Tammy Duckworth: Illinois Senator Says Trump's 'Priorities Are All Wrong' - Cnnpolitics

Tammy Duckworth: Illinois Senator Says Trump's 'Priorities Are All Wrong' - Cnnpolitics

Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth says Trump's 'priorities are all wrong'

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7/5/2020 6:24:00 PM

Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth condemns Trump's divisive message at Mount Rushmore, saying his 'priorities are all wrong' and adding that he has failed in his response to the coronavirus pandemic

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It’s the truth!!! Where was her outrage when Bernie and Obama visited and said how great Mt Rushmore was. Lying Commie is what she has become. Sad As if this pan-face would know. Ha! He has other thing to worry about like the fact that our country is being destroyed by its own citizens? Well, we can definitely see here how to bring the MAGAts out to play...criticize their Savior and all the little carrots come on to Twitter to gripe about Democrats, CNN, and any other gaslighting subject that makes them feel virile and worthwhile. It’s actually kind of comedic.

I trust CNN & democrats for anti male sexism, sedition, divisive propaganda, and constant hate crimes & harassment targeting the President OF USA, a better man that the hacks & cronies at CNN, who act like Russian assets, not Americans - Is Anderson dating Stormy Daniels? POTUS It’s TimeForTammy! Biden2020

And why is it the Democrats and bias media didn’t condemn Obama, Hillary and Bernie when they visited Mount Rushmore? Why? Waiting for an answer..................................still waiting....................................................................................🥱 She’s a lunatic, there was nothing divisive whatsoever in this message he spoke for the majority of the American people, he spoke from his heart and he told the truth I guess she can’t handle that!

CNN His message is for AMERICANS. She wouldn't understand.●●● how many murders in deep blue Chicago this year how many children gunned down in deep blue Chicago this year Isn’t is odd that it’s only Democrats and their controlled media who hated Trumps speech? Only the corrupt fear our President... Sucking up to Old Joe B

72 People shot in Chicago since Friday. 🤔 This Dunt needs a history lesson. NBCNews no justice or bread/deliverance for us children of God. Where is the Helper Comforter? For me and my family? 10 years of praying with the saints of God and no justice. Spiritually raped sodomized everyday Deliverance the children's bread?

CNN won’t broadcast the event but y’all more than happy to “tell” your viewers what he “said.” Liars. Donald Trump is a failure & a loser & should have never been setting in the Oval Office as president. She’s the divisive one. Would never vote for Tammy. Seriously? She's nothing & NOT the President who was invited, & will be re-elected. How about this first? Take car of this violence in our rotten city? cc: FoxNews realDonaldTrump DNC govkristinoem

Why did she change, like everyone else Vote for trump . And 🤨 This is coming from someone with the city of “Chicago” in their state. Sen. Tammy you might want to pay attention to your state. Tammy Duckworth shamelessly lied about Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore. Instead of spouting unfounded claims, please provide a list of who you consider were the “dead traitors” in his speech. DefundDuckworth Duckworth4VP SenDuckworth America

VP Duckworth. Putin would hate someone running with Joe who he would have paid the Taliban to kill. The media is wrong to accuse realDonaldTrump of delivering a divisive speech at Mount Rushmore. On the contrary, his speech was meant to unite Americans. It's those rewriting history, tearing down statues, and demanding reparations who are trying to divide the nation. Peter Schi

Alot of these people I just want to say please just shut the f up I'm tired of it and refuse to listen. As dumb as they come Donye Good job ignoring the hideous murder rate in Chicago Trump is irresponsible, he walks away. He neglects his duties. Fix Chicago first Tammy do your f**king JOB🤮🤡 I’m sorry who?

Perfect example of political systemic division practiced by the left. Trump is basically running unopposed.. no reasonable person would ever vote for a guy who will be in his 80s and is clearly suffering with cognitive decline. All I have to say is ...... Chicago ! Now STFU and clean up you're own back porch !

And the Republican Senate remains quiet. gallows4treason CNN LOVES ANTIFA votevets TRE45ON Duckworth for president. She'll keep everyone in happy land. Anyone who watched the speech, knows this is a LIE... Tammy should stick to screwing IL up Bang!!!!😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Of course she does! DemocraticParty democratssuck

Duckworth is a parrot parroting the narrative! Nothing worth listening to. Maybe you should worry about the crime rate in your own city instead of fake covid rates If a person gets deported from the USA for ten years can he really come back to the USA Thanks you. Of course it’s a women who speaks out! Women rock!!

Hey Tammy.. I got your racist! She should focus on keeping her own house in order. Maybe she forgot Chicago was in Illinois, and that people are being murdered at will. Trump has no desire to lead, just be seen and admired. He is willing to sacrifice the lives of his followers. She failed as a pilot takes one to know one.

Priorities are wrong from these politicians that are allowing havoc run thru our nation. Shame on you. Instead of showing us what good you can bring. Who the heck wants any part of what you have to offer. Good wins over Evil. It never stops the comedy of errors and lies. Double down fourAmTalkingPoints

Who gives a shit about the kung flu ! You wanted a race war and now you want to change the subject? Telling people what they can do is the exact thing 4th of July addresses...our FREEDOM!! Of course she did....koi She can’t even help run this state so what she says really doesn’t mean a whole lot. Many decisions about COVID19 were made by governors & mayors. If Trump would have forcefully stopped the riots & protests to help slow the spread of COVID19 would Dems have supported that? Of course not.

Divisive just means she didn’t agree. What else is new? Where are all of the protests over the black people who died in Chicago? A 7 YEAR OLD BABY GIRL!! WTF is wrong with you people! You DON’T CARE about Black Americans. You care about your AGENDA. Wake up stupid millennials!! Pay attention!BLM BLMMOVEMENT TimeForChange ANTIFA

She may not want to check a map and see that Chicago is in Illinois.. The devise is bias fake mess cnn and radical socialist anti christ democratic socialist party It is “dark and divisive” 2the left because it is not their envision of what they want America2look like! Trump’s “priorities are all wrong” bc they are not their priorities.Get the picture yet?! It’s not what we the majority of people want, it’s what they want;& that’s POWER!

Yo breaking news.....I got up and left church for this And do we care what duckbill thinks? That speech by OUR President gave me chills. I think cnn 's priorities are all wrong. But what do I know, I'm just a white homophobic, xenophobic racist patriot of this great land. The largest city in her State is a shit hole, yet she is lambasting our President. I recommend that she works to improve the conditions in her State before she throws rocks at others

Its all politics Duck you Donald! Illinois.....enough said.... spoonzoo ❤️ SenDuckworth Blah blah blah blah blah. And what exactly is she doing to help the country? That's what I thought. Blah blah blah blah blah. So are you Tammy notworth a damn What do you think she would say? Where is the come together dialogue, instead of the tear apart commentary?

Sen. Jeff Merkley wants to ban sale of middle seats on airplanes during coronavirus pandemic'This is incredibly irresponsible,' Sen. Jeff Merkley wrote after taking a crowded American Airlines flight. More profit for them. They don't care if their passengers get the virus. Bet it’s for profit, not safety. Also bet they’ll say it’s for safety.

Sen. Schumer: GOP wants as few people to vote as possibleSen. Schumer says Republicans 'want as few people to vote as possible' and are opposing vote by mail. 'Now, no one even knows who it affects more, Democrats or Republicans voting by mail, but their creedo has been to restrict voting.' F U All Trump knows is how to destroy other people's accomplishments & then sell them off as HIS accomplishments. Just about anything he claims to have accomplished was either the destruction of policies, agencies, programs, firing people, or undermining our political system. Anything to keep our great president in office

Sen. Schumer laments 'appalling' lack of leadership with virusSen. Schumer responds to Treasury Sec. Mnuchin's statement that responding to the coronavirus pandemic is 'primarily the states' responsibility.' 'When it comes to testing, and having enough tests, it's a federal responsibility.' Dems satanic people The US leads in cases AND deaths, compared to all other countries in the world. Why? Because there has never been Federal leadership. Trump has stepped back & left it to 50 individual governors to 'do their thing'. After all, DJT is NOT responsible! 😒😒😒 Q for Mnuchin... 'Are the State and local authorities primarily responsible for pandemic response?' Mnuchin A - 'Yes' Q for Mnuchin... 'Then why did Trump Campaign remove social distancing stickers on seats at Tulsa rally that were placed there by local authorities?' Mnuchin A -

These are true patriots. Trump sees them as enemiesAmerica was born out of an act of resistance and has become more American with every peaceful protest since, writes Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who says President Trump's failure to understand that history constitutes a profound failure of leadership, compounded by his elevation of nationalism and tribalism over patriotism. Opinion Opinion MAGA 2020 Opinion Fukkkkking enemies

New French PM Castex warns about economic crisis, says priorities to changeFrance's new prime minister, Jean Castex, warned on Friday that the coronavirus pandemic was not over yet and an economic crisis was already making itself felt, as he took the helm of President Emmanuel Macron's government. He sounds like a Bond Villain.

Senate Republicans cool to 2nd round of stimulus checks, direct depositsDemocrats want another round of direct stimulus payments to Americans up to $1,200 as coronavirus cases rise in dozens of states. President Trump isn’t ruling it out. But Senate Republicans are on the fence or opposed, complicating its prospects. The Republican death cult is going to lose the Senate if they keep this up. Work it out you want the stimulus work it out with the senate ❤❤❤❤