Impeachment fact-check: Military funding did not get to Ukraine, shredding Trump defense

Ukraine still has not received some of the military aid that Pres. Trump had withheld, @TheBeatWithAri reports.


Ukraine still has not received some of the military aid that Pres. Trump had withheld, TheBeatWithAri reports.

The House impeachment report documents more evidence undercutting one of the White House’s last factual defenses to impeachment – the claim that there can’t be an impeachable abuse of power if Ukraine ultimately got the military money that was froze. In this report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber draws on the evidence in the new House report, and other material, to show millions of dollars have still not reached Ukraine, raising key issues for the impeachment probe.

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TheBeatWithAri Anyone check trumps bank accounts TheBeatWithAri “Someone needs to actually, in an objective way, evaluate a letter from four Democrats that said to Ukraine, ‘If you don’t keep investigating Trump we will reconsider our bipartisan support for aid.’ That’s a threat. And that’s the same kind of stuff they’re accusing Trump of.”

TheBeatWithAri Yeah keep handing out my tax $ to corrupt Ukraine. TheBeatWithAri check your spam folder TheBeatWithAri And the White House meeting. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the White House meeting just before the trial. TheBeatWithAri Trump est pourrie jusqu’à l’os. TheBeatWithAri Trump est corrompu jusqu’à l’os !

adishsoup TheBeatWithAri Per Trump those ever important Javelin missiles have to be stored in western Ukraine 100’s of miles away from the military border. Putin triumphs again. TheBeatWithAri xlnalola TheBeatWithAri Inlightgen. Inform the public that corporations receive welfare as well, hell if u know how they qualify, I don't because my annual salary is just above 18grand . Peanuts . Below


Fox News judge debunks Turley's anti-Trump impeachment argument, says 'House has sole power of impeachment'Judge Andrew Napolitano said there were flaws in Jonathan Turley's argument against impeaching President Trump during Fox News' coverage of the House Judiciary Committee's ongoing impeachment proceedings. Even a Fox News dog finds a bone, once in a while. AND IT CAN BE SOLELY POLITICAL....AS THIS IS....AS THE FOUNDERS WARNED AGAINST if there is an impeachable offense...which there is NO proof of...move on everyone.

TheBeatWithAri Military Aid still hasn't been paid to Ukraine, which is 14% = approx. $54M. What if Trump used the funds for something else? Ukraine MilitaryAid TheBeat MSNBC TheBeatWithAri Fake news TheBeatWithAri TheBeatWithAri Well that's a Gop talking point we can scratch. TheBeatWithAri This makes sense and explains thi me why Zelensky still won't cuss Trump out!

TheBeatWithAri 'Many people are asking why I'm awake at this time in the morning. This is what I heard. 'By the way, did I tell you I'm richer than many people imagine? I've got a nicer house than Nancy Pelosi. And those tax returns are a hoax.' TheBeatWithAri Do tell... TheBeatWithAri He’s doing the same thing with Lebanon. He really is not helping his case. Guess he wants to wants to wear an orange jumpsuit to match his make-up.

TheBeatWithAri Let’s get OMB CoS MainBitch Mulvaney on the witness stand to explain where that money went. TheBeatWithAri MSNBC likes to whip the useful idiots & low-info folks into a frenzy. They should just admit they are the PR arm of the DNC. Mathew's tingle, Maddow's constant/continuous Russia Russia Russia, Haye's idiotic ponderings and O'Donnell's unhinged reporting is straight from the left

Nancy Pelosi says House will move forward with articles of impeachment against TrumpPelosi said 'the president leaves us with no choice but to act,' decrying his actions as 'in defiance of our founders.' This will spell the end of Biden's candidacy given that his son will be in front of the Senate trying to explain how he was a model citizen and his dad didn't know what he (Hunter) was doing. No Biden in the race will actually benefit the Democrats. Mrs Pelosi, do you know anything about the Constitution? If you did you would know that Congress, in it's current incarnation, is in defiance of our founders. Your ignorance and hypocrisy both amaze and frighten me.

TheBeatWithAri Fake news agencies such as CNN and MSNB....their editors must sit back and really get a chuckle at how ignorant they really think their constituents are. TheBeatWithAri No aid has been withheld. Just not all have been put in place as of yet. But, nothing has been held back. TheBeatWithAri This is really more like embezzlement than anything else, and he’s been doing that for years. Stealing money voted for by Congress to aid a nation in a hot war with Russia. You know, one reason we promised them aid was because they gave up the nukes left there after the Cold War.

TheBeatWithAri Who is in the position to do such a traitorous taxpayer money voted to help Ukraine all these years mnuchin who Get a clue who this is such a useful amount is this fraud TheBeatWithAri TheBeatWithAri ATT and the NSAGov under investigation for illegally releasing Rep. Nunez and the President’s attorney Rudy Giuliani phone records!?

TheBeatWithAri Adam Schiff-Ukraine connection comes under scrutiny FoxNews TheBeatWithAri After schifts witnesses testify that Trump did more to help Ukraine obuma. Ok yaaaawn, next story. TheBeatWithAri TrumpUkraine TheBeatWithAri MSNBC IS HATE pORN!!

Energized by impeachment report, Democrats ponder how to pry answers from White House“If you were subpoenaed — and the courts are backing us up on this — you show up. And if you don’t show up there has to be consequences," said Rep. Jim Himes, a lead investigator in the impeachment probe.

TheBeatWithAri When did the U.S. become 'Ukraine First”? They are a corrupt state that Dems and their families have taken advantage of by profiting financially. We have issues here that are more important. At least they are getting more than blankets. TheBeatWithAri Why does ukraine deserve the money more than the poor and starving american people?

TheBeatWithAri Get over it. The only reason anyone care about Ukrainen aid is because of Trump. Obama gave them blankets and MRI's and you all were fine with that. TheBeatWithAri Maybe that is what Trump is working so hard on! It was obvious that he had no real intention on becoming president! He is already laughed and and psychologically caving! Maybe he will wave us goodbye, like Nixon, bidding us a Very Merry Christmas! Yay!

TheBeatWithAri Oh wow. Is he still waiting for a quid pro quo? 😂😂 TheBeatWithAri In these instances Trump takes his cut right off the top, not trusting the recipient to make good on his fee. A business man. TheBeatWithAri Why should we not be surprised! Can this be another impeachable offense? Keeping up this arrogant attitude will wind him up in prison! Right along with his closest friends! Good riddance to bad rubbish!

TheBeatWithAri Trump looks like he's lost his mental faculties TheBeatWithAri If Trump weren't doing the wrong thing, he wouldn't know what, to do with himself. jaycee1111716 TheBeatWithAri CNN realDonaldTrump VP WhiteHouse

How to watch the House Judiciary Committee's first impeachment hearingThe impeachment inquiry into President Trump enters its next stage this week as the House Judiciary Committee holds its first hearing. foratrump:chega d situações russa na América

TheBeatWithAri TheBeatWithAri Could that be what RudyGiuliani tweet re: US assistance to UA is about, as he said he is working for his client and his client said to Z work with Rudy. Him and realDonaldTrump are doing this in plain sight and HouseGOP and SenateGOP are all in for it. VoteThemAllOut

TheBeatWithAri Media loved trump because media thought trump was going to lose media picks president of both parties , who media promotes will be the nominee TheBeatWithAri Wow, for real?Still?👎Low energy Trump still being as abhorrent as usual,only he's on notice & still contemptable as possible,we see. He's daring to b Impeached!GOP needs to find their respect for this🇺🇸Country & find their souls, pride, & oath of office & rid us of this snake😈

TheBeatWithAri Another lie Trump supporters spout is that aid wasn't withheld. This is TAXPAYER money allocated by Congress to help an ally fight Russia. The money DOESN'T BELONG TO GIULIANI OR TRUMP. IT WASNT THEIRS TO PLAY WITH... TheBeatWithAri Obama refused military aid. Yet you never cared. Weird?

TheBeatWithAri Let this sink in. TheBeatWithAri Fake news

5 key takeaways from House report on Trump impeachmentHouse Democrats have released a 300-page sweeping report outlining their case for President Donald Trump's impeachment. Here are the key takeaways. For those who don't wish to read 300 pages, I'll sumerize for you: Guilty. That it is a fraud One very big one. realDonaldTrump or our democracy the future of America the rule of law our Constitution!

'The president leaves us no choice:' Pelosi announces House moving forward with articles of impeachmentHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the U.S. House of Representatives will proceed with Articles of Impeachment against President Trump. Horrible idea. Oh Nance... you’re not looking to confident with this decision ... But we the American voters thank you for confirming President Trumps re-election . Trump2020 impeachment ImpeachmentSham Trump2020LandslideVictoryBaby GodBlessAmerica 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Of course. It’s a circus, the show must go on

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