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In-N-Out Burger in San Francisco Closed for Violating City Vaccine Policy

A location of the burger restaurant was shut down for failing to check customers’ vaccination status.

10/21/2021 7:00:00 AM

San Francisco’s health department said it gave a final violation notice and closure notice to an In-N-Out restaurant that wasn’t checking customers’ vaccination status. The company responded: “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government.”

A location of the burger restaurant was shut down for failing to check customers’ vaccination status.

Oct. 20, 2021 12:18 pm ETThe San Francisco Department of Public Health shut down indoor dining at an In-N-Out Burger restaurant last week after it found out the burger joint wasn’t checking customers’ vaccination status, violating a city and county mandate.

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The department said it gave a final violation notice and a closure notice to the In-N-Out location on Oct. 14. It said the restaurant was told to cease all on-site operations immediately. Since then, In-N-Out has taken steps to comply and reopened for takeout and outdoor dining, the department said.

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Governments should be barred from making laws that place the enforcement burdens on taxpayers. In-N-Out should leave San Francisco. There are other cities which want their business. And everyone I know, has gone over to eat there…at least once! Remember when the state said hey “Let’s just flatten the curve” remember that? Hey we’re only going to tax people earning over $400k🤣. We’re only looking for billionaire tax evaders so we have to see all bank transactions $600 bucks & over😆. Not $600k and over, $600 Bucks 🤣

Remember you exist for the state, the state doesn’t exist for you!! How dare you think otherwise! Now do as your told we know better than you! I mean haven’t you seen the amazing Afghanistan withdrawal? Yes, 13 soldiers died in a day, How dare you question the state! will restaurants start asking for tax returns before placing an order? Seems like a good leftist idea

Good for them. In-n-Out just lost any real hope of ever expanding their business to the Pacific Northwest. Papa John’s lost a *lot* of business when they came out against Obamacare (“It will force us to raise the price of our pizzas by 25 cents!”). In-n-Out’s about to learn the same lesson. BoycottInNOut

Vomit 🍟 no thanks 🤮 I support their view. They’re in the business of burgers. They can put a sign up about vaccines and masks, but if you don’t want to be inside, don’t eat inside. In n Out is already an unhealthy choice. Tf does you vax status matter 🤣

San Francisco In-N-Out temporarily closed over city's proof of COVID-19 vaccine requirementAn In-N-Out Burger in San Francisco was forced to temporarily close earlier this month after failing to comply with the city’s proof of vaccination requirements nice What about drive-thru? 😁

I've never been asked before if I have a flu shot at any restaurant. What else does this business 'refuse to do' Have clean and sanitary food prep? Meanwhile you can find homeless people defecating and vagrants shooting up within minutes of said In N Out. And the city doesn’t bat an eye 🤦🏻‍♂️ This is ridiculous of San Francisco. I'm all for getting the vaccine, and I find this repulsive.

I support inandoutburger 100% 15 Oct. 2021 1:13AM Eaton Centre - LAddyy that's Not a Taxi Service your getting in the back seat - across the road at Eaton Centre 14 Oct. 2021 - Difference between a Taxi / Drive-In-By - or a Subway Car Suffice - Did Not On It Go APa - APa Needs Consent, No matter how much you rant, rave & cry about the fake ass injustice of the Covid mandates, they are here, they will stay & those who disagree have a choice to make. Eat a home, be underemployed or move to FL, TX, MS or AL. Have a nice day

uscaero And then the city shut that franchise down. So In-n-Out decided to obey health regulations. Weird how you left that part out. And when the board of health wants to check their chopped meat or freezer temps?

In-N-Out defies San Francisco vaccine mandate: 'We refuse to become the vaccination police'An In-N-Out restaurant in San Francisco was briefly shut down by the health department for not enforcing the city's vaccine mandate NEVER liked their food but did appreciate how they treated my college students. Won't be going back. Love that! Just Wear a mask

Also optional now, employees washing their hands after bathroom use. How not-surprising... Nice- a tray of vommit and dead animal laced with antibiotics and pus. Their burgers are garbage anyways. Too bad I used to go to in n out - not anymore!!! Do you also want them to report illegal aliens? Honestly, shakeshack is better

How time-consuming is it to check every customer, especially during peak hours? Good for the Christians resisting the Lions!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesI'm boycotting In-N-Out. Their answer sounds very GQP 👎 Good for In & Out!!!! Ate at one in L.A last week. Honestly don’t get what the hype is all about. Even a whopper is better.

BoycottInNOut ✌️ Bravo👍🏻✨✨✨✨ Love it. A company that has the guts to stand up to unconstitutional over reach by the government. Also, My body, My decision...isn't that right libs? All the sudden I really like In-N-Out Burger who cares? Whoa..!! This is that damn if you do and damn if you don’t!! When Americans are given too many restrictions they start feeling threatened. Then people are feared and chaos erupts! Most Americans will do the right thing. I got vaccinated 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ Practicing safe clean procedures.

👏👏👏👏👏 Ya!!! yes--this is the city of virtue--- tony, please write a sequel to san francisco more descriptive of what it is today---

San Francisco shuts In-N-Out Burger for not checking vaccinationIn-N-Out ignored repeated warnings to enforce the vaccination rule, the department said, calling the mandate a matter of public health to keep COVID-19 from spreading. It's not their job to ask for 'papers' WTF is this nazi Germany? So we are now shutting down businesses 🙄Yikes where does it end? Next they be coming to our homes along for the vax cards. I am NOT anti vax but this is nuts. It's important that fast food empires take responsible measures to protect the health of customers before they sell them chemically-infused saturated fat patties.

👏🏽Bravo ! I hope more small businesses do the same. Gov. trying to pass buck. Need to find that snitch, and make them pay!! Island of freedom in communist cali😎 Wonder we how much stimulus cash they got from us taxpayers. They are spot on. Just say no to mandates. According to your own logic, if you are vaccinated and masked up, you have nothing to worry about. Mind your own business.

Seriously, enough already CA I understood under HIPPA business cannot require you to present you medical records as a condition of business. Is this true or not? Burgers with a side of COVID. Sounds like they have a rat infestation

Conservatives rally behind In-N-Out Burger over restaurant's vaccine stanceThe fast food chain condemned the fact that its San Francisco outlet was temporarily closed for refusing to make customers prove their COVID vaccination status. Fast food is all garbage, So there's that little fact I'm not conservative, but I like In-N-Out burgers. It seems silly in a market where restaurants are struggling to retain staff to be required to hire another person to be a bouncer. Social distancing is still good whether vaccinated or not. It's crazy to stand right next to everyone that walks in a restaurant and stop everyone to read a vaccine card that is hand written and hard to read.

As far as I’m concerned, In & Out Burger can go to HELL! They abide by San Francisco rules or they can get LOST! But they can enforce the noshoes or shirt? Ok, whatever. Good for In-N-Out San Francisco had already become a shithole, and now there’s no In N Out there either?! horrible picture... my company, my choice 👏🏻

This business chose to close their dining room to comply with local law. 🤔 Hitler would be proud In-N-Out it is! 👊🏽 Unbelievable. SF expects a fast food restaurant to pay someone to stand at the door and check vaccination status? Article says “provide proof”; so a document must be shown?

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Asking businesses to check vaccination status of customers is just completely illogical. Went down like true heroes Okay, so In-N-Out is out. They’re selling garbage anyways. Absolutely Love In & Out! Big fan of the vaccine, but in and out has a valid point. My family and I went to In-N-Out Burger in San Antonio, Texas for the first time. They did not ask us for proof of fax. Everything was fine. However, Whataburger is better than In-N-Out Burger. I hate their sauce on the burger.

Welcome to rural Texas, SF and CA sucks. Yet its willing to be the shirt and shoe police I’ve never loved my “Double Double Protein Style” more!!

By that logic, bars wouldn’t check for legal age before serving alcohol. Good, human health comes before profits! Like to see a link between coronavirus spread and indoor dining. Consider it a gift .. get out of San Francisco you’ll loose money there in the long term. You go in n out Sad. Public safety is part of any public company.

Awesome Imagine complaining about a burger restaurant but you are ok with looting stores. I can guarantee that InAndOutBurger couldn’t care less about anyone getting or transmitting Covid, if you knew the “quality” of the meat they use, you’d understand. And my family and I will never patronize In n Out ever again. 🖕

Let’s double down on those double doubles and let’s do it animal style!!! No one forced you to eat at in & out or ANY restaurant, if you don’t like that they’re not checking, eat elsewhere! Whoever snitched, I hope 10 dogs chase you down the street and you wet your pants! Utopia is looking more like Dystopia. Defund everything!

Finally someone is saying something good everyone should stop this regiment of violations Bad choice, I&O They will survive and totally thrive in cities without asinine policies and mandates Kudos to In-N-Out Probably getting robbed anyway. Better off Good for them... It's Called FREEDOM in the US, not Fascism.

Sure it wasn't shut down for being the Huddle House of burgers? Braves Based. The sidewalks of San Fransisco pose a much greater health threat than the inside of an In-N-Out restaurant they hurt me all the time beating me in the street to show all of you their potential and that their here. Basically. Shitty burger anyway

I would probably be afraid of them because they can hurt you in any kind of way. KMJeezy People be going inside *squints* YEEEEEEESSSSSS Excellent