'Impossible': Democratic Governors Pan Trump's $400-A-Week Unemployment Benefit

8/11/2020 1:05:00 AM

Calling the order 'impossible' on Sunday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo added on Monday that it's a 'nonstarter' because 'states can't afford it' and that 'it will be challenged in court.'

On a conference call alongside Cuomo onMonday, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear estimated that the Trump administration only has enough money to fund five weeks of payments, and said that,"My motivation today is not to criticize, and it is not to suggest that the president's executive order wasn't intended to help, but simply to make the point that it's not workable in its current form."

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom onMondaysaid the program would cost the state $700 million per week and up to $2.8 billion each week when federal funding ran out, saying it's already allocated money from the CARES Act and that it"would create a burn in the likes of which even a state as large as California can never absorb."

Ohio's Republican Gov. Mike DeWine, while giving kudos to Trump for"trying to do something" on CNNSunday, said,"I don't know yet," on whether the state could provide the 25% funding, adding that"Congress needs to get back in and negotiate."

Numerous other states led by both Republican and Democratic governors were noncommittal, including Maryland, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Louisiana, according toCBS News.States face huge budget shortfalls due to the pandemic; House Democrats sought to appropriate nearly $1 trillion in aid for states through the HEROES Act it passed in May, while Senate Republicans' late July proposal, the HEALS Act, provides no new funding.

Chief CriticSen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) came out against the executive actions Trump announced over the weekend, saying in a statement,"The pen-and-phone theory of executive lawmaking is unconstitutional slop." This drew the indignation of Trump, who called Sasse a"RINO" (Republican In Name Only) on

and alleged he'd"gone rogue, again."Big Number$13.3 billion. That's the budget shortfall for fiscal year 2021 for the state of New York, as announced inApril. The state expects a revenue decline of $61 billion through fiscal year 2024. In total, states may face a budget shortfall of almost 10% in fiscal year 2020 and over 20% in 2021, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in

.Key backgroundEnhanced unemployment benefits that provided $600 per week to recipients, which was included in the $2 trillion CARES Act, expired at the end of July, and negotiations on a new stimulus package fell apart onFriday Read more: Forbes »

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Trump's $400 weekly boost to unemployment insurance won't increase benefits for jobless Americans anytime soonThe Trump administration&39;s executive action on unemployment is attempting to set up a "lost wages" program outside the traditional benefit system. Asking for help the last couple weeks my sister & I have been struggling to get by I lost my jobs as a janitor and filed for unemployment im waitin to get the benefits but until then were asking if anyone is willing to donate $1 It would help a ton Venmo or Cashapp MattMartins147 Why? Because the democrats will sue him in court to stop him from helping us? How is it that Trump gets away with DEFUNIDING SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE? Seniors are stressed out about covid 19 and now have to worry about this? The republicans that are not standing up for seniors need to get ready to pack their bags and get new jobs!

Trump order could mean $400 in added unemployment benefits — but states would have to helpWill the order hold up in court? Heck Here in Georgia we are still fighting to get our unemployment for months now. For me its been 4 months Even though Congress is responsible for the budget, how will the Republicans pay for this?

Poorest Americans Unlikely To Qualify For $400-A-Week Unemployment Checks: ReportIt’s not clear how the checks will even be paid for. I'm calling this PROPAGANDA One day I will appear here😎 The poorest people do qualify for a plethora of other programs. And remember, the poorest people are always the fattest.

Poorest Americans Unlikely To Qualify For $400-A-Week Unemployment Checks: ReportSome of the lowest-income Americans would likely miss out on the $400 weekly unemployment payments What about doing a second $1200 check for people in need who aren't on the $400/week unemployment payment program? The Democrats don't do what they can. NeverTrump's blind eye works perfectly. Why Japan Does Not Have America's Super-Rich Problem

Trump's proposed extra unemployment could amount to $300 a week instead of $400, and you may not qualifyOn top of questions about the legality of President Trump's Aug. 8 executive order extending extra federal unemployment benefits, recipients would have to collect at least $100 weekly in other unemployment insurance to qualify for the federal boost, which could end up being $300 a week due to how the benefits would be calculated. Fake news Dictator Newsom destroyed millions of businesses and lives And Democrats are doing nothing