In Texas, mobile units treat children, teens affected by Hurricane Harvey

'The PTSD and grief are showing up more now because, in the immediate aftermath after a natural disaster, people go into survival mode,' Dr. Julie Kaplow said.


Texas Children's Hospital now deploys highly trained clinicians to the two mobile units that provide health care services like immunizations, nutrition, education, and referrals to medical and social services to children.

'The PTSD and grief are showing up more now because, in the immediate aftermath after a natural disaster, people go into survival mode,' Dr. Julie Kaplow said.

The two mobile units with specially trained clinicians periodically visit Liberty High School, Wisdom High School and Benavidez Elementary School — three Houston Independent School District campuses identified as having the greatest need.

The collaboration, according to Gwendolyn Johnson, the school district's director of Health and Medical Services, offers the remarkable element of providing care to children where they are.

Therapists at the mobile units are bilingual, and all assessment tools and treatment manuals are available in Spanish.

The mobile units have a screening tool that asks parents if the child has experienced a traumatic event.

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