In farewell address, Trump wishes luck to next administration without mentioning Biden

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President Trump, in a farewell address, urged prayers for the new administration of President-elect Joe Biden, but declined to acknowledge his Democratic successor by name

Trump has refused to offer a full concession to Democrat Biden, who won the Nov. 3 election with 306 Electoral College votes to Trump’s 232. Biden will be inaugurated at 12:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday and Trump is not meeting with Biden beforehand or attending the swearing in as is customary in the handover of power to the White House. Trump instead plans to fly to Florida.

“The greatest danger we face is a loss of confidence in ourselves, a loss of confidence in our national greatness,” Trump said. U.S. President Donald Trump makes remarks on a television monitor from the White House Briefing Room during his last day in office, in Washington, D.C. U.S., January 19, 2021. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

In Tuesday’s farewell, without specifically mentioning Twitter’s decision to suspend his @realDonaldTrump account, Trump made reference to his complaint that free speech had been muzzled by the company. Twitter said it suspended the account because of the risk of the incitement of further violence. “We revitalized our alliances and rallied the nations of the world to stand up to China like never before,” he said. “I am especially proud to be the first president in decades who has started no new wars.”

And the president, who former advisers predict has lost much of a political future after the riots, suggested his movement would go on.


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thankyou Trump

Empty words.

Sore loser. How can anyone support such an attitude? 😇

Put orange make up on an idiot, it’s still an idiot!

To all President Trump trolls, compare yourself to him. How many of you could get 74 million votes? Are you a billionaire? Do you believe in America First or globalism? Have you pulled troops home from War? Did you negotiate the Abraham Accords? Operation Warp Speed? Who are you?

He's worse than a child.

His face is contorting such as a person in great, intractable pain. 🤞😃

He’s a riot. A real patRIOT.

Can we please be done with Trump now?

Why can’t he just leave!’s’ve been retired from office!

I'd rather watch flies fuck.

That’s alright, we won’t be saying his name anymore either!

Who’s buying that? wishes from this guy are not heart felt for we know his true self!... the countdown is on... 14...13...12... hours and he’ll be gone!...

LOTUS Loser of the United States

Go to the hell !

Loser to the end.


He is bitter to the end!

Bye bye, old one term. Hope never to hear or see you again.

Such a petty little man.



President Trump is emotionally weak and is afraid to say the name of his opponent

I’m sure we will stay in the news for sometime

The fake news is just too much. No matter what Trump does, it’s wrong. He wished the new administration well. Great, right? No, because he didn’t say “Biden.” Say his name!!! This is the new Reuters. Sad.

Such a vengeful little man!

tiny person. verry, very small indeed. bacterial size.

Asswhole to the end

What's your point. If he had met that criteria, you would have chosen another. RAG.

I hope he gets the Bugaloo and proud Boys to march in his farewell parade. Good riddance.

I thought crybabyTrump was banned from social media.. don't post this crap. justleave byedon

Last episode of house cards...on the topic of not starting a war, he did what he could to start it!

Trump best president in history of the US

Petty to the end. Not surprised......please let them be arrested very quickly So I am petty LOL

Lost the majority vote x2, Impeached x2 BYEDON It's time to rebuild

Trump FarewellAddress

Trump still has not conceded or urged his following to support President elect Biden. He just acknowledges that he is leaving and there will be a new president

Mental Case!!!

To the very end, the media coverage of Trump sucks. You minimized and normalized every crappy to criminal thing he did for more than four years now. I wish I could say that you've learned anything about covering Trump, but to the very end, it's been abysmal.


Well Ts n’ Ps for you and your family through all the upcoming criminal investigations! 😘

American President holds a very powerful position in the world. They should create a benchmark. Every deserved candidate has a chance to become one. Let’s acknowledge n congratulate Joe Biden 😊👍🎈May he prove to be a great administrator too🙏

In the coming high tech era, only machines need jobs! people don't need jobs! Why has Trump always emphasized jobs? To preserve the privileges for the super riches!

He couldn't remember his name...

Smart man

Let’s not waste anymore time, media, etc to this outgoing administration.


Too late...

Hopes and prayers. Just like they say to everyone they don't give a sh*t about.

Totally on brand...petty to a fault 🤢


Useless fella

Reuters, hopefully this will be the last speech of Trump you will Tweet torture us.

thanks for posting, but i do not plan to listen to this. AdiosTrump

That's Trumpism POTUS

So ?

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When asked, he couldn’t expand...

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