World, Coronavirus Update: Latest Covid-19 Vaccine And World News

World, Coronavirus Update: Latest Covid-19 Vaccine And World News

India reports highest worldwide rise in daily Covid-19 cases

India reported 314,835 new Covid-19 infections on Thursday, the highest daily increase in cases worldwide since the pandemic began

4/22/2021 9:36:00 AM

India reported 314,835 new Covid-19 infections on Thursday, the highest daily increase in cases worldwide since the pandemic began

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.

Family members sit on benches next to a pyre of a Covid-19 victim at Nigambodh Ghat Crematorium in New Delhi, India in the early hours of Thursday, April 22. Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty ImagesIndia reported 314,835 new Covid-19 infections on Thursday, the highest daily increase in cases worldwide since the pandemic began.

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The country also recorded its highest number of new Covid-19 deaths at 2,104 fatalities.The stark figures come as health care and other essential services across India are close to collapse amid asecond coronavirus wavethat is tearing through the country with devastating speed.

The Union Territory of Delhi on Wednesday received less than half of required oxygen to treat Covid-19 patients, with 200-250 metric tons of oxygen against a requirement of 700 metric tons, the advocate for the Delhi government told the high court on Wednesday.

A petition by the Bajaj Medical and Research Centre, which runs a chain of private hospitals, said five of its hospitals in Delhi had between two to 18 hours of oxygen supply left.While the court was hearing the petition, two of the five private hospitals referred to in the petition had received the supply of oxygen, the court noted.

As of Thursday morning, Delhi has 29 vacant ICU beds, according to government data.India had now recorded a total 15,930,965 cases as of Thursday, according to the India Ministry of Health. The total death toll now stands at 184,657. Read more: CNN Breaking News »

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So far the US still didn't ban any flights from India but banned direct flights from China. Please take actions to protect Americans! Lots of European countries have banned the Indian flights to stop covid variants spread. So in cnn language, there are 20,000 new cases. India has one of the largest vaccine mfg capacity. India has supplied 60 million doses of vaccine to the world because we believe in multilateral approach. However our mfg capacity is hamstrung because some key raw materials have been banned for export from US. Et tu Brutus?

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Fueling fears and tyranny! Communist News Network (CNN) the best liars of the media! Wasn't it about 3 weeks ago where people warned against that big festival? seems that India is led by a Trump follower. Its because they had that festival where they all ran into some water half naked. So they have now got the worst cases in the world. Ridiculous. Now other countries will suffer too because that double mutation is going to other countries. India needs to be ashamed

We have vaccines. Yet planes from India are landing in USA and Canada daily They're 1% vaccinated and everyone is going out again. Same thing happening here in anti vaxxer regions. Guess the ivomec isn't working for them after all My heart goes out to India. Praying they get this u set control 🙏 good! Indiana is a wasteland for trailer trash😂

Baby world news Crazy president Iocbach says Japan should host the Tokyo Olympics despite the current pandemic of coronavirus around the world. Tokyo, Japan, is likely to become the second epicenter of the Wuhan coronavirus. What’s narendramodi doing about this? excuse me wtf?

JustinTrudeau maybe some stricter rules regarding incoming flights from India to none!?!!!! Scary because of all the expected deaths and the mutations. Any possibility to get more medcine and vaccines there and to Brasil? This was expected. They had a lockdown for a few weeks then EVERYTHING went back to normal! Politicians have made masks political calling covid a hoax! Modi took Trumps lead and let politicians hold rallies! Protests in Delhi haven’t helped! Modi says NOT to lockdown! 😡

Oh my god what the fuck is happening LisaBarrettID and Israel are living as if there is no COVID19!! We all know it's going to take longer to get everything under control. godblessthehealthcareworkers StayHomeStaySafe The way I see it! Follow what’s happening right in front of your eyes! As long as Russia (Putin) can funnel money to Trump and some Republican Senators to keep us off balance we’re not watching what he’s doing in our face! Follow the “Money” Republican greed!

Indian PM used vaccines for international diplomacy. And deprived Indians of their rights. Hitler is very much alive in India. पूरे मीडिया को कोरोन्ना हो गया है। दिल्ली की जनसंख्या 2 करोड़ है ऐसा मातम मनाया जा रहा है कि देश के 140 करोड़ लोग दिल्ली में आकर बस गए हैं। हिंदुस्तान के 99%भाग पर कोई नेता या मीडिया ध्यान नहीं दे रहा है।दिल्ली में यदि 10 लाख मर जाते है कोई फर्क नही पड़ता हिंदुस्तान बचना चाहिए।

CanadianPM EUCouncil UKParliament POTUS Definitive restrictions of travel to and from India must be taken immediately ChinaNewsLine MoHFW_INDIA Death is beautiful

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Yet the USA are letting the flights from . India to land at the various American airports airports. 🙄🙄 Please stop flights coming from India POTUS till covid cases go down in both countries. Thanks to the BJP party and our supreme leader for this state of the nation. 🙏 This will not get better unless they impose serious lockdowns and/or speed up vaccinations at an unprecedented pace.

India rather have their citizens die from Covid than to use $OCGN Covaxin. That's how dangerous Covaxin is. Even the FDA won't approve them for use in the US