India Doesn't Want Monkeys Attacking Trump During Taj Mahal Visit

Police plan to use slingshots during the president's upcoming visit to ward off hundreds of aggressive monkeys.


Police plan to use slingshots during the president's upcoming visit to ward off hundreds of aggressive monkeys.

Police plan to use slingshots during the president's upcoming visit to ward off hundreds of aggressive monkeys living near the centuries-old mausoleum.

President Donald Trump visits India next week, officials will be going bananas trying to prevent him from being attacked by monkeys at the Taj Mahal. The city of Agra, where the famous building is located, will be under security lockdown during Trump’s visit, India Today reported. That means that no one will be allowed out of their homes when the president is traveling from the local airport to the Taj Mahal. That’s fine and dandy for humans. But try convincing the 500 to 700 monkeys living near the nearly four-century-old mausoleum. The rhesus macaques have a reputation for being very aggressive toward the 25,000 tourists who visit the Taj on a typical day. Slingshots, police say, are the solution. Officers assigned to Trump’s visit will be armed with the devices to chase off any monkeys that menace the president and first lady Melania Trump during their visit. “We found that monkeys get scared by just seeing us brandishing these slingshots,” Brij Bhushan, head of the Taj Mahal security force, The weapons work on monkeys individually or in small groups, but they’re “completely ineffective” in warding off packs of maurading macaques, a law enforcement official told India Today. In May 2018, monkeys attacked two French tourists as they were taking selfies, according to the Later that year, monkeys reportedly snatched a 12-day-old baby from its nearby home and killed it. One Agra resident lamented that persistent efforts to control the monkey population have come to nothing. “The terror of the monkeys is so pervasive that women and children are scared of going up on the roof of their houses, which have almost been taken over by monkeys,” the resident told India Today. “If such a large troop of monkeys attacks Donald Trump’s entourage, it will be a disaster.” ASSOCIATED PRESS Monkeys enjoy early morning sun after a cold night outside the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2010. Read more: HuffPost

Hope a monkey steals something from him. teammonkey They can and will pull off his wig. In addition to the slingshot bearing secret service protection, the Presidementia entourage was also guarded by 5 long tail secret service monkeys: Would it really be a disaster though? 🤷🏼‍♀️ gtconway3d I figure they'd welcome their orange overlord.

gtconway3d Monkeys worked for the witch, let them be, maybe they’ll redeem themselves. gtconway3d Let em rip!!!!! God, I hope one jumps on his damn head! gtconway3d Not even he is kind wants him remember monkeys are related to orangutan trumpy Jaja trumpy is a white monkey gtconway3d Monkeys are getting deported

gtconway3d The monkeys won’t attack T Rump. After all he is on of them. Same coloring, but the monkeys have higher I Qs

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BEVHOWARD40 I hope the monkeys have a field day with him. I should start a go-fund-me for a huge banana shipment/payment. Can’t they use the slingshots on Trump & co instead? gtconway3d Get him, monkeys!! 🙊 Who are we, (or the cops in India), to tell these monkeys what they can and can't do? We really need to let wildlife do whatever their natural instincts tell them to do. We must draw the line somewhere and I draw the line at telling face-removing-monkeys they can't met Trump. 😠

Poor monkeys. Just keep him away from them. BEVHOWARD40 But what do the monkeys want? I think I'd side with the monkeys. They don’t want his base showing up? It won’t work. Once they see that orange hair, they’ll turn into Kung fu ninja monkeys & swarm the freak of nature that has soiled their territory.

I find myself cheering for marauding monkeys and grizzly bears naomirwolf How about they treat the monkeys with respect gtconway3d They see him as an adversary.

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gtconway3d Guess I’m puzzled, WHY WOULD THE APES ATTACK! TRUMP gtconway3d Those “aggressive monkeys” are trumpys minions!!! Now, if they were FLYING monkeys, we’d really have something. gtconway3d But the American people do and I’d really like to see that. gtconway3d The Indian monkeys are smarter than half of Americans.

How will they tell the difference between Trump and a monkey!!!!😀😄😅😂 Maybe they want to see one of their relatives gtconway3d Why don’t they want monkeys attacking him? They know things. gtconway3d Go monkeys gtconway3d Some monkeys throw their own feces. Would hate to see that

US-India trade deal difficult but not impossible, former Indian ambassador saysComplex issues such as India's data localization laws will take time to resolve, former Indian ambassador to the U.S., Meera Shankar, said. Stick it to him modhi Trump will manage to screw it up.

gtconway3d How long do you think it will take him to start babbling about 'I used to own a Taj Mahal?' PointCounterpt Damn it’s bands of maurauding monkeys that Trump need fear . gtconway3d Americans do. gtconway3d Animals can smell evil. gtconway3d Presumably the slingshot-wielding protectors will be able to tell the difference between Trump and his entourage and the lower order of primates. It could be tricky, especially if some of the native monkeys wear long red ties.

gtconway3d Well from one Neanderthal to another what do you expect! Trump doesn’t like Taj Mahals he can’t bankrupt, ok... gtconway3d It’s too easy Kris_Sacrebleu OMG

India is home to the most Trump ventures outside North America. Here’s what you need to know.The ventures include four luxury residential projects and an office tower, all branded with the Trump name under licensing deals.

gtconway3d I'm Team Monkey on this one. gtconway3d What's the metaphor, Kenneth? PLEASE let the monkeys attack Trump! I hope they rip off his wig naomirwolf Hundred of monkeys who are smarter than him gtconway3d How mean. I don’t care about Hitler trump. I do care about the monkeys Why? They’ll fit right in.

gtconway3d Please don’t. gtconway3d Here’s hoping one of those guys goes rogue with a slingshot. Or best fantasy....all of them. Maybe Bloomberg could pay them enough to do it. gtconway3d Monkeys!!!

Warren to Bloomberg: Here's how you let women out of those NDAsSen. Warren, who went after Bloomberg for the use of nondisclosure agreements during Wednesday’s debate, stepped up her attacks during a CNN town hall. She choke slammed him. She is doing Bernie's dirty work for free. If you watched the entire debate and ignored a lot of the empty words Bloomberg was very successful in making everyone and especially Bernie look like an absolute fool, and I don't like Bloomberg or anyone on that stage. Follow me I will follow back

naomirwolf News, baboon sling shots monkeys, news at 7. naomirwolf Leave the monkeys be. On every level it's win win. gtconway3d His dad better watch his back gtconway3d Oh please, monkeys, can we throw some shoes at Trump?!!? gtconway3d You don't think one look at trump's orange face will have the monkey's running the other way? Even they would know he's not normal.

gtconway3d I’m excited for the monkeys to grab all those slingshots during the president’s upcoming visit and poop all over the place. MONKEYS2020 you are gonna sacrifice monkeys over our great Tyrant? Can we vote? Monkeys 👍🏻 Trump 👎🏻 gtconway3d Let them go at him! gtconway3d I'd rather the monkeys be safe and carry on with their attacking. I can just imagine one of them jumping on his flowing orange hair and having a great time. Don't slingshot the monkeys!

gtconway3d My plan to bring all the monkeys extra poop to fling has been foiled! Maybe we can still smuggle a monkey past security.

President Donald Trump criticizes Oscar-winning 'Parasite' during Colorado campaign rally“By the way, how bad were the Academy Awards this year?” President Trump took aim at “Parasite” and Brad Pitt during a Colorado campaign rally. He's a disgrace. Well, there were subtitles so reading was involved... Rump needs to sit on a stump. Looking forward to a world without him as President.

gtconway3d I’m all for the monkeys. Kris_Sacrebleu Why not At least monkeys will do what US constitutes didn't do Even the monkeys in India know a fraud when the one. India’s monkeys are smarter than America’s MAGAts. Why am I not surprised? gtconway3d The president has his own flying monkeys. gtconway3d Gee, I hope they don’t accidentally hit Trump since he is the biggest monkey of them all. Monkeys unite! Run, run!

How are they going to tell the difference between Trump and the agressive monkeys? gtconway3d As if we would be so lucky!😂 gtconway3d He's the chosen one. Angel's will protect him. gtconway3d StephenAtHome jimmyfallon JimmyKimmelLive Trevornoah nbcsnl Ready, set, go! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 gtconway3d Usually monkeys only harass women.

gtconway3d Maybe the monkeys will give Trump the coronavirus. 😜 gtconway3d Oh please lord, let an aggressive monkey snatch that birds nest off of that empty gourd. gtconway3d I’m rooting for the monkeys 🐒 gtconway3d Wouldn’t be that be some shit? Like that’s how this presidency ends? Monkeys. Just picturing him lying on the ground with hundreds of monkeys on him while he's kicking and screaming like a baby! Oh please please please please please!

gtconway3d Wouldn't it be funny if one of the monkeys snatched his wig off his head and took off with it. That would make headlines around the world. lol gtconway3d Please don’t insult the Monkeys, they have better things to do. gtconway3d Probably because the dumpster smells like a cheeseburger gtconway3d Welcome to India where things that look fine from the outside, are not!


gtconway3d Keeping aggressive monkeys away from an aggressive orangutan? gtconway3d Meanwhile, Democratic animal trainers have been in India for weeks training these same monkeys how to improve their feces throwing accuracy. Dummies with orange skin and long red ties were used as target practice. gtconway3d Let Them Attack The SWAMP SNAKE ‼️ Monkeys Probably lol Will just run AWAY‼️

gtconway3d Welcome to India gtconway3d The last thing India needs. gtconway3d Oh c’mon! We want to watch! gtconway3d Bec he looks like an orangutan gtconway3d Why? That would be hellacious. Don't you dare hurt those monkeys. He's the interloper.

gtconway3d The police in India are being very short-sighted. C'mon... aggressive monkeys vs. Trump. That would be must see TV. Most Americans would enjoy watching aggressive monkeys kick Trump's ass. So would an international audience. Trump would like it if it got good ratings A win/win That's a shame. Why don't you just let them have their fun. Be sure and film it for all of us.

gtconway3d Let the monkeys go! gtconway3d 🤣🤣🤣🤣The responses to this article!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 gtconway3d Well, once they see his hair, it's going to be pretty hard to ward them off. Monkeys been practicing gtconway3d I guess they mistook him for King Louie, the orangutan from Jungle Book. The resemblance is uncanny.

gtconway3d Why shouldn’t monkeys get to fling poo at him? He does it all the time. gtconway3d I do gtconway3d How about Trump attacking the monkeys?

I wouldn’t mind seeing a few monkeys jump him. 🤷🏻‍♀️ gtconway3d This is going to be interesting. gtconway3d grab the rug! run monkey run!!! gtconway3d Is it bad that I laughed at this? 😂😂 Don’t make the monkeys suffer just because the pervert prez of US is in their neighborhood! gtconway3d Oh gosh. I wish that they would.

No more monkeys jumpin’ on de Pres.... gtconway3d Please don’t hurt the monkeys. they’re an intelligent species. gtconway3d How do we get in touch with these monkeys to put in a request? 🤣 But he’s an Orange-atang

gtconway3d Go monkeys!!! gtconway3d No!!! They should use the slingshots on trump!! gtconway3d Takes one to know one ! Poor monkeys ! gtconway3d This is Trump. That he would allow this to be done for his visit and for don jr to kill a grizzly bear..... gtconway3d Go monkeys! gtconway3d ETTD gtconway3d Release the monkeys from the NDA’s!

*checks to see if this was from the Onion* *Orders canned goods online and prices emergency backyard bunker.* gtconway3d You’d hate to see it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ gtconway3d They know Trump didn’t evolve from their species. They always attack idiots found under a rock

gtconway3d How will they differentiate the Indian monkeys from Trump's monkeys. Kris_Sacrebleu I say let the monkeys be and use the slingshots on the president-we need monkeys far more than we need this ego maniac🐒🦍🦧 gtconway3d Potential source for new government recruits? gtconway3d Oh please, let them have their fun.

gtconway3d That's not a nice way to treat Trump and his entourage. gtconway3d I really want to see a monkey attack Donald Trump. Please God let this happen. gtconway3d Those monkeys are smarter than his cult, they won’t go near him. But if a few of them decided to fling 💩at him I’d pay to see that.

gtconway3d I hope the monkeys revolt gtconway3d They know an asshole is embarking. Let them prepare. gtconway3d I’m team monkeys

gtconway3d That's where India and I differ. gtconway3d trump will send donald trump JR to go shoot the monkeys Their Great Leader will have returned. I'm sure they'll be excited to see him. Why deny them the pleasure? TrumpIndiaVisit Kris_Sacrebleu Aw, let'em attack. gtconway3d They recognize one of their own. Let the monkeys embrace a comrade.

Yes please let the monkeys attack. We want free range monkeys for democracy. Free the KRAKEN swarm gtconway3d Someone hide sandwiches in their pockets. Kris_Sacrebleu And the world is denied it’s rightful moment of karma. gtconway3d We Do TrumpIsARussianAsset trumpIsACorruptLiar gtconway3d One can hope.

naomirwolf Viva el bonobo Go monkey's Kris_Sacrebleu Oh, that WOULD be a shame.... gtconway3d “Aggressive monkeys”, I think I like the sound of that better than MAGAt’s. Kris_Sacrebleu Why not take Uday and Qusay with their hunting rifles, since they like game hunting so much? Kris_Sacrebleu Even the monkeys are smarter than 60M+ of our electorate.

Kris_Sacrebleu No, please don’t ... let the monkeys alone. gtconway3d Let the monkeys have at Trump. PETA speak up.

gtconway3d No, no - let thwm be. Survival of the fittest. Kris_Sacrebleu OTOH, I want monkeys to attack Trump at every opportunity. They know evil when they see evil !! gtconway3d India might be against it, but as for me, I'm fully supporting the monkeys Kris_Sacrebleu Trump better wear one of those bright orange vests and a helmet

gtconway3d What about the biggest monkey? gtconway3d India should be protecting their people a& their monkeys from Trump..he's the menace! gtconway3d People of India, please hide your slingshots!!!!!! gtconway3d Trump does have them under control here. gtconway3d How do these Indian police plan to distinguish Trump from these monkeys?

gtconway3d Iam sure thise monkeys will run from the orangeman gtconway3d Can't have anyone smarter than tRump there. Might damage his ego. gtconway3d Why not trump could use a good ear fucking. gtconway3d Ahhh let the monkeys 🐒 attack!!! Please!!! gtconway3d TeamMonkeys gtconway3d What!! This tweet sounded nuts..... then I read the linked article. (oh ya, India) I would kinda like to see hundreds of monkeys pouncing on Trump. Can you imagine him trying to fight them off with insults & flailing arms? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ya, I would actually love that!

gtconway3d Now that is down right cruel. Prefer to see Trump shot with sling shots. gtconway3d gtconway3d More power to the monkeys 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒 gtconway3d That would be so interesting

gtconway3d gtconway3d Why not? He doesn’t even know what’s on its border. gtconway3d Leave the monkeys alone!!!!!! gtconway3d One wouldn’t want the monkeys getting rabies or something from the russian agent gtconway3d They need to protect the monkeys from the hostile ape who is visiting. gtconway3d Deplorable monkeys everywhere!

gtconway3d Oh please let him be attacked by hundreds of aggressive monkeys oh please oh please gtconway3d 5 little monkeys jumping on Trump..... gtconway3d I would be ok with a monkey attack

gtconway3d Thanks for this mental image! 😀 Tens of slingshots vs hundreds of aggressive monkeys... a primate wave attack. gtconway3d India and I will have to agree to disagree on this policy. gtconway3d TeamMonkey gtconway3d use the slingshots on the orange-utan gtconway3d They would just be attempting to Rescue the Orangutan Toupee that Trump has woven into his bald Melon......WeirdWeave realDonaldTrump

gtconway3d They have it completely backwards. gtconway3d He would just think his kids were with him ... gtconway3d Why should just Democrats have all the fun? Let the monkeys have some! gtconway3d Let the monkeys be my heroes... gtconway3d Well it looks like trump is going to get hit a lot I’m sure security will try to neutralize the Giant aggressive Orangutan on the stage

gtconway3d Well that’s fucking hideous. Hope they all ricochet. gtconway3d I will pay for a lifetime supply of bananas to the first monkey to steal Trump's horrid toupee from the top of his empty head. gtconway3d Release the monkeys! gtconway3d Maybe it’s his scent. Monkeys like a good stink. gtconway3d

I'm rooting for the monkeys gtconway3d We’re hoping for feces flinging! gtconway3d At least he can't bankrupt the real Taj Mahal. gtconway3d Why? They can’t throw their shit around any worse then DerangedDonald’s base gtconway3d He will like that, I see him laughing as the monkeys are hit.

gtconway3d The monkeys are mad about 17,000 POTUS lies. gtconway3d The monkey's will be going ape trying to get at the bright, mango fruit colored thing waddling along with all those politicians. gtconway3d How come monkeys in India know, but my relatives can't figure this out? gtconway3d But it would be so fitting.

gtconway3d My hair! My hair! Could they use it as nesting material? Can you imagine it? Political theatre at its best. gtconway3d That's animal abuse. gtconway3d I hope they tear him apart on camera. gtconway3d Why not? Many would love to see it. Trump would decidedly be in a viral video of such an event, attracting BILLIONS of views worldwide. His dream come true, isn't it?

gtconway3d Go monkeys!!

gtconway3d INDIA, please use your slingshots on Trump, as he is more vicious than your monkeys gtconway3d Better to shoot them at trump to ward him off. gtconway3d Oh come on!!! I’d pay good money to see monkeys attacking POTUS! gtconway3d Oh but how many people would pay to see that gtconway3d But ... do you really have to 'ward them off?' I think that maybe in this case we should just let nature take it's course 😉

gtconway3d Bring dtj for a decoy. gtconway3d They are free animals. Let them run free. What happens, happens gtconway3d 😢😿🙁 gtconway3d A monkey won’t attack an a orangutan. gtconway3d And we no longer want a monkey as President. Can they use slingshots for that?

gtconway3d Go monkeys! gtconway3d Damn, Soros is spending his money everywhere! Supposedly sponsoring caravans, now the conspiracy reaches to this? But who wants to be kept from their ancestors, right billmaher?! 🤷‍♀️ gtconway3d But why Monkeys love him, just look at all his rallies !!!!! gtconway3d Someone give those monkeys their own slingshots. If they capture Trump they can keep him. May the best primates win!

gtconway3d Let them mingle with him and his entourage. I’m sure they’ll have a great conversation. gtconway3d Why does everyone have to spoil all the fun? gtconway3d The one on the bottom right, looks a bit like Trump. The color is about right. Trump's comb-over... Maybe they're related. But yeah... let the monkeys rip him to shreds.

gtconway3d I myownself would enjoy seeing monkeys attack him.

gtconway3d But how will they protect the monkeys from the president? gtconway3d gtconway3d Oh my God! I love this! gtconway3d Let the monkeys have fun!!? gtconway3d Can Trump just pay them each $130k to go away? Or, maybe build a wall around himself? Awww cmon. We all want to live vicariously through those monkeys.

Do you really think a slingshot is enough to bring down trump? We need to start a go fund me page for reward bananas gtconway3d gtconway3d If one grabbed that hair...

gtconway3d Aiming at the monkeys or Trump? I too am rooting for the monkeys. gtconway3d When monkeys attack their own gtconway3d Oh? Hmm gtconway3d Please video this visit....I haven't had a good laugh in a long gtconway3d Not just aggressive but intelligent in who they target. Watch out Clockwork Orange glow!

gtconway3d Oops. Sling shot hit the wrong Ape gtconway3d Go monkeys! We know how much he loves animals. TeamMonkeys gtconway3d Does PetaIndia know about this gtconway3d

gtconway3d Team monkey all the way! Nothing would bring me more joy than seeing a group of angry monkeys attacking trump. gtconway3d Ahhh, don’t hurt the monkeys! Let them play! gtconway3d If tickets were sold to Monkey Horde Swarms Trump, we could pay off our national debt. gtconway3d We just need one monkey with an arm like Elway and a full bowel.

gtconway3d Please let them, that would make spectacular TV 📺😂 gtconway3d What would the monkeys think about that hair ? gtconway3d They’ll think that he’s their God. gtconway3d Yeah, wouldn't want to lose that combover to a monkey. gtconway3d The police should use the slingshots on Trump. The monkeys aren't evil, lying, hate-filled fools.

gtconway3d Those monkeys know a baboon when they see one... gtconway3d Leave those monkeys alone! gtconway3d Oops. Sling shot hit the wrong ape gtconway3d We need just need one brave and agile monkey to land on the head of Trump. gtconway3d I’m rooting for the monkeys gtconway3d I say let them run free!

gtconway3d teammonkey gtconway3d gtconway3d I can’t think of a better demise for the Orange one than being devoured by a pack of monkeys 🐒 gtconway3d I support the monkeys!!!

gtconway3d I'd pay a lot to watch an aggressive monkey attack him. gtconway3d Monkeys love Orange. It's their favourite fruit. Me might not make it out alive. Those monkeys will think he's some kind of threatening ape with that strange hair and attack. Fingers crossed. gtconway3d This IS bananas. gtconway3d Somewhere, as we read this article, SNL writers are working on a skit...

gtconway3d He’s taking his supporters with him? gtconway3d So, they’ll be pointed towards Trump and his entourage? gtconway3d Even monkeys, half a world away are NeverTrumpers. They know he doesn’t pay for his rallies. gtconway3d I'm rooting for the monkeys. gtconway3d I hope and pray one makes its way to that hideous orange mess on top of his head.

gtconway3d Make it a pay per view event gtconway3d That's just wrong let the monkeys express their feelings towards the president gtconway3d Really!? They're afraid even monkeys have naughty urges that they might attack IMPOTUS? Really? K8nd of like to see them do that. Maybe think IMPOTUS is relation!

gtconway3d Rooting for the monkeys! gtconway3d realDonaldTrump reconsider having the monkeys slung at you, imagine the ratings you’ll get! gtconway3d No no no. We must allow monkeys freedom of expression! gtconway3d Lol gtconway3d Go monkeys! gtconway3d Even the monkeys hate him 😂

gtconway3d But they may want to only pay homage to one if their own. Orangutan man may have a following. gtconway3d I’m rooting for the monkeys! Monkey riot! Yeah! It’s a MAGA rally. gtconway3d You mean the Cult45 ers have flown from US to India for impotus 's visit? I DEMAND to know who paid for their flights.. the cost wasn't peanuts. CarnivalBarkingClown realDonaldTrump Trump2020 = 2020 years in Prison/Hell.

gtconway3d .realDonaldTrump oh lord....a monkey in that orange rats nest would be priceless Ma Ma Monkey 🐒 gtconway3d What? Are they afraid the monkeys will upstage him? gtconway3d Don't hurt those monkeys!!! gtconway3d One can only hope. gtconway3d teammonkeys gtconway3d Let them loose and do their thing🤣

gtconway3d Why gtconway3d We want that! gtconway3d Stephen Miller, Mike Pompeo & Trump need to be careful. Those monkeys have good aim & their slingshots can put out an eye. gtconway3d Let the monkeys be. gtconway3d Wut gtconway3d If only... gtconway3d Yeah, I heard somewhere that monkeys hate orange orangutans

gtconway3d That would be funny gtconway3d Guys you don’t have to call trump and his goons monkeys. That’s disrespectful to monkeys. gtconway3d monkeys atacking the orangegutan

gtconway3d Would be an absolute hoot to see a monkey hitching a ride on realDonaldTrump back. Feel sorry for the monkeys gtconway3d Freedom of Monkexpression I can't say what I'm thinking on Twitter! But if DJT* comes back with a dent in his head, I won't be shedding any tears! 🙊🙉🙈 gtconway3d Let them roam.

gtconway3d Waiting to see how he screws this up 😂😂😂😂 gtconway3d How will they be sure it's not one of his base? gtconway3d ...but can they anyway gtconway3d Bit rude to call Scaramucci a monkey, but seemed right on brand gtconway3d But we do gtconway3d Hahahaha

gtconway3d Monkeys are smarter than realDonaldTrump . Hell? My FOOT is. gtconway3d Let the monkeys do their thing. They should be free to express the opinions of so many! Omg. In my dreams. 🙆‍♀️ Oh please monkeys 🐵🐒 Do your thing!!!!! pamelasummer57 Rise Apes and do what you must . pamelasummer57 LOL

pamelasummer57 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Well, that doesn’t seem fair to the monkeys. if he gets poop flung at him or spat at, either one, I’m not picky - that would just be so poetic Please please please let the monkeys do their best.

The most humane plan would be to not allow Sideshow Don & Co to visit the Taj. The monkeys were there first. Faced with a choice of injury to the monkeys or Trump being killed by monkeys.....well, you choose. Trump is accustomed to his silly followers going ape for him at his rallies... What do your mean. The monkeys have been attacking President Trump for 4 years

ISI do your job. Send trained monkeys Really! Let them be. Animals are the best judge of character they will eat him alive!!! Sounds like a strategy to ward off Pelosi What happens if a cow blocks the road? Oh for Gods sake let those monkeys be free! Monkeys HAVE AT IT.....PLEASE!

Oh let those monkey's attack Trump, they're not hurting anything😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Leave the monkeys alone Are the monkeys rooting against corruption in American government as well? Damn, I'd love to watch a monkey bite him in the face. That'd be hilarious. Caesar get your troops together! To his hair stylist, hide a banana in his coiffe.

Go monkeys go, Go monkeys go.... I have to say I've never looked forward to the cheeto-in-chief appearing anywhere but I have such high hopes for this potential fiasco. Go for the hair! Go for the hair! YEEEES!!! Go Monkeys!!!

I say let nature take it’s course Please let the monkeys roam When is this happening? Why. Stop the monkeys ? They see him for what he is: a big orange orangutan! Please let the monkeys attack! Monkeys for the win 🥳💯👍🏼 Monkeys do what they please in the Taj Mahal! They could smell evil! 🐒🐵 Those monkeys are very discerning.

Be a shame if they missed.

No, please let him mingle with them Gee, is there a reason monkeys would be offended by Trump? They're not attacking, just glad to see him! Is it that many Monkeys over there “Lock them Up” The monkeys will win. I want the video. PITA WHERE ARE YOU PROTECT THE MONKEYS RIGHT TO FLING THEIR DUNG AT DUNG!!!!!

Oohhhhh come on! Let the monkeys have at it!! Awww leave them alone they can’t help it if they recognize a family member They don’t?! I do. Don’t interfere with nature.

Hold on, don’t make any rash decisions. Don’t interfere with the monkeys. The world deserves to see what happens. letthemonkeysdecide He belongs with the monkeys! They are lonely as we get at times. Touching helps them to feel cloose to a the person and bonding Primals do that. President Trump's is an animal hater, so it is best to keep them away before you know it they will be next on the kill list. The bastard.

They should use the sling shots on Trump so he does not scare the monkeys. Pulling for the monkeys. Go monkey go!!!! Scientific observation shows it's monkeys way of welcoming a fellow monkey back to the group, bunch, whatever one calls a lot of monkeys. Senate maybe? Because they will throw feces at him. Monkeys are very smart.

That would be a fitting fate for Trump: being torn apart by a pack of wild monkeys. Trump should be used to having monkeys around, he has the Senate republicans around him.

What a fantasy - watching a troop of monkeys swarm tRump and take him down. Let the monkeys do what the majority of people want to do. TeamMonkeys Why not? Leave the monkeys alone. Animals know when a worthless person is around. Either that or they will think Melania is a relative!!🤣😂 Let them loose please.

Pol what? Leave them along Anntifa, primates, what’s the difference? Can they at least haul their Poop at him? Monkeys and Democrats are basically one in the same

Oh this could be good! Oh, just leave the minkeys alone. Let them have fun. Dang! Even the monkish are planning a protest! Requesting they use the slingshots on Trump and his entourage instead You would think that monkey would like this friggin monkey If this isn’t a joke I am rooting for the monkeys. Why? He acts just like a monkey

Wouldn’t that just be a karma driven end to this 3 year travesty? I’m picturing it now...... gleefully. He is terrified of animals and they will smell that fear on him I want him attacked by monkeys so much it hurts. If that happened and then he got hit by an errant sling shot I would be the happiest ever.

Do the monkeys just want his red flower or do they just hate orange racists? Ape 🦍 never a monkey 💰 Police slingshots. Monkeys sling shit That I would love to see! Let them be “packs of maurading macaques” is my new favorite thing Throw 💩 at him come on monkeys I'm sure they're very fine monkeys.

Let the monkeys throw shit at him! Lol. Why? Monkey see monkey do lol 😂 😂. and now i can't getvthe image of trump being attacked by throngs of monkeys out of my head. We can only hope... 😉 Planet of the Apes part 12. For the love of god, set the primates free. Let’s go monkeys!! Sounds like standard attendance.

Let monkeys be monkeys.

KamalyKhadija That’s an awful way to describe the president and his entourage. They'll all be carrying a photo of the Grand Monkey, just in case they make a mistake. He might -- in fact on past form he's *sure* to -- but they shouldn't .... TeamMonkeys Anyone want to guess what aggressive monkeys actually throw? They create their own weapons. Just like trump, they pull their best crap out of their collective asses and throw. India should be ashamed endangering poor cute little monkeys. They’re an indigenous population.

Maybe the monkeys and the eagle can team up🤣😂 Why not? I say let nature take its course. I think there is hardly any need for concern. I'd bet the simians would welcome him with open arms as a long-lost cousin. I don’t blame India, I wouldn’t want my monkeys to get a disease from trump either. Oh please let one break thru

Trump being attacked by monkeys would be outstanding. I would pay to see that. Too bad The poor little monkeys😢 To bad because the monkeys are smarter and care more 😂 If there is a god in heaven we get a monkey stealing realDonaldTrump hairpiece, showing it to the crowd, wiping its ass with it and then politely handing it back to Trump with a FU grin across its heroic monkey face. That is the sign the Planet needs right now. 🐵

If only they handled gang rapists similarly Maybe they’ll hit Trump!!!! Let the monkeys have their day ‘News flash: Trump gets taken out by a monkey while shitting himself in India’ This is rude af, let those monkeys be as aggressive as they want it’s natural selection baby

Wouldn’t that be hilarious? Trump attacked by monkeys at the Taj Mahal! Great visual to start the weekend. Team Monkey! Leave those monkeys alone! Please just let nature take it’s course, India. Leave the monkey's alone, just lure them away with food...oh but Trump follow, make that monkey chow How about Bollywood Style

That's no way to refer to Antifa activists Let the monkeys go at him I definitely don’t think the monkeys give a fuck about Trump, nor are they anticipating his arrival to be aggressive. Everything is not always about Trump.

Don’t hurt the monkeys. Keep those monkeys away from Trump because we have no idea what diseases he has I swear, I will find religion if a monkey throws feces at trump. Bit wtf. Monkey belong there. How abusived Donald trump should not go Oh my god. Wouldn’t that be a fitting end AttackOfTheMonkeys Nah- let the monkeys munch on the orange man.

Too bad 🙈🙉🙊 FreetheMonkeys Go monkeys!!! Congress, please pass a bill for military aid in support of the monkeys against 🤡aggression

Not fair. They see his hair and assume he's a not so distant cousin. No need for slingshots...we’ll be good. fuck that, let the monkeys win That’s horrible. Don’t hurt the monkeys. I don’t mind if they attack trump, he deserves it. It seems that where ever thetrump clan goes animals pay the price, leaving a trail of dead and frightened creatures.🐵🙈🙉🇿🇦

Im sure the monkeys will avoid India Superpower 2020! Profiling illegal activity by Monkeys is a possible violation of the UN resolution on implicit species bias and certainly disturbing for PETA. Slingshots are so cruel. That’s beautiful family portrait. Too bad trump’s family portrait is a poor second to it.

They should let them roam free. They're probably better judges of character. Even the monkeys don't like Trump. I say let ‘em at it! Sounds risky to me, David killed Goliath with a slingshot. How can this be allowed under security protocols? Or as they're called in America. Aggressive Democrats. I'm not sure trump would like being shot with sling shots. Surely there is some other humane way of dealing with him?

Why not? He would cheerfully turn them loose on them. I hope he does get bitten. It’s a well known fact that monkeys are attracted to the color orange. Let them throw poop! TrumpIsAnIdiot That’s the Indian MAGA supporters - so will they use the same sling shot method to dispose of the MAGA supporters back home ?

Do the rest of us get a say in this? I am all for monkey freedom of expression in this case at least. Oh I hope they start with their feces first. Why not? Monkeys know!! I'm with the monkeys. 😂😂😂 Would pay money to see Trump attacked by monkeys Should hide them as well behind the wall But we were looking forward to the news reel at 11! Poor monkeys. 😕

maybe he can show the monkey\\s his ancestry dna results showing he\\s part orangutan and they\\ll leave him alone. How will they tell them apart from the MAGA crowd? Why not ? My question is: why are they concerned monkeys will attack the Trumps? Could it be they know evil when they smell it? It takes one

They also don’t want the monkeys looking more intelligent than realDonaldTrump Please let the Monkeys do their job. If there is a higher power these monkeys will fling their poo at trump and his entourage Let the monkeys be great!

Careful. Trump thinks you are being racists Calling people of color monkeys I hope one makes it through!🐒 I hope they’re close enough to fling feces. Oh Please don't interfere... Hope no one misses and hits the big baboon instead. Leave the monkeys alone Aggressive monkeys or distant , disrespected ancestors ?

I say Donny should have to walk through them. We like the monkeys better than him. So even the monkeys know about him? He must not be very popular in India 😁 David Moye has obviously never been to india. Seems the urbanized elite are world-ignorant

They were probably try to rip up that fake hair on top of his head, LOL! FakePresident The shoot leave the monkeys in peace! Fucking Trump should not be going anywhere except to jail! I know whose side I'm on! MonkeyMagic All aboard the 🐵 🚆 They want to welcome a family member. Just give them MAGA hats and he will feel right at home.

First an eagle now monkeys Please please PLEASE.....let the monkeys at him! Please let there be one intrepid monkey to sling his shit Trump’s way right into that hair casserole he pastes to his head. 🙏 You do not stop them welcoming one of their relatives, especially orange haired!

Wrong! The correct thing to do is arm the good monkeys with slingshots. I say attack! kuku27 If some simians attack Trump family, will they be shot, they are considered as Hanuman(god) army(different from clowns,calling themselves Hanuman Sena) please don't Then TRUMP shouldn't go. FlingYoDooDoo Let the monkeys express their anger.

Rootin’ for the monkeys!

I'm Team Monkey The Wizard of Oz monkeys need to go after him Huffington Post : Laughing out loud !!! This is why people have no respect for tabloids anymore . Hatred for President Trump has morphed into pixy like & puppet behaviour from University educated people. I get my news from TMZ !! . that's horrible, don't hurt the monkeys

But why? POTUS realDonaldTrump surrounds himself with monkeys everyday. Why would he object to a few more? Good, smart monkeys. Indians don't want monkeys attacking, but Americans do Oh man what I wouldn't pay to see one of these monkeys jump on Trump's head, go crazy in his yellow cotton candy comb over, leave it sticking up in all directions and then MARK his territory. Please, please, please.

I didn't know these monkeys have even seen a jackass much less attack one. I just started to laugh.......what a great way to end the day. Monkeys, slingshots and President Trump.

The monkeys may just be Trump fans. Leave them alone. Let them loose and give them MAGA hats instead. I kinda want to see him get attacked by monkeys. I'm not gonna lie. Maybe a Dingo will eat Trump! Kind of the same defense Police should take in Portland and Seattle, they have an aggressive monkey and baboon issue they call Resist Antifa, little black cloth covered ones with their faces covered .

Disgusting report from HuffPost! One can tell how bias this organization is! Trash to USA! Good luck. Those monkeys don't respond well to overt aggression. Why⁉️tRump would be in Perfect Company ( If the🐵 Monkeys can Tolerate the S.O.B.). I’m more concerned for the Poor🐒 ‘s Probably the monkeys are sitting around saying “Trump is coming” or whatever monkeys sit around thinking. About Trump.

'In 2012, a crack monkey troop was sent to a zoo by an infamous irate new york slum landlord for a crime they didn't commit. These monkeys promptly escaped to India. Today, still wanted by Trump. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, maybe you can hire The A-Team.' She's used to it. Wouldn't dogs be more effective and accutate?

You guys spend most of the day looking at BDSM porn, I know it No no no, let's see how this plays out. We shouldn't make those choices for the monkeys Amazing similarity between the monkeys hair and trumps I hope they can tell the difference those monkeys and our presidential monkey. Leave the monkeys alone.

Tessa Rane Majors (May 11, 2001 – December 11, 2019) was from Charlottesville, Virginia. She graduated from St. Anne's-Belfield School in May 2019. Majors was completing her first semester as a freshman at Barnard College, a private all-women's school India may not, but I would pay money to see it They can still express their feelings

Since Trump doesn’t believe in protecting Mother Earth, I say let the monkeys communicate their displeasure however they like! 🐒🐒🐒 The monkeys should be given water cannons to ward off the “president “ * I am so rooting for the monkeys. that not good let them rome around and be free, how dangerous are they? can they hurt somebody enough to be harmful?

So basically it'll be like any other Trump rally

Let the monkeys do monkey things. I hope they jump on his and Melanie's heads. 'In 2012, a crack monkey troop unit was sent to a zoo by an infamous irate new york slum landlord for a crime they didn't commit. These monkeys promptly escaped to India. Today, still wanted by the Trump. If you have a problem, maybe you can hire The A-Team.'

I say let the monkeys have it him and melanoma. LET THE PRIMATE GREET TRUMP WITH SHIT THROWN AT HIM, AFTER ALL, THEY ARE HIS COUSIN Why? Lol!!What could go wrong?! Just let the monkeys be free. They know best. I hope they all have shitty aim ~ 😆 Poor monkeys, the curse of Trump is upon you!!! Monkeys are smart and as animals do - vibe or don’t vibe- they probably have their own stash of ‘aged’ feces on standby.

Please tell India we don’t mind. Well it was rumored he was part orange haired orangutan Let them have him please. 😳😢😢😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 There’s a great joke in this one somewhere!! No worry about the monkeys throwing their feces Trump. It's to valuable to them. Dont call dems monkeys wtf

Fling away my fellow primates! fucktrump Imagine though 😂😂😂😂 For fuck’s sake let the monkeys have him!

Yet more families broken up in the name of Donald Trump. what ever happened to free speech Let the monkeys rip him to shreds... Cut to: Trümp getting pelted from all directions with slingshot stones... 😳😢😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 this has to be the stupidest post i have read all day, given the source, no real surpise.

Even the monkeys don't like the orange buffoon. I call monkey discrimination Cue the jokes! This one might turn his head 😝.

Cruelty to animals GET HIM MONKEYS Oh please, if there's a God in Heaven, PLEASE let Trump get attacked by monkeys. 🙏 Possibly silliest, yet best, headline ever. I will send 1m pounds of shelled nuts every day to the first monkey that knocks his wife off with flung 💩 That’s gonna go over great. They love it when one of their group gets picked on.

Let the monkeys express their opinions. How cruel! They should hand out the slingshots to the monkeys! 1) i would enjoy seeing monkeys attack. 2) is one of the aggressive monkeys trump, himself? On whom?

For their own protection. Can you imagine picking through that shit on his head? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Afraid of the monkeys going after his hair. Pretty sure the monkeys won’t want to go anywhere near him. Animals know Awesome Are their guns broken?

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NYC map shows which neighborhoods have been hit hardest by coronavirus Coronavirus live updates: Cases top 860,000 globally - CNN Trojan Introduces New Anti-Anxiety Weighted Condoms Coronavirus live updates: More than 200,000 cases in US; Grand Canyon closes Dolly Parton donates $1 million toward coronavirus research Schumer Calls For Hazard Pay For Frontline Workers In Coronavirus Fight Adam Schlesinger, Fountains of Wayne singer, dead at 52 from Covid-19 Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger Dead at 52 From Coronavirus Los Angeles mayor urges everyone to wear masks Careless Imprisoned Migrants Showing Zero Respect For Social-Distancing Rules More than 40 spring breakers who ignored public health advice test positive for coronavirus Troye Sivan's 'Take Yourself Home' Is a Gloom-Pop Bop