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If You're Not Over 'Ted Lasso,' Shop These Halloween Costumes

If You're Not Over 'Ted Lasso,' Shop These Halloween Costumes

10/22/2021 2:47:00 AM

If You're Not Over 'Ted Lasso,' Shop These Halloween Costumes

Here, 4 Halloween costume ideas from the hit show Ted Lasso, including Nate, Roy, Keeley, and more. Shop the looks so you can nail your look this October.

Shop These Ted Lasso Halloween Costumes If You Can't Get Enough of the ShowAs Dani Rojas would say,"Football is life!"ByOct 21, 2021Colin Hutton / ©Apple TV+ / Courtesy Everett CollectionThe second season of Ted Lasso came out this year on Apple TV+, which was great news to everyone who watched and then became obsessed with Jason Sudeikis (aka Ted Lasso) and the rest of the cast from the first season. I mean, a show based around an American football coach suddenly coaching an English soccer team? Genius. There are so many characters in the world of Ted Lasso that are easy to root for in this feel-good, and surprisingly deep series.

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An interview with a 'Ted Lasso' subreddit moderatorIt's no surprise that the Ted Lasso subreddit is just as nice as TedLasso. We spoke to one of the mods and they correctly ship Ted and Rebecca, too. LoL no. That's not the correct ship for Ted. Ted needs someone who isn't even on the show yet who isn't damaged by former bad relationships. Someone who came out of a horrible marriage like Rebecca is the worst possible ship I can imagine for Ted.

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