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In a Troubled U.S.-China Relationship, Moments of Pragmatism Emerge

Deal for Huawei executive’s release follows other actions suggesting a willingness on both sides to grab at green shoots.

9/26/2021 9:20:00 PM

The U.S. and China are at loggerheads on numerous fronts, including technology and human rights. Yet, a growing list of actions since Joe Biden assumed the presidency indicates the two sides are willing to grab at green shoots.

Deal for Huawei executive’s release follows other actions suggesting a willingness on both sides to grab at green shoots.

Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer, was allowed to leave Canada nearly three years after being detained there on behalf of the U.S. Before boarding a flight to​ China​, she ​talked about how​ her life had been turned upside down. Photo: DON MACKINNON/AFP via Getty Images

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No workable planet no superpowers Autocracy vs democracy. China won huge for the first bout. bitcoin 35.000 usd The root cause of this collision is not ideology, but America's attempt to contain China in manufacturing, while China's attempt to compete with America in international finance and technology, from strategic complementarity to strategic competition

China has no intention of compromising with Biden. They see a weak leader and will press their interests as much as possible.

China pledges to stop financing coal plants abroadChina is already moving away from funding it anyway. Plus, its coal-burning at home matters far more good luck China uses practical actions to promote green energy, not as a propaganda slogan. Obviously the Economist misjudged this. Well done, . Finally a major media wrote the truth. Absolutely, it’s low hanging fruits. Obama did the same by restricting financing for overseas coal projects.

Trudeau: Two Canadians released by China are headed homeFormer diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor had 'left Chinese airspace, and they're on their way home,' Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a news conference in Ottawa. A miracle! FELTSTORY1 From the looks of those two the spy gene pool is greatly diminishing!

China issues dominate election of Taiwan opposition leaderTAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Fraught relations with neighboring China are dominating Saturday's election for the leader of Taiwan’s main opposition Nationalist Party. Four candidates, including incumbent Chairman Johnny Chiang, are competing for the leadership of the party that has advocated closer relations with Beijing. Taiwan is not a neighbor of China. Taiwan is a part of China. The title is misleading reader who don't know the history bewteen Taiwan and mainland China. So called 'main opposition Nationalist Party' is also one of the Chinese party which was defeated in the civil war in 1949. 24/09/2021 | MEGA VIGÍLIA GLOBAL DE SEXTA-FEIRA - OS PROFETAS DO SENHOR | AnnouncementOfRapture so ... are they no longer claiming they are 'Republic of China'?

China believes that America is forging alliances to stop its riseA new pact between America, Australia and Britain is seen as evidence | China Why do you always ignore the proliferation of nuclear weapons?We won't discuss it now? Blind? CPC had openly opposes to universal values like freedom and human rights. Therefore any effort to protect or promote universal values had to be an attack on China. In order to avoid China accusing the west of attacking China, the west must abandon universal values. Hahahahahahaa, if you have 2 working neurons you will think that too. I mean it's preety clear.

China steps up funding oversight of Evergrande property projects -CaixinSeveral local governments in China have set up special custodian accounts for property projects of its most indebted developer, Evergrande , to protect funds earmarked for housing projects from being diverted, media outlet Caixin said.

As Canada frees a Huawei boss, China lets two Canadians out of jailWhile the two Michaels languished in prison, Meng Wanzhou lived in a mansion during her extradition fight difference between spies and the innocent. So all this political grand standing and millions in legal costs was for nothing. On top of that, the Huawei exec was freed days after the Canadian election. I can’t help but think Trudeau manipulated all of Canada. Don't compare two prisoners with a kidnapped lady