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In ‘A Warning,’ Anonymous Author Makes Case Against Re-election

The same writer who penned an Opinion essay in 2018 argues in a new book that the president’s contract shouldn’t be renewed.


Breaking News: Trump officials once considered resigning en masse, an anonymous author identified as an administration official says in a new book. Read our review.

The same writer who penned an Opinion essay in 2018 argues in a new book that the president’s contract shouldn’t be renewed.

“What will he do when there is no person to attack, only an idea?”

“nonprofit organizations that focus on government accountability,”

conservative judicial appointments, the deregulation, the tax cuts;

President Trump, in unprecedented fashion, was determined to use his office to limit the nation’s recognition of John McCain’s legacy.

Read more: The New York Times

So they want a cookie for their brave 'considerations'? .. Don't think so. The author of this book once told me how he was going to make up lies about the president and his staff and publish it in a book. provemewrong YOU ARE FAKE NEWS - ENEMY OF WE THE PEOPLE. That's a book worth buying If they didn't do it, what's there to talk about?

Wish he’d come forward but alas he’s a Republican. books But they didn’t. coopeydoop Is he/she/they related to PierreDelecto ? MarkSZaidEsq This is a work of fiction by a coward who can’t even put his name on it. NYT is a fraud. Too good to be true. Getting our hopes up? Not cool.

Exclusive: Book Claims Senior Officials Believed Pence Would Support Use Of 25th AmendmentThe anonymous author of " A Warning ," reportedly a current or former White House official, said talk of removing Trump escalated after Comey was fired. Every photo of Pence published lately he is shown like he is sleeping (or dozing) . 😆 I bet now since Obama won’t endorse Joe, he would would have supported the 25th amendment from 2009 - 2016. 😂

wondering why I once considered being impressed. That is a great way to sell a book, I wonder if that smear technique has ever been used before to get on the NYT Bestsellers list? Oh wait, your the NYT. So, has it been used before? Oh that's just silly. Republicans aren't lemmings, are they? I do NOT think this would mean they QUIT getting our taxpayer funded checks/lifestyle. There is THAT, too. So a 'walkout' is NOT the same as 'quitting'. Right? Pfft.

Not much of a threat.😂 If this was real nothing would be anonymous. Breaking News: We have just learned that a thing didn't happen a long time ago. Breaking News! Anonymous is either guilty of participating in a “soft” coup d’etat, or he/she’s a liar. Pick one.

State Elections: Why Democrat Wins In Kentucky And Virginia Spell Trouble For Trump In 2020Democrats scored key victories in elections in traditionally red states in a signal that President Donald Trump could face a tough re-election campaign in 2020. How many bullshit journalists have to writte in order to get their job safe The blue wave is coming trump is nervous now Kentucky had nothing to do with Trump. It was about local issues: pension and a toll bridge. And a stupid governor who was very unlikable. The rest of the Republican ticket won and many won big.

No named authors, no named whistle blowers, no named leakers (Schiff), and no named suiciders , damn I'm going to run out and buy this book. Fake news They should’ve It all means nothing. The book has zero credibility if this person is not willing to attach his/her name to it. But they didn’t. Cowards. It's difficult to take this seriously from someone who's afraid to identify himself/herself. If it's that bad you have a duty to step forward and stop enabling.

I wish they had done this. There’s still time. All they’re doing now is protecting their own jobs and enabling a wanna-be dictator. Fake news for book sales. Narrator: “But then they decided that hanging on to power was more important than protecting the Republic, so they stayed.” And how many people have died, or have been treated cruelly, because they didn't? I'm sure the Kurds, the refugees at the border, the veterans who served our military but aren't US citizens, our guests who came here for healthcare, small farmers, Muslims affected by the ban, ...

State Elections: Why Democrats’ Wins In Kentucky And Virginia Spell Trouble For Trump In 2020Democrats scored key victories in elections in traditionally red states in a signal that President Donald Trump could face a tough re-election campaign in 2020. Let’s hope so! You know very well Trump will win big in Kentucky next year. Pathetic articles paghetic account.

Anonymous. Which means Adam schiff could've written it. Anyone. I could have written and published an anonymous letter 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Why are these 'sources' always anonymous! If they truly felt this strongly then resign ! Otherwise it is just hyperbole and BS. Backbone to gop means whispering that personally, they are not 100% behind the chaos and harms they are actually supporting.

MarkSZaidEsq Once again a book anonymous sources Who is written by someone who is not in the White House. 😂 NYTimes anonymously lie with impunity! Anonymous sources in a book written by an anonymous writer titled anonymous. Sounds about right. Definitely right up the NYT alley in quality journalism. There was a time when journalism actually cared about the quality of the product it put out. Those were good times.

Cowards. gtconway3d Tired of hearing about the do nothing “ADULTS IN THE ROOM”. More like spineless, complicit, cowards. THANKS FOR LETTING THIS HAPPEN ! It’s sill going on you coward 'A WARNING' BY ANONYMOUS...ANOTHER REASON TO GET RID OF TRUMP!

Exclusive: Anonymous author depicts deep Trump admin dysfunctionNEW: Many top Trump admin. figures have pre-written resignation letters ready to submit at any time due to President Trump's erratic behavior, according to excerpts of ' A Warning ' that were obtained and read Thursday night by Maddow on her show. maddow Maddow literally reduced to promoting someone named 'anonymous'. This is not a good. All excuses for this nonsense is for losers. maddow Lol. Holding the page with a conspiracy theory group. Mmmkayyyy rachel...😂😂😂 maddow They didn't resign. They didn't say anything. They're complicit. Kid in cages, selective federal response during disasters, Muslim travel ban, birtherism and that's not including the criminal enterprise that runs from the White House.

Instead of referring to them as 'Anonymous' can we just refer to them as 'Coward?' Writing anonymously in times like these is cowardly. Put your name and reputation behind what you are saying. Every person should have the right to face the individual who is alleging that they are not competent, which is evident to most of us.

It's odd to see a book explaining what's before our very eyes and in our ears every single day right now. If the newest thing we're going to get out of this is a bunch of, 'woulda, coulda, shoulda' malarkey, well then get in line b/c that's everyone relative to this Trump admin Yay the next talking narrative is here! When are you guys going to report in DACA again? Or kids in cages? How about that collusion?

only once? That almost as good as your racism idea! This is so dumb. They should have done it. MarkSZaidEsq READtheTRANSCRIPT TheWhistleBlowerIsEricCiaramella. Epsteindidntkillhimself Hoping they will stand up en masse and support his ousting.

Sandra Bullock, Ellen DeGeneres Team Up for Lawsuit Over Fake EndorsementsSandra Bullock and Ellen DeGeneres (TheEllenShow) are 'joining forces in this action to expose the Celebrity Endorsement Theft Industry' yashar TheEllenShow Ste did endorse W, right? yashar TheEllenShow That certainly sounds like a crisis that requires immediate attention! Clever trick there TheEllenShow . We know this one was a real endorsement.

MarkSZaidEsq Mark don’t you have some ambulance chasing to do? The New York Times has zero credibility. MarkSZaidEsq This book is located in the fiction section But they did not...so who cares 🤷🏾‍♀️ Another anonymous author. Yeah, sure. So believable. So brave. gtconway3d Not too late Two words, bull and shit.

These books are spineless. Another sensationalist trying to make a buck. Stand up, state your name and support impeachment if you want to support the people. Grocery store tabloids have more credibility than the MSM at this point.

Jeff Sessions to announce bid to win his old Senate seat backIt has been made clear to Sessions that President Donald Trump intends to campaign against him. Don't Bother

It seems like sources for all reports are always 'anonymous' (i.e. FAKE). Now that they have a whole book to 'source' from we should see even less credible news from this rag. They should have for America’s sake Anonymous = coward. Who purchases a book written by an anonymous author? I'm sick to death of accounts of the times these chickenshits almost did the right thing, but then didn't instead.

MarkSZaidEsq A coward you mean! Since this is the Times and anonymous as well everyone should take it at face value...an overpriced adddition of the National Enquirer or Weekly World News MarkSZaidEsq 😂😂😂 Opiated fodder for the UsefulIdiots Anonymous? What a coward! If you’re a bureaucrat and don’t agree with POTUS policies, then resign! Nothing says partisan hack, than leaking to try and hurt the administration.

But Trump supporters can’t read, so this is useless.

Cowards Who cares. They didn’t. They’re spineless weak people who cared more about prestige and money than the country they claimed to represent. Selfish m-f’s. Holdovers from corrupt Obama. And if they are so true to themselves, why didn't they? Anonymous = Cowardly. When you hide behind anonymity to make scurrilous remarks, that’s not showing courage, that’s purely sedition. Show your face publicly & provide your evidence, because this anonymous BS is so dated, no intelligent person believes it anymore.

Fake News Media is anonymous author. Zero credibility. EnemyOfThePeople MAGA 'Anonymous' says it all. Is that like 'according to our sources'? What asshole would listen to “Anonymous”? We see Trump on stage constantly. Amazing mental acuity. Now on the other hand Joe Biden... Key word... anonymous...FakeNews

Yet they continue to fucking LOOK THE OTHER WAY..and THE GOP IS COMPLICIT.. Weird...my annomous source says the us military almost took over the White House while Obama was president

My anonymous sources told me the Obama admin wanted to nuke the moon, because and I quote, it’s winking at me every night. I think my story holds as much weight as yours.... fake news Fake news loves nothing more than a hate-Trump fake book by a fake author. anblanx The title should be, “Coward”😡 MarkSZaidEsq 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Lemmings need to follow But the didn't. This book is a bunch of crap we know. Cowards. But yet they continued to enable this man to potentially destroy the country and the world. If true, the phrase 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions' appllies.

Pathetic on the part of NYT to run anonymous crap like this. No validity whatsoever gtconway3d It’s kellyann Conway!!!!!!!!!!! Didn’t happen did it ..... FAKE NEWS gtconway3d If they cared about the country they would. MarkSZaidEsq “I’m warning you” weighs in. Meanwhile corporate America and the wealthy bite their nails over Warren or Sanders.

More.Fake News i once considered becoming a pro surfer MarkSZaidEsq

But they didn't. It's really a calling to be public servants again, isn't it? MarkSZaidEsq Another anonymous source claiming something almost happened but didn’t. Wow thanks nyt And yet the referenced, collaborated and heavily researched report on Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t up to the Times journalistic standards

There is still time. Do it if that's what is needed to tell the country it's in trouble. Otherwise, I mean this emphatically, shut up and live with your lack of courage and integrity. gtconway3d Hmm... I wonder who Anonymus could be? An anonymous author ... that says it all.... More fakenews gtconway3d 100s of Kurds and thousands of families might still be alive and in tactb if they had grown a spine

Writing about something that didn’t actually happen is called fiction or inaction. I’m sure a good majority of people across the globe have days where they consider leaving their job - but, of course, don’t actually abandon their responsibilities.

Imagine that...The NYT pushing unsubstantiated anonymous lies...wait, what am I saying? MarkSZaidEsq Not news. Trump hasn't changed. They didn't resign. gtconway3d Unless he comes out of hiding I can’t believe him. an anonymous source said unicorns and fairies exist. fail 'A Warning, Anonymous'. (I stopped there. Call me a cynic.)

Fake news. These people keep digging their graves deeper and deeper. Bloomberg & Biden in 2020❕🗽🇺🇸 Anonymous!!’ formernewspaper Eric Ciaramella 'whistleblower' Whistleblower EricCiaramella EricCiaramellaIsASpy More like an-ominous book.😉

They are enablers who aid and abet a criminal. If they all walked out it would have prevented all the sleepless nights we have had because we are truly worried about this criminal in the WH. Everybody with half a brain knows that Trump’s inept azz should never have set foot in the White House. But they didn't. AnonymousBook

Maybe that's what is needed with career bureaucrats(cb). Look at this impeachment crap. Schiff is bringing cbs out of the woodwork with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th person testimony, as if their opinion is gospel. The ambassador complains bitterly of her discharge. A leftover from obama, Fake news But instead the Obama holdovers decided to stay and subvert the newly elected administration ....

I don't trust one thing our so-called legit media 'reports' anymore. NBC, ABC and CBS News have all now run cover for some of the world’s most powerful child rape rings, killing stories and firing employees who tried to expose the outlets. And you are guilty too. gtconway3d Does the NYT confirm the author of the book is the same person who wrote the op ed?

MarkSZaidEsq Lol💩🤡😆 Anonymous news....what a novel idea

You all need to stop with the Anonymous BS, anyone can say anything while being this way.. it’s dishonest They did resign en masse! Time and time again. It hasn't stopped yet. gtconway3d Donald Trump is a monster. This book won't change anything It's TRUE when you knock the helmet off blaster there's just a child under there try a whistle on him.

This is BS and you should be ashamed of publishing it. Also, the majority of us, including your reporters, have always known that Trump is a mobster, has thug abilities, and the intelligence of a gnat. FakeNews FakeNewsMedia shame on you jennrichter If a group of anonymous trump officials consider resigning en masse in the forest, and none of them do it, does it still make a sound?

nyt officially out of business

Lame. gtconway3d Well they obviously did not so get them all! So many books have been written screaming that this President is mentally unfit for office. So many people have testified that this President is unfit for office. Yet, his base is immune to the fact that this Ptesident is mentally unfit for office.

Just like Ryan and a long list of trump supporters that “almost” did something ethical. If they really thought trump is dangerous then do something real. Writing an anonymous book doesn’t count and is just a cowardly action Nielsen as Anonymous: “If people knew the role she played in trying to control the chaos that’s taking place in the White House, she’d be a hero,” the former colleague said. (5/5) (Cite:

They should have. MarkSZaidEsq You expect the majority of people... including even some democratic voting citizens to believe this? 😂🤣🤣😂 ha ha ha MORE bullshit! If true, the author and the other officials are cowards. The author tries unsuccessfully to head off that charge. If you're in govt you've got to be willing to walk away, to put it all on the line.

What a pathetic coward. gtconway3d They once considered resigning en mass. But they, alas, cowards that they were, decided to just keep on enabling the president instead. gtconway3d No tolerance for cowards. Anyone who will not come forward & tell the American public the truth about donald’s administration, his foreign entanglements, his lawlessness, is a coward. Mattis, McMaster, Kelly, Coates, Haley, all of them cowards. Abject cowards. No exception.

Fiction is entertaining, yes? Anyone who lived in New York during Trump's 'formative' years could have told the populace this about Trump. He was seen as nothing but a joke, but the joke is now on America. His base will treat this as it did the whistleblowers complaint. They live vicariously through him.

This better be written by Barron. gtconway3d . . 🤔 Profiles in Courage.... 🙄 . . . Cool keep me posted on what other people might consider doing! Anonymous fiction, anonymous poetry.... great. Anonymous non-fiction? Hard to take this one seriously.

CrimsonClaymore gtconway3d BS ,and you wonder why you’re struggling to keep afloat . gtconway3d And yet they all found the 'strength' to carry on lying and trampling on American values. Spare me. None had the courage to leave. That says it all. But they didn't. Instead, they kept their heads down and did bugger-all like the good little Vichy-minded patriots they are.

But you didn’t, so it doesn’t matter gtconway3d realDonaldTrump gtconway3d Whether or not you believe the book is true or not is not the scary thing. The scary thing is that everyone believes the book could be true. Anonymous authors, anonymous whistleblowers. They know their words and character won’t stand under scrutiny.

gtconway3d but they were good nazi guards instead

That is the claim made in the book. And they didn't resign, because they're complicit. So, you know, who gives a fuck? They should have resigned. Instead, they enabled him. Kagey_Mays Yeah sure. So why didn’t they? Bunch of bitches. FAKE NEWS Just hand the guy the 2020 election. 🙄 No one believes you. fakenews AnonymousBook Anonymous

Many times I've been truly amazed how seemingly hopeless contenders once elected to office, rise to the occasion brilliantly. This case is quite different. My initial impressions have been confirmed in spades and then some. MarkSZaidEsq Bull A regurgitation of old news, news that wouldn’t have been news when people like anonymous would have stepped in. Everyone condoning, every one letting it slide is complicit. TrumpCrimeSyndicate

I'm pretty sure TheResistance is a niche market manufactured by merchants to sell books to. MarkSZaidEsq Yawn Fake non news bs. Anonymous... thought about doing something... author’s publisher says they will “give some” profits to support journalism... The debases itself daily. And I’m sure you will find a way to go even lower. Anonymous will laugh his way to the bank. Hope it’s John Barron. 🤣

Pure b.s. by an unnamed coward, perhaps even just a hoax by a bunch of teenagers. The joke's on you. MarkSZaidEsq I once considered quitting drinking. Hold my beer while I explain. This says what we all know trump is a dangerous ignorant man Trump’s disordered personality means he’ll be obsessed with tracking down Anon, and I think most Ds appreciate this person isn’t worth protecting. House Dems should offer to hold public hearings to out them — 45 just needs to send his staff over to answer questions under oath.

My Canadian fiancé who exists once considered giving me a million dollar engagement ring and I put a stop to that due to my vast honorableness. COWARD !!!!!!

Didn’t we already know this? Mnuchin, Mattis, and Tillerson? HahahHa. MarkSZaidEsq But they didn't so... who the fuck cares MarkSZaidEsq I refuse to waste my money on anonymous writer. You could do something instead you sit there doing nothing Trump officials saving democracy: Expose this coward, cowards

MarkSZaidEsq Nice book KellyannePolls Only the best people realDonaldTrump Did you just quote a dude named “Anonymous” as fact? This would be sad if it weren’t so pathetic. I once considered ending poverty, do I get a book?

False. MarkSZaidEsq Anonymous means you can make stuff up with no consequences I'll consider reading this... MarkSZaidEsq Means nothing. 'Considered' means nothing. You people are pathetic. There is no journalistic standards in your organization. Zero Real Profiles in Courage content here. Let me know when this coward is willing to stake his/her reputation on these allegations. Until then, not interested.

No. But, THANKS! How is that political assassination of the President coming along NYT? Been at it for what? Going on three years now?

I almost didn't eat a brownie today. Breaking news: if Washington loved trump it would mean he isn't doing what we sent him there to do. We the people are sick of our employees acting like our masters. 🖕 I almost applaud their almost resolve to almost make an almost statement. Bravo (almost). Run the book through the code computer; maybe the 3rd letter of every 7-letter word on a prime number page spells out the name of the author?

Been there, done that, No one cares... Just trying to $ E L L B O O K S to hardcore democrats who hate Trump.. We get it... Can’t blame them! Who would want to work with senior psychopath!?😜 It’s likely one of the disgruntled leftovers with the Whistleblower... Anonymous author and NYT is all I need to know. Grain of salt 😂

It used to be The National Enquirer and The Star were the only rags which printed this type of ridiculous anonymous garbage. The depths at which The NY Times have sunk makes them have to climb to reach the sewer. What utter trash What were the legal repercussions of the publishing of The American Black Chamber?

Who gives a hot shit? Well that would have been the best thing to do. Idiots. You’re not embarrassed to run this ? Well .. I’m embarrassed for you. “A Warning,” then, is just that: a warning, for those who need it, that electing Mr. Trump to a second term would be courting disaster. “ impulsive and crazy like dumping Syrian Kurds

Lies Authority ain’t shit without morality. How is this considered breaking news. You are a laughing stock So America, after reading this, I think you absolutely should be convinced that another four years of Trump administration is devastating for your country. ImpeachTrumpNow and BlueWave2020🌊 VoteHimOut

God Said!! There is no beating Trump!! It has come to pass!!

If I didn't know better, I'd say that you're chiding the author, goading them into revealing their identity and perhaps, becoming a star witness at the impeachment trial. I'm just a penguin. I don't really buy this story though. Anonymity allows people to lie. Believe me. I am honest. I told you my name was Pablo.

Why is NYT hyping this junk? Why promote this coward? I once considered banging Jennifer Anniston but then there’s that pesky reality thing so I didn’t. Nobody cares. They were too cowardly to step up when it counted. It is probably written by Kellyanne trying to cash in. So where are these people now? Who will have the courage to reclaim their dignity and speak up?

Wow, they considered it? Incredibly brave. Thank goodness Trump settled into the presidency and they didn't have to make that difficult decision. This meets your standards for reporting, but the Epstein story didn't?!?! EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews So, how does an anonymous source have any credibility? Republicans need to find some 'Anonymouses' of their own. They can say whatever they want.

cmarinucci Says author John Barron. FakeNews jennablan BS. but lets watch liberal sheep eat it up and wholeheartedly believe it's true. Because, often times its best to believe what others say without any evidence. I considered having tacos for dinner I was originally going to order this book, but not a thing I have heard about it leads me to conclude we can believe it is from inside the White House. He needs to grow a pair and identify himself. There is no credible person to vouch for the authenticity of this book.

Something to consider during this re-election campaign. Please please please get ratio’d so hard This is fiction. Why? Because the coward that wrote it doesn’t have the backbone to put a name on it. “Breaking News” 😂 Anonymous? Lol wtf. This is the Could you make your agenda any more clear. This is evidence of the death of journalism.

Haha what a joke Rep. Adam Schiff releases new impeachment document. SethAbramson Sorry if you believe in what you wrote then put your name on it. Everything might be 100% true but hiding behind Anonymous makes your work useless SethAbramson But instead they decided to make money writing a book about the Jerry Springer show that is now our WH.

I am not sure how this publication benefits anyone besides the author’s bank balance. What’s the point in being anonymous if the problems are grave? In fact, the author is doing more damage (and profiting from it) by not speaking on record, as the American people suffer. Again an anonymous source? You sleep and see everything in a dream, then write

i was a number away from winning Powerball SethAbramson This is when the bullshit starts leaking out. ‘We knew it was bad, we were just trying to save it.’ Tell it to the judge. 🤬 SethAbramson Yeah, but instead they didn't do shit. Screw them and their last ditch profiteering escapade. Anonymous. Yep, I believe every word ... not!

SethAbramson anonymous I once considered joining the Dodgers, I will have details in my soon to be released book. I almost won the lottery It’s a good read... SethAbramson Just considering it was not nearly good enough. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 I place zero value on anyone who writes about behind the doors meetings anonymously. If you take a stand then take it! I hate cowards.

Another “ some random person says” “buy the book to find out” liberal suckers Fake news O jogo está virando!

Wow! Bombshell, if true! Lies I think thats called a strike isnt it? Another anonymous source? Come on NYT. This is getting old. Here we go with education for the masses of idiots who believe such nonsense...whenever a media report has phrases “anonymous author / sources or An associate close to the administration” it’s a lie.

wow. and the cowards chickened out? do they want cookies? the anonymous author is trump himself firing up his fan base.... Lol I cannot believe a book written by an Anonymous author is given any serious consideration. The author could allege Trump was in cahoots with the Klingons and half of the Times readers would lap it up.

Sounds about right the New York Times will report anything they hear from here say everything is here saying never a fact or the garbage newspaper They deserve a Medal of Almost Honor for their almost brave actions

Anonymous. Enough said. And more anonymity from the Left. Secret whistleblowers, secret hearings, secret accusers. Just love transparency in government. SpiroAgnewGhost ButTheyDidnt lol who cares That's how I get my election voting advice; from an anonymous book writer. They're the most reliable source of information in Washington. Well, next to my Aunt Kay who cleans the House restrooms. I mean, she really knows her sh

Beginning to believe “anonymous” is a Trump hoax. “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office”, then “cruel, inept, & a danger to this nation” yet they just walk away watching him still destroy America? Sounds shady when you say it out loud. Peter Baker seems upset about the author keeping his identity hidden. 🤔😦

Hehe... this author & publisher are facing a long long expensive road leading to some jail time... it's called 'Son of Sam Law'

If this were published in a more centrist publication, this would carry more weight and import. In the NYT...it's interesting but blustering in an echo chamber. I want middle America newspapers to pick this up and run with it. If true, what was the turning point when they actually believed, “Nah, he’s ok” and changed their minds?

Dems ie Deep State's favorite author is 'Anonymous'... Consider it the best selling 'Fiction' work!!! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😆😆😆 unless you're talking about holdover swamp creatures If true Would like to SEE the proof on this one nyt. You spread as many innuendos as cnn, wp to name a few media backers of the anti POTUS and America movement.

Now we get books written by Anonymous people. Now anonymous means make up crap and nobody knows who to sue for libel Something big is happening tomorrow... Stay tuned... No, they didn't. Anonymous garbage

But they didn’t do jack. Is there something less than zero credibility? This book is it. “Anonymous” is a coward who should learn from the legitimacy of the whistleblower and all of the public testimony of career professionals who have put their reputations and lives on the line to tell the truth about the Ukraine bribery scandal.

Anonymous 🙄 Another story about Trump hate😂 — all total failures, this one won’t even put his name on it😂 anonymous Yea but in the end they did not resign It would probably lend some credibility to this book if the author identified themself. Otherwise it just looks like a typical NYT story. More anonymous BS from untrustworthy NY Times.

Missing space between words. jenszalai

Anonymous =Gutless Bullshit SpiroAgnewGhost Once considered? Super brave Fuck this book and the enabling of it So a random person made something up? That’s the headline? You’re a joke of a newspaper So he has the spine of say... MittRomney? Stupid review SpiroAgnewGhost but they didn't do it. or LockHimUp

...but they didn't actually do it. 😴😴😴😴 Missing space between words/sentences. jenszalai Well, they should fucking resign if they're serious. Cut it out with this shit how many times do we all say we’re gonna quit our jobs but never do legit means nothing unless we get some names Put out with no corroboration great journalism

if you believe that, dm me for a great business opportunity Yeaaaa people with brains aren’t gonna believe an anonymous author who stands to gain millions by writing whatever bs will sell books. VERIFIED FACTSanonymous hearsay My god give it up.

I'm just looking forward to the plethora of movies and tv series that'll appear after Trump leaves office Seems like Billy Taylor, Fiona Hill and others has more of a spine than this author. What a brave thing to almost do... JFC! You're sounding like the National Enquirer.

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