’t lead to any permanent or long term health issues. Deaf2Cheka The press-up and squat one was weird. Indian police distributing food among the poor

Quarantined In India: No Soap, Dirty Toilets, Not Enough Coronavirus TestsBillions of India ns face a strict lockdown. Those in quarantine have their own set of concerns about unsafe conditions. Just like the Hudson Correctional Center in New Jersey. ☹️ cc: propublica Risk of many waterborne diseases. Misplaced info report.. you bet..

WTF? Makes me angry! This is mental. Government has lockdown the country for breaking the chain of covid-19 and safety of the people. But, most of the people of citizenship of Indian, are not taking this matter seriously that's why such action is taken by the police in whole over the state of India. Und beschweren sich manche hier bei uns

Very good for them for risking people's lives. If you want to die commit suicide not put others at risk. Better than what's happening in western countries.. they are just using sticks, push-ups etc.. Bring this to Africa.. Humans...arrgh! When people don’t understand the reason for the CoronavirusLockdown fines don’t always work as a deterrent. Sometimes, you just have to remind them what’s there to lose. A tough lesson for those that defy everyone & anything for the fun of it. IndiaVsCorona

Amazon to stop non-essential sales in Inc's India unit on Tuesday said it will halt orders for non-ess... though happy to keep infecting Americans as long as it's profitable Please change your view now after narendramodi masterstroke. In medium term India will do best...Already with such a huge population we have done relatively much much better Now nsitharaman should take action asap. AnilSinghvi_ _anujsinghal mayurshetty01 RBI ianuragthakur

Violators in Toronto we’re forced to sit and watch all 3 game 7’s Leafs vs. Bruins. Several asked to be spared & opted for death penalty. Leafs I dont see violence, just a mother to kid responsibility Shouldn't be using violence in any form, esp by the police, there's always another way of dealing with the situations.

Jel ono sa sklekovima test na koronu? Brate, ako je test, 100% sam zaražen ako trba više od3 is this a daily scene? indriyanifasry How will India make progress .... Do interns make news for you ? Self defeating beyond a point What in the actual hell is that.....violence is not required. third world country

India to go under total virus lockdown – latest updatesCountries take varying courses of action to fight coronavirus, here are latest updates: - India announces 21-day lockdown - Egypt declares two-week curfew - Saudi Arabia reports first death - WHO says US could become next epicentre For more visit: Intimidating. Given the last time a cabbie was sleeping & refused to take a cop to a brothel was reportedly raped by the cop. Police in India do have weird pathologies they draw from their weird political bosses they confuse for the Indian constitution that pays them! UN coe

Police are attacking poor people. Those on bikes and rickshaw. Indian police won't attack rich and powerful people. Police keep those roughnecks in line by taking a switch to their asses lol AmitShah narendramodi our police lack training, education and sensitisation. They cut a short image of India by treating citizens like criminals.

It’s so stupid for the policeman to hold the guy with his hand if he feels it’s risky for him to ride a bike on an empty road in the first place Iboookk aku digepuki pulisi | laporno polisi pelanggaran ham | lha kan polisi sing nggepuki bok | africaupdates This is unacceptable and disgraceful!! Boris should give police powers to do this to panic buyers

If this happened in China, the western media would loudly denounce the 'communist government for human rights violations!' They're quite right, they simply try to avoid or go against a huge pandemic. Come on, the country has a huge population, they need to be very strict. Not listening? Then forcing. Rather that than deads.

Walmart's Flipkart suspends services as India lockdown impedes online grocery deliveriesWalmart Inc's Flipkart has suspended services, a notice on the India n e-com... Online Payment Also Stop Now How Can I Recharge My Phone 😥😵

The LAPD would be proud rodneyking wetreatyoulikeaking indiapolice Dem say dey house aah u say naa.... Nbs beating edey go on. Better spanked than dead . Stay home people !!!! Lockdown means lockdown. Other cheek of democracy.. 🤪 Operation beat sense into them ! Wtf, this isn't violence. This is playful spanking.

So what do u call Miami Beach action by police? Orchestrated by India? Police takes care about the health and condition of citizens? mlakar_nik lol no

eshasw Kleee aku dulu pernah dilempag gitu ama bapak, abis ketahuan berenang di tukad and blabar 😭 Fcuk u Reuters they're just playing with civilians, and personally train them! Thats what we need the police to do here. DownloaderBot Looks like a mom punishment for talking back to her😂😂😂😂 They dont understand any other way so u have whoop ass

Kaya gini lockdown d indonesia bs huru hara Two days back Indians were dancing corona-Garba on streets Take care out your country

DownloaderBot DownloaderBot Didn’t they claim cure from corona virus by drinking cow urine and taking bath in cow dung? Coronavirus is not for the policemen only for the common people.😊 StayHomeStaySafe Lockdown21 Sorry but some citizens in India deserve such kind of treatment. Event after appeal of PM and lock down they are roaming outside as they are on picnic.

they told you to stay home, you went out looking for trouble andrihezekiel _gebiii andrihezekiel andrihezekiel Police is for maintenance of law and order- not to humiliate and rob the dignity of people ! Now police is seen every where but where was this police when riot broke out in Nort -East Delhi ?

They should do the same for ppl who coming by cars In every country sm % of population hs low understanding of d gravity of the matter n wud endanger their as well as other lives in danger. U think these cops r njoying this? putting der own lives in danger Harsh circumstances require harsh measures or else millions will die

And they complain about stop and search here ! I like that spring break people at the beach down south would have lived, oh, that has not started happening yet..listen for the regrets Whoa. This spanking method is really bizarre Anlopezco Good Pak Ladusingh kejem amat Local police in Spain start playing music to locals during the Coronavirus lockdown. A wonderful heartwarming moment. ViralKindness


In your civilized western countries the Police shoot the public. Here in India we are using battons. That guy in the red shirt is not of doing the push ups correctly ....common cops 😜🤡 Show violence to kids, that will help them grow wasilalitaha Fuck the police horrible! Is it life saving treatment ?Robbing dignity of the common man ?

It's required in India for thr people who don't follow the rules and don't understand the situation See how people in power treat common man in India ! Why lockdown ? To save people? Or to save expenditure on health! Only 1.4% of the budget is spent on health in India !Even much poorer countries spend almost double !!


The Police are beating the viruses out of you! Oh yeah That 'symbolize' them better than infected and dead mohdkautharr Garang macam cikgu disiplin. The police has no option but to use this measure to stubborn, illiterate, low IQ people as they could cause exponential spread. India has VERY LITTLE WINDOW of time given its population and load of stupid opinionated people. I see no wrong in using the Battons.

UK presstitutes can go fcuk themselves stop preaching India and look at your own country for once a holes FREEDOM? DEMOCRACY? PERSONAL RIGHTS? Kalau di indo ntar sjw pada koar2 ham Cuz they’re Muslim people that’s all India it’s a third world country what you think !! 😂😂😂

Corporal punishment is still used in most Indian schools nothing new Ftp a.c.a.b Like adults treating their naughty kids?😂😂😂 Well done Sauvages Assholes Please come over to Canada & USA It's necessary here....I know what some of the people here are like Jangan nunggu polisi kita kek India kan agar kalian tetap di rumah dan tidak mudik.

they have 1 300 000 000 souls to take care of, I don't like it yet I dare not to tell them how to handle things

Wait until one of the cop gets beat the same way Indianpolice idiots What a country!!!! Horrible push up form Inspektur vijay Gross abuse of power. Plz change headings its not violence its little strictly to control crowd do mot mislead world by using such sensational words better use new team to narrate this story with appropriate headline stop spreading lies about indian polic theyare risking their life to save crores life

Raam ram - - - ? Corona count yesterday is 70... Now it increases in 100+ daily because of this COVIDIDIOTS police should be brutal now... Understand you idiots who want to Rome on roads... There will be shoot at sight incoming..India can't afford corona PoliceBrutality police_shouldbebrutal If you keep them poor and jaahil for 70 plus years how all of a sudden do you expect them to act civilized. Maybe if they get treated with basic respect and human dignity they might behave like civilized human beings.

Can these police please be at FredMeyerStores when I’m trying to shop? Dumbass people kept coming into my personal 6 foot of space!

Still India is handling Covid better tham so called Western World ...Shut up Reuters leeheyydee kena macam ni baru puas hahaha Now u understand what is lockdown This is not violence but strict enforcement. Do you expect the police to make requests with folded hands Perpahs police needs some thrashing as well.

Keluar rumah rasa cabut turun mesjid RomanovBelenski hansugiyartomo onavidarp aduuh77 Gunungpraw Primajodi On the spot punishment. Cuts down on bureaucracy and court time. india is facing dystopian future with Lockdown21 & PoliceBrutality BCourtneyWilson Hitlers would have loved the clowns. Have to do something

Well done Bravo India ! 👏👏👏👏 bastards treating human as animals.. where is the human rights org of India Violence performed by the police is NEVER okay and should not be tolerated by any nation no matter what. botolfrestea Akhlak - 100 Sementara itu di Malaysia polis kita hanya bagi nasihat sahaja. Itu pun bersepah bising dekat polis. Haish 😪😪

Not too impressed by the violent approach of the police. aksingh1985 Indiots!! These guys are spanking grown men with sticks!

The art of ignorant thats all they understand. Well done Indian Police 👍 As long as they have not picked on anyone unfairly, I say welldone to the Police! Sometime it’s just got to be done when people are not respecting the Law Like naughty children ha2. tifeegbab lgbpk fmgb mkabkpa gospkk oktkeb nyt, wapo, wsj will not criticized indian police because their pm is us ally.

Fuck their police Mantap tegas Dan buat efek jera. They are spanking them for not listening. Nga ada SJW ya di sana? Wkwk

Oh my 😭 It has begun Ordering Indians to do pushups probably more humane than caning. You can’t show this to westerners. They think punishments shouldn’t exist. Maybe the police should tell those people to go their rooms and no phone for two hours. I’ll take the push-ups punishment if I could. But seriously, how primitive to lash grown men like this by authorities.

police beatings n torture are regular event This is our problem, in liberal - democratic society upholding law and social order it is not so easy. NephiLaxmus nashilzh Liburan ke india aja zal, cocok buat bocah petakilan kek lu 'We're from the government, and we're here to help' What would you even expect from a third world country with no form of human decency?! Oh yeah, let’s ignore the staggering number of rape cases and the mini holocaust 😐

Kinda makes me wish a little bit of this was done to stubborn Chicagoans who insist on congregating and hanging out in packs. 😷😂😂😂 chrissowade Not shocked violence became 'necessary' 🙄 I find it amazing ppl are actually complimenting this. Jesus Christ, what have we become? صرفقاستان ToToPoStOoOo K7al_L3afta

I mean that’s work They do shit like this in the US and they will see a revolt. QuotedReplies I'm not sure this qualifies as meeting the social distance requirements. He's going to need a longer stick. And somebody to cane the officer as well noname00181204 With a billion population the death rate would be out of control!!! They got to enforce the laws.... sure won’t do that again!!!

Que tal esta medida en Bogotá ClaudiaLopez Chinese government was giving one month prison sentence for people violating the lockdown, I was informed of that by a Chinese friend. Never saw a single message from Reuters on that. Clearly shows Reuters is biased against India What about human rights? maxism03 this what you need to do to that “it’s a smokers cough” chick

A manner I do see in Africa very often, violence The country with the highest population density. And also how to implement social distancing in millions of Indian residents who still live in slums. I can't think ... Hopefully all safe Push ups seems extreme GetVideoBot Good. Stay the fuck home. Yonghao50254508 I thought they are in secondary school? 用藤鞭打屁股😂

SaveThisVideo Can they clap and bang thhaalis tho...? COVID2019 Authoritarians, rejoice! Model for world Kstyans90 PohlenzNatanael It’s for good of entire nation 👍🏻good job cops doing Hahahahahahahahah 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 They are true warriors, they are getting infections.. They beat you to save you and your family.

What does this mean? लातों के भूत बातों से नहीं मानते !

I am proud of our police.. Doing excellent job.. they do not play in india Looks like good policing to me. See any deaths? no See some spanking? yes 👍 Everyone here using the term “barbaric” or “violence” just remember being asked to do push-ups and being hit with a stick is not barbaric. This is — Just pretend that you are cow to get respect

Sad! But this might be effective among the Philippines’ hard headed, feeling entitled politicians like Sen. KokoPimentel. Tested positive but didn’t comply with self quarantine and roamed in a hospital where his wife was to give birth. SMH Indians never will be modern also they never have a welfare due to education scarcity

You mean the police spanked them like little children. Coercion won't resolve anything. Fine the rebellious instead!

And there are some people still reading and believing Gandhi B.S freebird939 Dont follow CCP ok?what is your face? GranchiTatiana Merde 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 “Violence” = exercise to Americans apparently. In America, they will shoot these guys. 🙄 alexandrats91 ..and imagine that some of us are going there for vacations!!

This is the trash who is overtaking Canada. Thanks JustinTrudeau Brampton Bramladesh Indian police are treating its citizens as virus 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Harsh, but if they had done that in Italy 1,000’s would still be alive. Hello narendramodi God bless the people of India. Stop to the brutality..... So disturbing India has high numbers of homeless people, where do they go in a lockdown? Gulalai_Ismail aap ky liy. It’s what’s needed 👍 romenewstribune Getting ready to go to the grocery be like

I wouldnt call that violence. In non bitch talk we call that spanking. They resorted to spanking. they're treating their own residents like animals. what a bullshit is this

Extraordinary times call for Extraordinary measures. Learn from them. Otherwise people in many western and European countries will be die due to freedom. Jessrapagnani Backwardness our police need to adopt this approach to those treating the lockdown like its a bank holiday, having barbecues and going out to the seaside

I would love to see this done in America! DownloaderBot freebird939 印度人持枪合法吗 Keep your dirty nose out of India. Dare to cover China, which is supposed to have exponentially increased the number of portable incinerators? Have guts? ChinaVirus WuhanVirus XijinpingVirus So, you want to see India at the top of the list in the WHO dashboard for this CoronavirusPandemic . Common grow up....These people needs to be controlled only in this way because PMOIndia has ordered for complete lockdown till 14th April and they're...

That’s the right things to do for police, not violence! US police would shoot you instead of spank you Whipping...

Ketuk ketampi 😂😂😂 Hahahaha good. Don't endanger yourselves as well as others. COVID-19 lockdown is not an excuse to torture or humiliate people. You can enforce the rules without violating people’s dignity. Give the police proper masks tho Some in the US need this too no mercy there If by doing all this India able to control this chinavirus spread than i don't mind getting these tougher guidelines...👍👍

They are in serios trouble. I think my mom had one of those. Spanking

INDIA THE NEXT CHINA When people don’t listen and obey the strictly written rules, it’s right thing to do. StayHomeStaySafe coronavirusindia ClaireBearOC we need a stick 😂 GetVideoBot

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