In battleground states, Trump has the upper hand on one key issue that has Dems nervous

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In battleground states, Democrats are nervous about President Trump's persisting edge over Joe Biden on the economy.

The adviser, who discussed strategy on condition of anonymity, said Biden doesn't necessarily need to win the argument on the economy given his myriad other advantages. The adviser said breaking even or neutralizing the margin would sufficiently weaken the"last pillar" that is"propping" Trump up.

"Right now, people are focused a little more on COVID and school reopenings and the recent shootings, but I would agree that the overarching theme is going to be about who is best for the economy," he said."And I am just hopeful that Joe's messaging breaks through." "You have a situation where we built the greatest economy in the history of the world. We were forced to close it because of the China plague that came in," Trump said Tuesday in Winston-Salem, North Carolina."Next year is going to be one of the greatest years in the history of a country economically, unless the wrong person gets in."

A big part of his task is to convince the small set of persuadable voters in key states that his record before the crisis shows he'll be better for their pocketbooks than Biden. That requires skipping over six months of shareholder joy and Main Street pain.But voters can hold complicated sets of views. Biden leads on most substantive issues, and a clear majority of voters think he's more empathetic, honest and trustworthy than Trump.


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JoeBiden campaign need 2 talk abt the economy is house of cards. tRump & GOP gave corporations & wealthy BILLIONS of $ in tax cuts & COVID $. They threw crumbs down. Wealthy tax cut is permanent. Non wealthy tax cut exp. Then a tax hike to cover the billions given to the wealthy

What economy? The trillion dollar tax break did not help majority of his followers and if they still support him, God save us.

If you now the economy works you know that we were headed for a recession—the virus only expedited the inevitable. VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

Only to folks who do not know how the economy works

Please do the $1,200 for everyone executive order

Edge? You thought 2016 was a blowout? Hold my beer...

Don’t be nervous just everyone get out there and vote!!

It’s news when the Democrats are nervous, WTF! Your steady flow of 100% pro Biden and 100% anti Trump rhetoric disqualifies you as anything legitimate!

lol that's such a terrible sign. oh well keep hammering personality over policy and I'm sure it'll work itself out

And that’s after they caused a panic to stop it. Imagine what could be done if the Democrats would help.

That is why they are destroying small business in hopes of political gain; they have to promote their phony narratives through joes teleprompter

WHAT ECONOMY? How many trailer dwellers own stock

Joe Biden has to point out the jobs lost, & not regained(huge 's) small business disappearing.The stimulus drove consumer spending not Trump, and tie that to the companies that are driving the rally. If the voters understood how econ really works, Trump's edge disappears.


Absolutely despicable

It's PTSD from 2016...

Elijah the Prophet is back. His stripes are the deadliest. Look at this

Maybe Biden should start telling more lies

The economy is in the toilet.

Please note Trump/Putin are a team. When you mentioned Trump you left out Putin. They have the same goals. So let us start calling it as it is: Trump/Putin

The next 2 months will seal Trumps V shaped come back ! Jobs and Economy are showing signs of downward trend! LIARSALWAYSLIE

We can rebuild an economy, but we can't resurrect the dead. BidenHarrisLandslide2020

Admit it democrats. You’re gonna lose this election. Deep down, you know it. 🤪

Dam Trump the Orange 🍊 face Chump 👎🏽

I’m real concerned about reporters not asking Biden if he had two brain operation ‘s and has it affected his thinking and memory process? Biden talks like he depressed and exhausted.


LOLOLOLOL, the media wants a close race so badly

They should be, he's going to win! There's nothing Joe or the crooked media can do about it, either... We are awake en masse now - We do not forget - We do not forgive - Expect us

What stock market...have you checked lately?

Trump has an even larger advantage over Biden, trumps the successful peace broker

The most important thing good people everywhere can do is VOTE. If we all VOTE. It will be fine. 🇺🇸Biden/Harris 🇺🇸

Biden and Obama created more jobs in their last three years than Trump did in his first three years, and before Covid-19. Biden is better for the economy.

What economy?

this just in...a Dems in Disarray story🙄

What economy? Seriously what the fuck are we doing here people?

Remember, stock market and the economy is different.


Wisconsin has generally always been a blue state. Giving away the Presidency again is simply must never happen. Demand the very best out of the man you put in the WH. To demand the best you need to be the best. Serve your country in any way you can, support neighbors and families

His upper hand is a myth.

He has no economic plan. He just rode the coattails of a good economy. he’s not even a businessman. He’s just a con artist


What edge? He has NO advantage with respect to the economy. Rather, eCONomy. Ruined the economy handed off to him by Obama. Declared bankruptcy repeatedly. This is a ridiculous assertion.

Really? The 1,000th Democrats are nervous. We are not nervous; we are out working them we are in great position and it’s Trump and Republicans that are actually nervous. This article is total BS!

Is it just me or is it every time the left attempts to neutralize something positive the right is or has done they end up ripping our Country in half a little more? Then they have to do damage control and look stupid as they explain destruction's part of peaceful demonstration?

Trump has done nothing to influence the economy. Biden lead the recovery act after the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression than help create a sound foundation for steady growth that Trump has tried to take credit for since taking office.

It’s not that great people are still on unemployment and business are shutting down that’s on Trump not the democrats

Trump2020LandslideVictory Trump2020MAGA

Prepare yourselves NBChina, you are in for 4 more years!

WHY TRUMP WILL BE PRESIDENT IN 2020: “Each person comes into this world with a Destiny -- he has something to fulfill, some message to deliver, some work has to finish. You are not here accidentally - The WHOLE intends to do something through you.” – OSHO

How stupid to think that the idiot that messed it all up will even try to fix it!

Americans should just elect Trump for a second term...but stop whining there after!

Why would Biden even register on that question? He’s Joe Biden for Christ’s sake!

The salient fact is he inherited a thriving economy with over 6 straight years of jobs growth. He has tanked that.

Last I checked, the economy is in the toilet with millions unemployed no thanks to Trump not taking the virus seriously. In fact lying about to the American people resulting in 196k dead.

C’MON the economy has nothing to do with it. The CASTE SYSTEM is alive and well. That White ranking means more than life. 🛑

People think the stock market is the economy and the only reason it has not crashed is the Federal reserve.

Trumps 1%ers run our lives ,...Nov 3rd is time for some 'trickle up' for a nice change

September 29th. Seal the deal.

Donald is shreddin' that wave baby! KeepAmericaGreat Trump2020

Trump has been bringing Jobs back from China, with his Made in America policies.

Democrats are always shocked there are people who won't vote for him. Do something about it, campaign, hold rallies, get active. Instead they just sit around whining about how there's people who won't vote for them, they do nothing to convince the 60% of the country who dont vote

I would venture to guess that regardless of polls most Democrats will be nervous until the final tallies are counted this November. VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

that's because Democrats and the media never pushed back on Trump's LUDICROUS claims that he BUILT the greatest ECONOMY ever

This headline is FALSE! Biden has the edge in. Atylegtound states not Trump!

Battle ground states need to worry first about getting rid of such chaos. And the work together for results.

Fly Donald the Cruel and the whole murderous family to Russia and leave them there EXILED!

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