In this dense Indian forest, tigers and leopards are thriving

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The likelihood of seeing these big cats has gone up significantly during the past decade in Nagarahole and many other wildlife reserves across India, thanks to the success of conservation efforts

—a leopard with a mutation that causes dark pigmentation. That cat, often sighted, has become something of a star.

A tiger drinks from one of Nagarahole's water holes. Across the reserve, park authorities have installed solar-powered bore wells, which are activated when the water level drops, helping keep these essential water sources full throughout the year.. The latest count of tigers at Nagarahole was 135, more than twice the number from a decade ago. The country now has almost 3,000 tigers in the wild,, completed in 2018. That’s 33 percent higher than in 2014.

Vijay Mohan Raj, chief conservator of forests in Karnataka, credits the success at Nagarahole and other reserves to more effective anti-poaching personnel strategically stationed inside the reserves. These frontline workers, Raj says, now are better trained and better equipped because of increased government funding that followed India’s commitment in 2010 to an international plan to double the number of tigers worldwide.


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Cool 😎 🆒️

Good news


It looks like a black Panther to me.

This is neither a tiger nor a leopard


Thank God for that!

Time to visit India 🥰

Wonderfull animal

Well, you never know what is hidden away in the forests of India or any country for that matter. Hooray! Love cats---any cat will do. God Bless, Mary Ann C.

If not friend why friend shaped? Hmmm if not pillow why so soft Hmmmm


Deadly but breathtakingly beautiful!!!! GOD did a wonderful thing for mankind when he created heaven and earth!!!!

And no trophy hunting there, either! 🙂


That's great news

Tx 4 helping to preserve our Nature & Wild-Life...!!!

I want him, can I have him? He's so beautiful 😍 🤩

Their numbers have increased, can they catch enough food?

: Una storia di successo di conservazione, la Nagarahole Tiger Reserve è sempre più popolare tra i turisti desiderosi di vedere i grandi felini in natura.



Gorgeous 😻

susipudjiastuti Wowww


Por eso se inventaron los lentes especiales, así no hay actividad invasiva en el lugar donde los animales están, para no causarles molestias innecesarias. Hay que respetar a la naturaleza. Enhorabuena por el fotógrafo !!!



I would not mind a pump into the weekly Bitcoin close, but maybe that is just me

This is wonderful news!! Love cats 🧡


I am jesus christ apocalypse which God has given me, to show you the things which must shortly come to pass, which I testify of the word of God,and of my testimony, and of all that I have seen and heard. Blessed is he who reads the words of this prophecy, for the time is at hand.

I love the cat

Beautiful! Thank you Nagarahole Tiger Reserve for keeping the big cats safe! & free!

this is a beautiful cat 😻



I thinks its the probrem sometimes with la familia family, they aint really neccessairly kinda never really thought why goota be black panther

Songstress28 what are they doing diferent

Good news wildlife

great news

Think I spotted a cousin.

There is a neeeeed to save the Animal world by making boundaries between the two worlds. And so will be there no extinction nor clashes

I am an advocate for animal conservation. All animals are beautiful, even the misunderstood Komodo dragon.

More fvr8😍😍😍

P a 0pp0ppppp

Had the most amazing trip to Nagarhole. Spotted three tigers in one day in their full glory


Beautiful animals Dont enter their living space with evil intention of killing them

michele_mattea Big cats ! Nice

They are so beautiful.

PotionClass I wont this cat ❤️


Good news

This news really made my day, thank for preserving endangered species.♥️

Great news. But destruction of their habitats would also increase likelihood of sightings.


Breeding and conservation programs would always help the species to bounce back significantly even though they are listed as endangered!!

Oh an area that hasn't been screwed over by humans?! Thanks for letting us know so we can go there and fuck it up. Plus those animal hides look beautiful I'm sure some dumbasses would love to spend thousands on them.

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