'In My Head': How Ariana Grande's New Video Spins Sadness Into Her Signature Style

How @ArianaGrande's new #InMyHead video spins sadness into her signature style


How ArianaGrande's new InMyHead video spins sadness into her signature style

“No more singles off 'Thank U, Next,'” proclaimed Ariana Grande in June -- but she said nothing about music videos.

Bardia Zeinali’s direction deconstructs “In My Head,” as much as it creates. The video plays with the original song’s structure -- cutting some parts and extending others, letting certain lines play out a cappella. The editing is nimble, precise, playing with cuts that are only milliseconds long. “I got a habit of seeing what isn’t there,” sings Ariana -- only to disappear for the blink of an eye.

, “It kind of started out by just finding what makes Ariana iconic: it’s the voice, it’s the ponytail, it’s the boots, it’s the silhouette.” He isolates Ariana’s signature looks, creating disembodied shots of swaying ponytails. In the video’s defining image, Ariana sits still, surrounded by dozens of pairs of walking thigh-high boots.

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Arianna is Barracuda, a succubus, a man killing donut licker, that’s the only thing the history books will remember :) hi 👋 hello 👋 Thanks but I’m good Stan exo latecrave ArianaGrande Poor thing, she's had a very hard couple of years. Bless you.🥴😢💜😍🇺🇸🙋🏼‍♀️🥴 ArianaGrande Incredible song & perfect video 🖤✨

ArianaGrande Maybe she's sad cuz Michelin Man top ArianaGrande Flop

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ArianaGrande ❤️ follow me

Meet the Brand That Wants You to Feel as Famous as Ariana GrandeThe singer wears Area’s crystal-embellished puffer jacket in her “In My Head” video, cementing a banner year for the cult fashion label.

Ariana Grande Talks All-Consuming Grief Over Mac MillerThe Grammy winner reflects on her two famous relationships in a new interview with Vogue. Bless her heart ❤️ Well the woman had her own career to focus on and a family, how long is a woman supposed to carry the baggage She did what she had to do 🤷🏻‍♀️ So relatable

7 Times Ariana Grande Reimagined Her Signature Power Ponytail7 times Vogue's August cover star ArianaGrande reimagined her signature power ponytail. ArianaGrande I think ArianaGrande took over Vogue and I’m here for it! ArianaGrande She is an iconic woman with a legend named Toulouse I don’t think we will ever have a dynamic duo like them again ArianaGrande ArianaGrande im obsessed

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