In leaked audio, Sen. Manchin Signals Support for Filibuster Reform

Former Senator Al Franken (D-MN) and congressional historian Norm Ornstein join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Senator Joe Manchin’s possible support for reforming the 60-vote filibuster threshold.

6/17/2021 10:32:00 AM

'If you look back at what Manchin has written and said, it's been misinterpreted by a lot of people. He said 'I won't vote kill the filibuster or to weaken it,'' historian Norm Ornstein says as Sen. Manchin signals support for filibuster reform.

Former Senator Al Franken (D-MN) and congressional historian Norm Ornstein join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Senator Joe Manchin’s possible support for reforming the 60-vote filibuster threshold.

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They have to come up with something that makes sense. We already went through a president being knee capped. The Senate has become a graveyard. If you party is the minority it's a reason why. When you have the gavels you suppose to pass things that make sense for the country. In other words, he will only support changes that empower the Qblican regime.

May, God Bless America!

Sen. Manchin proposes changes to Democrats' voting billSen. Joe Manchin is proposing an extensive list of changes to his party's sweeping elections and voting bill, raising hopes among Democrats that they could unite behind the legislation even if the measure is nearly certain to be blocked by Republicans in a showdown Senate vote next week. Manchin, a West Virginia moderate, said he's now open to supporting a bill if it's revised, despite declaring earlier this month that the measure was the “wrong piece of legislation to bring our country together.' At least not many Republicans talk about bringing the country together.

State Rep. Chris Turner on Texas Democrats meeting with Sen. Joe Manchin on voting rightsPresident Biden will soon receive the bill to sign that will make Juneteenth, which commemorates the final American slaves being emancipated in Texas, a federal holiday. Texas State Rep. Chris Turner joins Joy Reid to discuss this, and his meeting of Texas Democrats with Sen. Joe Manchin on voting rights.

Sen. Joe Manchin Releases 'Compromise' Proposal On Voting RightsA week after saying he opposed the For the People Act, the West Virginia Democrat revealed what parts of the bill he would support. This guy Manuchin needs to be voted out or ask him to switch parties !! He is ridiculous !! Cheating is 'unacceptable' in voting. Whatever, he decides, it needs to combat ability for cheating to be allowed. Cheating is outrageous for this to even be going on in present day... Joe Manchin must realize what Mitch McConnell is all about. Mitch McConnell is 100% about derailing the progressive agenda. If Democrats can convince him of this, maybe, I repeat, MAYBE, he will realize his role in helping Joe Biden. I repeat, helping Joe Biden.

Fmr. staffer to Sen. Manchin: Manchin is ‘not going to abandon his state for the sake of bipartisanship’Jonathan Kott, former communications director for Sen. Joe Manchin, and Hoppy Kercheval, host of West Virginia’s MetroNews TalkLine, join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Sen. Manchin’s view on the filibuster and if Manchin can be moved on the “For the People Act.” Is his kid a hostage or something? Yeah, and pull on this leg and it plays jingle bells. That Manchin wants to work w/ his Repub colleagues isn't the issue. Rather, r his Repub friends, as he refers to them, really willing to compromise w/ Dems on the hard issues, & red lines they've drawn in the sand. Bipartisanship is a noble aspiration. But it takes 2 to tango!

Sen. Menendez: Putin doesn't have a blank check with Biden“I want him to speak to Putin the way he knows who Putin is. Putin’s a killer. He said it, he was right when he said it,” Sen. Menendez says on President Biden’s upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 🕸️The webs Russia weaves somebody tries to be more poisonous than main snake, will have bad final Nordstream 2.

Sen. Whitehouse calls on Democrats to battle conservative groups waging war on progressive policies'You've got to demand transparency and fight back and call on leaders of the Democratic party to ask what their counter measures are against this big operation,' Sen. Whitehouse says on combating groups waging an effort to stop progressive priorities. We have Democratic leadership? “Progressive priorities” = Insanity