India's top military chief killed in air force helicopter crash

India's top military official and his wife are among the 13 people killed in an air force helicopter crash, officials say

İndia, Bipin Rawat: India's Top Military Chief Killed İn Indian Air Force Helicopter Crash - Cnn

12/8/2021 4:15:00 PM

India's top military official and his wife are among the 13 people killed in an air force helicopter crash, officials say

India's top military official was killed Wednesday when an Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopter carrying 14 people crashed in southern India, the IAF confirmed, with only one survivor.

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Why did he let his wife join him and fly together in a military mission? Lol nice

India defence chief, dozen others killed in helicopter crashIndia's defence chief General Bipin Rawat, his wife and 11 other people have been killed after a military helicopter they were travelling in crashed in southern India, the Indian Air Force says He was taken from the crash site fatally wounded. who is behind it, China or Us or both of them ? Not a fan of him but RIP to any human being who’s passed away. 🇺🇸🇮🇳😔

India and Russia broaden defense ties despite potential risk of U.S. sanctionsThe two countries signed 28 agreements and inked a 10-year defense cooperation pact. Indian diplomacy as usual unhinged from reality living in past era.😀 👎 Superpower india play great diplomacy, He can befriend with both Russia and US, hahah

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India confirms receiving Russia's S-400 missiles despite US sanction threatNew Delhi says supplies of missile defence systems began this month, adding talks between leaders of Russia and India didn't figure Washington's warnings against the $5 billion purchase. Usa sanctions are only for Muslim countries..india will not be sanctioned... SANCTIONS ARE ONLY FOR MUSLIM COUNTRIES AND NOT HINDUTVA extremists. HINDUTVAS modi can get away for murder, but Muslims get murdered for defending themselves. 😳

India, Russia strike trade, arms deals during Putin visitRussia and India signed a flurry of trade and arms deals during President Vladimir Putin's visit to New Delhi for talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, including one that will see India produce more than 600,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles. Other side they are busy for begging 😂😂 No thanks, both leader's violets human rights on their countries and abroad Any again free opposite leader Navalny Afghans kicked india out of Afghanistan. End of discussion.

Indian Air Force helicopter crashes with defense chief on boardHelicopter crashes with India's Chief of Defense Staff on board, according to the Indian Air Force he is Killed 🤣😂 Check this!! 😂😂😂