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Independence Day: UK's queen agrees grandson Harry, wife Meghan can exit senior royal role

Queen Elizabeth has reluctantly agreed to her grandson Prince Harry and his wife...


Queen Elizabeth has given her blessing to grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s wish for a more independent future, following crisis talks involving the Queen, Harry, his father Prince Charles and his older brother William

Queen Elizabeth has reluctantly agreed to her grandson Prince Harry and his wife...

Harry and his American actress wife will now begin a “period of transition” that will see them split their time between Britain and Canada as they also seek a lifestyle less encumbered by royal duties and to end their reliance on public funding.

“My family and I are entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family,” Elizabeth said.

Meghan, who is currently in Canada with their infant son Archie, had been expected to join Monday’s discussion by telephone.

British PM Johnson refuses to comment on royal family's crisis

It also exposed suspected divisions in the Windsor family and prompted soul-searching over what it means to be royal in the 21st century.

Last year, they announced legal action against a British tabloid, and Harry said papers had been bullying his wife in a way reminiscent of the hounding his mother Princess Diana had suffered before her death in a Paris car crash in 1997.

“These are complex matters for my family to resolve, and there is some more work to be done, but I have asked for final decisions to be reached in the coming days,” the queen said in her statement.

There are no provisions in Canada’s Citizenship Act that confer Canadian citizenship status to members of the royal family by virtue of their status as a member of the monarchy, Canada’s immigration department said in an emailed statement.

In trying to resolve the crisis, the most powerful members of the so-called royal “Firm” are aware that the final outcome could shape the monarchy’s future.

In a sign of the tensions, Harry and William issued a rare public statement on Monday to denounce a report by the Times newspaper based on an unnamed source which said Harry and Meghan had been pushed away by “a bullying attitude” from William who had not been welcoming to Meghan.

“For brothers who care so deeply about the issues surrounding mental health, the use of inflammatory language in this way is offensive and potentially harmful.”

The furor over the couple, who married in May 2018 in a glittering ceremony watched by millions round the world, comes after a tough 2019 for the royal family.

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Wish decision . WHO CARES Crisis talks. What a crock. Nobody cares. Meghan and Harry will be separated from each other by the end of the year First article I've seen framed in the positive. Thank you. We will see poor Harry divorced and returning to his family in the not too distant future. A man marries a woman and all her friends, who give her marital advice. In this case, it was the Oprah and the Obama's. What chance did Harry have? Live and learn.

We love our Queen. What an idiot Prince Harry ... Harry Markle, the man formerly known as Prince. The royal ones may likely becoming an ordinary people! May be possible? Lol 😂 stupid world.

Opinion | What Prince Harry and Meghan's quest for 'financial independence' really meansThe Sussexes are lying to themselves — or us — by acting as if they are above the lucrative cycle of influence, access and branding that is modern celebrity culture. THINK Who cares what they do? I sure don't. It's none of my business and it's none of yours either, except you want to get on the slam the royals train. THINK Biggest mistake of his life marrying her. THINK I'd stay out of tunnels, just sayin.

I applaud The Queen for taking a tough stand. Next, it’s time to fix up Prince Andrew in the same way. A wise woman! they want to break the bound n the legacy.. the Queen simply giving them what they wished for. RoyalFamily QueenElizabeth Do they not realize they will have even more “intense media scrutiny “ as the tabloids follow them around to see how/if they make it when out from under the protective royal umbrella? Have Harry & his first wife really thought this out?

Taxpayers? Plz stop this. We are fed up now with ur reporting about this non-issue * Their coolness factor just went through the roof. There were 'crisis talks' because junior didn't want to follow pops into the family business of never being a figurehead king? I did miss this. Thanks for letting me know, Reuters. I may be able to sleep tonight.

I wish them happiness. Snore

Queen agrees to 'transition' period, Meghan and Harry to 'spend time' in Canada, UKQueen Elizabeth II released a statement expressing support of Harry and Meghan’s decision to distance themselves from the royal family after senior British royals gathered at her Sandringham estate for an unprecedented summit, saying she is 'entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family.” The Queen also made clear her preference for them to remain full-time royals. I AM SO SICK OF THESE PEOPLE! I didn’t in my family‘s footsteps but I’m still considered full-time family They gonna move to California and live the lib life?

'Crisis' Good EndTheMonarchy Wonderful lulex Okay now everyone back off and leave them alone. ...*tumbleweed*... How has anyone missed it you keep banging on about it non stop there is no escaping this very boring unimportant news How many times are you all gonna report the same story? Good for them Now do your job........ journalism my arse.

Why have you said 'reluctantly'? There is nothing at all in Her Majesty's statement to indicate reluctance. hardly reluctant. I can't believe this shit has me sticking up for the sodding queen.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Spend Time in Canada and U.K. During 'Period of Transition'Queen Elizabeth released a statement after the royal family summit in Sandringham came to an end on Monday Freedom!!! If I were aBritish taxpayer, I would be furious. No duties in England, no money from it’s taxpayers. Diana’s death really messed Harry up. It’s been hard for him to cope with. Year’s ago it was self destructive behavior and now he has a family he is afraid of losing. PTSD. 🇬🇧citizens haven’t helped either. They bullied her out of there. Shameful.

The earth is burning. Good for them for escaping... back to the real news: Climate Crisis---let's stop it NOW! It hasn't been reluctant at all, she has seen their treatment by the media and she is wishing them well. The novelty for Harry will wear off! Right NOW, watching his son grow is a distraction. It's EASIER to ACT egalitarian toward non royals, while one is STILL HRH, w/ all its' protection, monies & privileges. He is ROYAL to his toes! Royalists will shun them! Incoming RESENTMENT!👀

As my old mother-in-law once said, 'I've lived too long'. It's absolutely ridiculous having a Monarchy/Royal Family in Britain 2020 Disgraceful Meh Harry you know what to do. Arrange the job for your master I mean wife.

Prince Harry to Join Face-to-Face Summit with the Queen, Charles & WilliamAs day three of talks between the royal households and government officials ends, a Buckingham Palace source confirms a four-way family meeting to discuss the Sussexes' future. he'll get everything he wants- he'll free load off canada, be worshipped as royalty, make bank off granny, and be a pathetic free loader with a 2 bit actress wife

Screw the Queen. Screw the King. Happy Independence Day LoL 😂 Black face Trudeau, who maligned America with his comments saying the airliner wouldn’t have been destroyed if not for the escalation of tension in the area, even though just Iran fired that rocket is a joke I'm applying for the open position as Duke of Sussex, where do I send my resume?

Thank you, Canada! You are the best! After the plane crash, this must seem so trivial . 63 deaths. Thanks Canada for taking our unwanted items and paying your hard earned dollars to look after them👍 MariaJoseCadena Te regalo este video por motivo de tu cumpleaños :) This could potentially cost millions. Money that could go on healthcare, retirement, hundreds of refugees etc. I know they will generate some income, but will it be enough to off set their costs? I think Britain should foot the bill until these two get paying jobs.

This man is the king of virtue signalling so that figures I, as a Canadian, don't want to pay a single loonie to help the poor little rich couple gain financial independence. House the homeless and he feed the hungry, these lot can fend for themselves.

Prince Charles arrives in Norfolk for crisis talks with the Queen, Prince William and Prince HarryPrince Charles has arrived in Norfolk where he is due to take part in crisis talks with the Queen, Prince William and Prince Harry – he flew in from Oman Very difficult time for Prince of Wales

No there won't be costs, because they opted to be ordinary persons,so they supposed to work and support themselves. They can't live like prince and duches in Canada. If that's their plan to eat up peoples money in Canada,that's imposters. Selfish, dishonest,and kangaroo. “...most Canadians are supportive...” perhaps when they’re here on royal business, but NOT when they’ve abandoned their duties and it’s a personal choice to where they live. Canadians have no obligation toward these two when not fulfilling duties to the RoyalFamily - no, no, no!

They're worth over $30 million. Harry's dad gives him an allowance of $3 million annually. Why on earth would Canadian taxpayers be paying for any of this? Canadian citizens were blown out of the sky by an errant missile. He has to worry about the reparations for this act plus the victims' families. I don't think managing Harry and Meghan's flee to Canada was on his to-do list.

Why would Canada have to provide welfare to Harry? I thought they were going to be making money and paying taxes. No? There shouldn’t be any cost to Canadian taxpayers for this is their decision! growing beard to appeal to ..... ? JustinTrudeau Canadians have enough taxes to pay with you robbing us blind & wages staying the same. They’re millionaires, I’m not, f*ck them. I don’t want 1 penny of my money to support them in anyway. Tell Meghan to go to virtue signalling Hollywood or face the music in UK.

Even Trudeau is worried about the costs knowing what Harry and Meghan are like. Those who raved and bitch for the cost of the PM nanny for his kid, well brace yourself!

Royal fallout as Prince Harry, Meghan reportedly defied request from Queen Elizabeth before announcementEveryone from Queen Elizabeth II to Prince William was 'blindsided' by Harry and Meghan's dramatic announcement, and were not aware of its content before it was released, according to ABC News royal contributor. From what I read this isn’t true. FreeHarry (from Meghan) Is that Andy standing behind Cam?

FTrudeau and to hell with those two if they think they can leech our tax dollars on their security - FRO Harry! Rahul Gandhi with the wrong accent... you guys really have turned into Hello magazine. Very sad Trudeau is a weak 'leader'! JustinTrudeau is just another STUPID GUY. 😂 In other words Canada loves the Royal Family if the U.K. pays for it?

La vieja bruja esta de acuerdo q el nieto malcriado se valla a independizar PedroMCasals drpinedat comicdominicano 😁😁 esa vieja es mala, ya salio de el! JustinTrudeau's cowardly appeasement and huge 4G deal with China's Huawei, even though he knows, China is torturing 2 innocent Canadians in their prisons and sentenced them 2 death We are ashamed, this fool is our PM..cdnpoli cdnmedia USPolitics onpoli

Certainly, the crisis with Iran can wait. There is more important stuff. Yes, we all need a break from reality. But right now, e-entertainment and Megan can manage without the help of Justin. He can keep working 100% on Iran crisis and comforting the families.

no......we're not . they're not even british........ Prince Andrew is a pedophile . they murdered Lady Diana Harry is messed up by Meghan. As far as Im concerned people can move wherever they want 🤷🏽‍♂️. The Question is: What is Justing going to do about it? This Blackface racist doesn’t speak for or represent the Canadian’s I know. He can FRO

Is that the PM? I don't recognize him unless he's wearing black face What a Farce 🤭 Do you think Prince Harry knows Prince Charles is not his father How is it his business! die CHEFIN the QUEEN ! ALLES GUTE & GOOD LUCK . This clown shows more concern for trailer park royals than 70 of his countrymen killed by the Iranian Mullahs.

take your gong show somewhere else . not even british....they're from germany Megan markels dad lived only 12 miles from my home town on Mifflintown he was from Newport ALL IN PENNSYLVANIA What about Brexit? Just a kind reminder that something like that is going on there, and it is not nice. piersmorgan was expecting the queen to say no, here's a man who preaches freedom when it's convenient but believes a 35 year old man has no right to decide how he wants to live his life why? Because he's married to a Meghan? Sometimes you've got to laugh.......

British press is brutal Its not relevant but maybe this is end of this crap. Lets hope. The queen has seen enough ruined spoiled people. Shes old and wise. She deserves the honour of being the last monarch. Doesn't she? Means 31 08 1997 could be repeated THIS IS NOT NEWS! WGaS ? Royally!

The Queen 👑 is wise, and must be respected. If, senior positions are in need to be finish, is the best for all parts involved, to take care of their priorities happiness being one of them as privacy. I don't think the old hag had any other choice. People don’t understand this queen doesn’t use a fraction of her powers. Kind of crazy finding out the power she can wield but doesn’t.

The man is protecting his wife and child. I admire that. Live and let live fgs ! Nobody cares The Queen is wise. Well of course they can they do not need her permission Why that? A royal one to exit the royal role - is that possible? She’s also just a grandmother who wants her grandson to be happy I think.

My god,let them have a life away from the boring Real one.Kingdoms muss not exist,Too many poor countries and no kings. What a bizarre recent 'normalcy' this is. He's the second son. He's not supposed to stay home. He's supposed to fight and adventure in far off lands. God bless the Queen. She has been through so much. This has to raise memories of King Edward VIII and how that impacted her family.

Poor old lady having to deal with all the drama. Why give importance to tax guzzlers and rub salt in wounds of people who are carrying the knapsack of burden. They were fired. Flowery letter. Same result. Never should have been given titles. She was bad news from the start and Harry...what a disappointment!

And who really cares what they do? “Crisis talks” how does anyone take any of the media seriously anymore? The reporter who read this story sounds bitter. 🙄🤔 Well take good care of your cars Megan i hope you don't have any accident anytime soon. The good side of this old gag we all know. I remember how ended the good news for Diana when was said this old witch gave her her blessing.

They are making a healthy decision for their family. This is not complicated. Way to go Harry and Megan! Good, let them be free to make their own choices and live their own lives! HarryandMeghan Guaidó wants the position of Prince for him...😈 A few words on Instagram and goodby family and country. Unreal. Poor behavior from a prince. She is just a low life. One can’t expect good behavior from her.

What is the problem check DNA? Cake and eat it enough said and who wears the pants in that household I wonder You don't have a choice but to co operate . racist post But still hold the hand open to get 95 % of theIr money from Charles plus don’t pay rent? I hope not because in this case they would only be dishonest

Good let the poor kids live their lives 👍

An unbalanced couple where she’s holding the handle, wrecking things in the way to enjoy the treasure she’s already won. Black future. I give them less than a year married. Messy. Weird. And who wants to live in Canada? ... and the Queen did very well Thank God the queen is not racist 🙌🏾 Smart response by the Queen. Making this into an ugly confrontation would not only cause a rift within her own family but be very detrimental to the monarchy as well.

It is good that the Queen is taking into consideration Prince Harry’s wishes at this time in his life. Things change over time, I see him returning to his role as a senior member of the Royal Famiky when his brother Prince William becomes the Prince of Wales and needs him. Too little, too late, Liz, this harassment has been going on for ages now, and you finally relented with your back against the wall. We all see you.

Q*Anon said⬇️ आजादी के नारे ईधरभी...! Whew. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep since this started. 😑

The Queen is a very wise woman. Her statement was perfect. She’s sensitive & always classy. Harry knows he’ll never see the throne. Who can blame him for not wanting the micro-managed, every word scripted lifestyle when there will be no end reward? He’s off the taxpayers dime.👍🏼 Divorce On-the-Way soon as predicted!

Archie wins. Outdated old Tosh. The Queen is a remarkable person who has had more than her share of crisis, and has managed all of them exceptionally well, Long live Queen Elizabeth II Well now that that’s settled Harry’s gonna run the bachelor. 😂 If Harry and Meghan are allowed to keep their titles, there will be hilarious times to come where they sell their royal status like cheap boxed wine...

The term Megxit is not a “playful” term. It’s a hostile term eluding she’s bad in some way. Watch your words. And the Queen has cleared the air... sounds like a hostage statement

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