In The Garden Of Eden: How This Self-Taught Producer Is Crafting K-pop's New Sound

Not much is known about the mythic creative behind rookie group ATEEZ — until now


“During my 20s, I thought mentoring was about changing someone by transferring knowledge to them. Now I focus on supporting an individual’s discovery of themselves.” The man behind ATEEZ official’s bold sound reveals all ATEEZ kqent

Not much is known about the mythic creative behind rookie group ATEEZ — until now

This is where all of ATEEZ’s music is produced. When Eden and his crew moved in, they designed the space to feel like a second home. It’s padded with rugs and lit by an assortment of shaded lamps and clusters of vintage bulbs hanging overhead. A substantial crimson sectional sits across from a brick wall lined with albums bearing long, heartfelt notes from the artists with whom they collaborate. The scent of fresh flowers mixes with smoke from two cigarettes that lie extinguished in an ashtray on a coffee table. Adjacent to this common area are individual studios separated by frosted glass panel doors that are lit from within by the glow of computer screens. Before the archway a pair of plain black slippers await the return of their owner.

Not much is known about Eden outside of Korea. Even the basic details of his history as a producer and performer are diffused across the internet, some true and others false: He is a singer-songwriter under KQ Entertainment (true); he is currently the primary producer for labelmate ATEEZ’s music (true); and he once worked for CUBE Entertainment (false, he only rented a studio in the building’s basement). Eden’s compositions will soon fill arenas 15 times the size of Warsaw when ATEEZ tours again in March, and he’s ready to set the record straight. Eden prepares a cup of coffee and takes a seat on an ottoman. His hair is in his eyes again, so he pushes it away as he says, “I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.”

At 15, he moved alone to the country’s capital with the blessing and financial support of his family."I told [my parents] I was studying in some formal setting when I was actually learning in my room by myself, using the internet." His education was simple: He bought books about programming, listened to music, and explored different genres on the piano by ear.

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RClaireco ATEEZofficial ATEEZ you did a great Job with the interview. ATEEZofficial What a beautifully written article ❤ Indeed, EDEN has perfected ATEEZofficial 's music & discography that have captured so many hearts around the world! Without him, ATEEZ won't be the way they are now. ATEEZ's music represent their group's unique & mesmerising identity!

ATEEZofficial Thank you for this written article about the father of Ateez... Atiny are very thankful to Eden. ATEEZofficial Ateez AtinyLove ATEEZofficial Thank you for best article about Father of ATEEZofficial Music Eden that makes amazing song with music with amazing discography and make it uniquely own ATEEZofficial concept. Cant wait to see more amazing song from Eden & ATEEZofficial in future.

ATEEZofficial Thank you for this well written article about Eden, who's behind ATEEZofficial ATEEZ 에이티즈 beautiful songs...every comeback they always surprised ATINY on their different concept... ATEEZofficial kqent our musical genius 💜💓💖 ATEEZofficial kqent ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN is amazing!!!!! Keep up the hard work!🥰 ATEEZofficial kqent

ATEEZofficial kqent Best producer-EDEN-will forever be ATEEZ's father 🧡🧡 ATEEZ Eden 🌹🌹 ATEEZofficial kqent capo ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN BEST PRODUCER ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN PRODUCER OF THE CENTURY

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ATEEZofficial kqent Great read! We stan talent! Love Eden and his crew 💯🔥✨ ATEEZofficial kqent THANK U EDEN FOR BELIEVING IN ATEEZ.THANK U FOR THE AMAZING SONGS.I WISH U THE BEST IN UR CAREER AND LIFE🙌🙌🙌🙌 ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN KING PRODUCER👑🔥 ATEEZofficial kqent Yass Eden👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🔥🔥🔥

ATEEZofficial kqent 💖 ATEEZofficial kqent YES EDEN LEGENDARY PRODUCER ATEEZofficial kqent So Eden and his team is the reason why us Atiny's are having a very hard time figuring out the right theory of ATEEZ songs and mv's 😂😂😂 ATEEZ WorldwideAtiny ATEEZofficial ATEEZofficial kqent So Eden is one of the reasons why Hongjoong became one of the best leaders in kpop industry, I see 😍 ATEEZ WorldwideAtiny ATEEZofficial

ATEEZofficial kqent Kq family is really the best! 👏😭❤ I'm so proud. And I will support and love them always! ❤🌌🌟💪 ATEEZ WORLD DOMINATION! Edenary WORLD DOMINATION! Kq entertainment WORLD DOMINATION! 👑🌌🌟❤🔥 ATEEZ ATINY ATEEZofficial 에이티니 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial kqent Eden thank you for supporting and mentoring our boys throughout their journey, you're one of the main reason why ATEEZ achieved everything they want to ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ATEEZ WorldwideAtiny ATEEZofficial

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ATEEZofficial kqent THANK YOU EDEN ATEEZofficial kqent LEGEND & LEGENDS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ATEEZ ATEEZofficial 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial kqent That was indeed a piece of Edenery 3 ATEEZofficial kqent eden legend, the best producer ! ATEEZofficial kqent EVERYONE SAY THANK YOU EDEN

ATEEZofficial kqent ONLY LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR eden and his team ATEEZofficial ATEEZ 🥰 ATEEZofficial kqent When we Stan Ateez we STAN everyone that support and love them too so thank you eden 💕ATEEZofficial ATEEZ ATEEZofficial kqent Eden King Thank you❤ ATEEZofficial kqent My inspiration guide thank you so much for all your efforts to Ateez love you so much EDEN Eden 이든 ATEEZofficial ateez 에이티즈

ATEEZofficial kqent The man to never forget when mentioning ATEEZ....

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ATEEZofficial kqent Hell yes!! ATEEZofficial kqent Big thank your for EDEN for ATEEZofficial music and support and love. 😭♥️ ATEEZofficial kqent Thank u Eden for all your hard working🥺💖 ATEEZofficial kqent Yaaaay! 이든 샘!!! ATEEZofficial kqent Eden thank you very much for all the songs you produced for Ateez with your group 🖤

ATEEZofficial kqent WE HAVE THE BEST WITH US ATEEZofficial kqent Legend 👑 ATEEZofficial ATEEZ ATEEZofficial kqent I love him and his hard work. ❤💗 Great artist and nice MVs 😍 ATEEZofficial kqent Eden the legend you are today ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN IS ART

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ATEEZofficial kqent Why does the Hongjoong-Eden first encounter sound like a shonen manga? So iconic ATEEZofficial kqent Sexy brian only Eden can relate to ATEEZofficial kqent My heart feels so warm after reading this ♥️ how people grow and follow their path in life. Keep it up Edenary and Ateez, you are doing great. Atiny’s Love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️🌙♥️♥️♥️♥️ ATEEZofficial Edenary

ATEEZofficial kqent Thank you so much, Eden! 🥺💞 I cried reading this 😭 ATEEZofficial kqent My love ATEEZofficial kqent Thank u Eden ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN LEGEND EDEN UNMATCHABLE TALENT ATEEZofficial kqent WE LOVE YOU EDEN💛 ATEEZofficial kqent eden LEGEND ATEEZofficial kqent THANK YOU EDEN

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ATEEZofficial kqent WE LOVE YOU ATEEZofficial kqent Thank you Eden ❤ ATEEZofficial kqent Eden wrote ”missing you”, one of my favorite songs. Damn I knew I can trust kq ATEEZofficial kqent LEGEND ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN ENTENDA Q VC É TUDO ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN BEST PRODUCER WE STAN ATEEZofficial kqent WE LOVE YOU EDEN

ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN LEGEND ATEEZofficial kqent so proud of him :( ive always wanted to read about his journey and I’m so happy he shared some of it with us ATEEZofficial kqent Man ateez are so lucky to have him out of all of the producers

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ATEEZofficial kqent 🙏Ty Edenary, the magic behind monster rookies Ateez! I hope you will travel with the boys again so u can hear the thunderous applauds WW in the sold out arenas! We love u 💙 ATEEZofficial ATEEZofficialjp エーティーズ ATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZofficial kqent We love Eden...legend🧡🧡🧡 ATEEZofficial kqent THE BEST BOY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD EDEN

ATEEZofficial kqent eden is the best man in the world ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN BEST BOY, EDEN KING , EDEN LEGEND ATEEZofficial kqent HE IS SO YOUNG! ATEEZofficial kqent This article made me cry ATEEZofficial kqent 😭😭😭😭 Atiny_support ATEEZofficial kqent 👏👏👏 ATEEZofficial ATEEZofficialjp ATEEZ 에이티즈

ATEEZofficial kqent If you didn’t already love Eden and the Edenery team, I hope this interview tells you why you should love them and support them 💖

ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN BEST PERSON EVER kqent ATEEZofficial Thanks EDEN Atiny_support ATEEZofficial kqent Eden thank you!!! ❤❤❤❤😭😭 ATEEZofficial kqent eden please your hand in marriage 😭🥰🥺🤟💍 ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN = PRODUCE ART 👑 ATEEZofficial kqent Eden YES WHOO eden world domination

ATEEZofficial kqent King😌 ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN BEST TEACHER !! EDEN BEST MAN !! ATEEZofficial kqent ♥♥♥ ATEEZofficial Ateez

ATEEZofficial kqent ATEEZofficial ❤️ updateez ATEEZofficial kqent ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN is the best man ✨💕💫💖 ATEEZofficial kqent HE IS GOLD ✨✨ ateez_updates ATEEZofficial kqent IN PAPI EDEN WE TRUST❤️❤️ let's work together and love each other for a long time❤️❤️ updateez ATEEZofficial kqent Thank you Eden for believing on ATEEZ ATEEZofficial talents from the start and for producing non stop beautiful songs with a beautiful message too.❤❤❤

ateez_updates ATEEZofficial kqent PAPI EDEN❤️❤️❤️ updateez ATEEZofficial kqent that made me so happy to read y’all don’t even know kqent ATEEZofficial DIOSITO😞💕 kqent ATEEZofficial EL MEJOR DE TODOS, AMOR DE NUESTRAS VIDAS😳👊 ATEEZofficial kqent EDEN PRODUCER OF THE CENTURY

ATEEZofficial kqent WE LOVE EDEN NIM 💖😭 kqent ATEEZofficial Thank you for this!!! The edenery team definitely deserves recognition. Ateez wouldn’t be the ateez we know if it weren’t for edenery. Much respect ATEEZofficial kqent Way to go Eden, thanks for making incredible songs for ATEEZofficial

Atiny_support ATEEZofficial kqent Thank you Eden! ❤️ ATEEZofficial ATEEZ 에이티즈 ATEEZofficialjp エイティーズ kqent ATEEZofficial The Genius produce EDEN kqent ATEEZofficial THANK YOU EDEN kqent ATEEZofficial Support EDEN ❤❤❤ kqent ATEEZofficial He is such a legend. I wish I could meet him in real life and thank him for making such great music not just for ATEEZ but other artists and his own solos

ATEEZofficial kqent Thank you Eden for everything you do! You are amazing! We love you

ATEEZofficial kqent I love him so much kqent ATEEZofficial Beautiful paper 👏👏👏 ATEEZofficial kqent EXACTLY EDEN LEGEND updateez ATEEZofficial kqent Yasss Eden king 👑 ATEEZofficial kqent GENIUS updateez ATEEZofficial kqent thank you eden for your hard work ateez_updates kqent KING EDEN WE LOVE YOU! ATEEZofficial

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