If you drive an expensive car you're probably a jerk, scientists say

World, People Who Drive Expensive Cars Behave Worse, Study Finds - Cnn

The science is looking pretty unanimous on this one: Drivers of expensive cars are the worst.

World, People Who Drive Expensive Cars Behave Worse


A new study has found that drivers of flashy vehicles are less likely to stop and allow pedestrians to cross the road -- with the likelihood they'll slow down decreasing by 3% for every extra $1,000 that their vehicle is worth.

The science is looking pretty unanimous on this one: Drivers of expensive cars are the worst.

(CNN) A new study has found that drivers of flashy vehicles are less likely to stop and allow pedestrians to cross the road -- with the likelihood they'll slow down decreasing by 3% for every extra $1,000 that their vehicle is worth.Tesla and regulators need to do more to prevent Autopilot deaths, safety agency says Researchers from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas speculated that the expensive car owners"felt a sense of superiority over other road users" and were less able to empathize with lowly sidewalk-dwellers.They came to this conclusion after asking volunteers to cross a sidewalk hundreds of times, filming and analyzing the responses by car drivers.Researchers used one white and one black man, and one white and one black woman -- also finding that cars were more likely to yield for the white and female participants. Vehicles stopped 31% of the time for both women and white participants, compared with 24% of the time for men and 25% of the time for black volunteers. Read MoreAre rich people more unethical?But the best predictor of whether a car would stop was its cost, researchers discovered."Disengagement and a lower ability to interpret thoughts and feelings of others along with feelings of entitlement and narcissism may lead to a lack of empathy for pedestrians" among costly car owners, they theorized in the study.And the discovery of a car-value-to-jerkish-behavior correlation isn't new; the research, published in the Journal of Transport and Health, backed up a Finnish study published last month that found that men who own flashy vehicles are more likely to be"argumentative, stubborn, disagreeable and unempathetic."According to that survey of 1,892 drivers by the University of Helsinki, those deemed to have more disagreeable character traits were"more drawn to high-status cars." Man survives after driving off the top of a parking garage in CaliforniaBut it also found that conscientious people often favor higher-priced vehicles, too. If you're reading this while stuck in traffic in your brand new BMW: yes, you're definitely in that category."I had noticed that the ones most likely to run a red light, not give way to pedestrians and generally drive recklessly and too fast were often the ones driving fast German cars," Helsinki University's Jan-Erik Lönnqvist said in a press release.He set out to discover what kind of person is more likely to buy an expensive car, creating a personality test of Finnish car owners."The answers were unambiguous: self-centred men who are argumentative, stubborn, disagreeable and unempathetic are much more likely to own a high-status car such as an Audi, BMW or Mercedes," the press release states.How did Kim Jong Un get his Mercedes-Benzes? New report traces origin of North Korea's luxury rides"These personality traits explain the desire to own high-status products, and the same traits also explain why such people break traffic regulations more frequently than others," Lönnqvist added.His study cited previous research that indicated drivers behind the wheel of a costly vehicle are more likely to flout traffic regulations or drive recklessly.But he also found people with"conscientious" characters seek out pricey models, too. "People with this type of personality are, as a rule, respectable, ambitious, reliable and well-organised," the statement said."They take care of themselves and their health and often perform well at work." Read more: CNN

CNN Pedestrians are going to lose that battle! And this is news? 😂😂😂 This didn’t require a research study. That's why no matter how much money have have/will have I will never need a flashy car to drive around in on a day-to-day basis. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!. RUDE, INCONSIDERATE, ROAD HOGS. As a truck driver, I say with complete honesty that bmw/mercedes/Audi/Porsche/Ferrari drivers are the least courteous. Did they know those cars come with turn signals?

I have never encountered a BMW that wasnt being driven by an asshole. Yes, the more expensive the car, the bigger the asshole. I didn’t need a study to tell me that! 😂 This is the way it's been for the last 50 years. As a bicyclist I found the worst drivers to be Mercedes and Range Rovers.

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I don't think we need a study to figure out that, generally speaking, people with massive amounts of disposable income are stingy assholes. The left has created an entire movement whining about it, remember? Or just most younger drivers in general Car shaming? Does this mean that Anderson Coopers limo doesn't slow down for jay walkers?

An even newer study reveals CNN is a propaganda network Arrogance Once again science proves what we already know to be the case! A new study has found that when media outlets report research results that appear to divide Americans, those media outlets are literally trying desperately to divide Americans...with the likelihood that they will decrease 0% until Project Mockingbird comes crashing down.

What a stupid study. It has nothing to do with what kind of car you drive. If someone has a nice car then good for them. Not surprised. In Raleigh, people just run over pedestrians regardless.

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Corrected CNN Headline: We hate rich people. A new science 🤔. And if they’re from NY, there’s 0% chance of them stopping. Arrogance newsplatter Give me a brake. Are you guys bored at ? Who is writing this crap? Dumb survey. Cure cancer instead And why would we believe ANYTHING CNN says? Government sponsored study?

Probably paid for by a government grant. What a waste of time, effort, and money.

35 remain hospitalized in Germany after Carnival crash35 people, including 18 children, remain in the hospital the day after a man drove his car into a crowd celebrating Carnival in central Germany. Another turken killer? Say it clear and loud. Whats about? This makes very clear that GUNS are not the problem today we have a new hero........give her a follow....

Same articles over and over again.... I must be an angel ;-) These are the same people that would rather pay $60,000 for a used Range Rover than $30,000 for a brand new Honda Accord. Ass backwards In other words if you're rich and have an expensive flashy car, then you're likely to be a jerk? Haha, I believe that.

Can’t wait until I get my Cyber Truck so that I can run over pedestrians in an environmentally friendly manner Probably because they don’t wanna get car jacked 🤷🏽‍♂️ Clever way to spew your narrative- ridiculous example of divisive crap Seriously hope tax dollars were not used for that one That's why I ride a bike.

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I’m not sure it’s the car or the micro peen, kind of a chicken egg thing. I live in Bangkok and I can tell without any study whatsoever, the higher priced the car, the more the driver will do whatever they damn well please...... Public transport always wins Very good idea on this. Probably written by a loser Prius driver, fueled by soy. I don't stop for peasants or the 5-0, my V8 doesn't let me do it.

You ever try to get human splatter out of a Lamborghini ? Ugh it’s so low to the ground ..... my hips can’t take it As a professional driver on the road every day, I can confirm that expensive cars are the worst in parking lots but pickup trucks with NASCAR stickers and Confederate flags are the worst on the open road.

Another study found that all mass-murderers drank water in the 24 hours prior to going on the rampage. I'm sure it's a matter of direct causality, and water is dangerous 😰 Funds for this study could probably be found buried deep down in an education bill. That's very true, I see it on our Kenyan roads every time, prados and other flashy cars don't respect traffic rules, neither do they give space to pedestrians.

2020 Olympics Could Be 'Canceled' Over Coronavirus Outbreak, Official SaysTokyo 2020 could be CANCELED over the coronavirus -- so says a senior Olympic official who says postponing or moving the games to another country is probably out of the question. This is scary 😕 noooo! my lazy ass looks forward to the olympics...can’t y’all just heavily enforce gloves and masks? also everyone who has a ticket could be tested ?

honda crv 1996 Truth!! I hope we didn’t pay a lot for this study 🤦‍♀️ So you’re saying rich people are more likely to be assholes. Got it. If you have a lot of money you should drive the cheapest car that exist on the market. Forget the quote “hard work pays off”, give away your money to people that don’t want to work.

It's all vanity! it reflects their attitude towards fellow human beings How do you think they got rich? By not slowing down and waiting on others capitalism WhoisJohnGalt “New” 🙄 👌

Car drives into German carnival parade, around 30 injured: policeAround 30 people were injured on Monday after a car plowed into a carnival parad... Religion of peace once again unfortunately, they can't drive for shit. When will Germans learn? When the Middle East was divided with no regard for religious-cultural divides, we were quick to realise that it caused the rapid destabilisation of the M.E into never ending conflict. And then, people promote multiculturalism as I’d it’s a good thing. Angela merkles policies results are showing.

Yea,I can believe that No surprise there A BMW is not a flashy car, and they are a dime a dozen. It wouldn't matter if I was driving the Infiniti I drive now or my shitheap 1974 Chevy Nova that I had as my first car, I'm not slowing down for jaywalkers, they made their choice and they have to live with the consequences.

This is completely bullshit lol i guess the nutcases at CNN never been to Daytona beach fl or Miami Florida? How about “you were a jerk when you bought the expensive car and continue es to reflect that.” A similar study was done many years ago, with similar findings. Most impressive display I've seen was a driver eating a breakfast sandwich, smoking a cigarette, holding their phone to their ear, and making a left turn all at the same time.

It never fails. I drive a pickup with a 12 ft trailer loaded with a 4 wheeler. I drive to San Antonio from Houston every month. It’s always Audi drivers cutting me off. Even doing 5 mph over limit with 2 ft clearance from me. They got to get in. Assholes ! Don’t say bad things about me I love my Lamborghini

It’s science. I’ve noticed Over 40 years that BMW drivers, in particular, are the worst drivers on the road. ive seen the same thing in people who drive crappy cars Duh. And THIS...is CNN. And the bigger the car, the faster you drive, the ruder you are to others the SMALLER your penis!!! Didn't need a study. I coulda told them that. And more.

In other news, the more you have, the more arrogant you are. So anyone driving a car worth more than $33,000 never stops for pedestrians? The conclusions reached by this “study” (especially the psychoanalysis of drivers) are pretty silly. OK...I couldn't even read the gibberish that the irrelevant intern wrote to lead this story. Suffice it to say CNN is trying to say rich people kill people for sport. Because some irrelevant intern hasn't had their cotton candy e cig today

A new study found that rich people are dicks Headline is misleading... Since the study is only conducted in 1 or 2 countries, you cannot simply conclude. Come on. Obviously the researchers have never been to Singapore where traffic rules are strict and I’m sure the numbers differ A LOT from the research justsaying

I've noticed this mostly with the hicks driving big Dodge RAM 1500s and Ford f150s they're the real asshole drivers Of course they are. They'd rather have an expensive car than children. They aren't exactly people you want to have over for dinner. Why no mention of BMW owners in the headline? We all know this is about them.

What a way to show people are beneath them. Yesterday's news. And on their phone. I had a beautiful camaro back in the day and I always stopped for pedestrians at crosswalks. Well I drive a 1995 Honda Civic and I drive at 80mph at all times!

I can see that. People with more expensive cars are bigger... (you know what. Hey. I did not conduct this study) They suffer from I maxed out my credit limit afluenza. The true facts finally being unearthed by scientists. All Audi drivers have to take a course on how to be a complete A hole before they buy a car

It’s called narssism and it is fatal. That's awful! This does confirm my suspicions! Now let's do a study on assholes who fly first class! In Russia - complete opposite, it's a trashcan on wheels that won't stop Stands to reason. Didn't need a scientific study to show that.

CNN sure loves making blanket statements about groups of people based on arbitrary ‘statistics’ Tragic mindset tht cn be dealt w in each instinct. Be respectful & mindful that the vehicle doesn't make you who you are. I can drive the exact same in my 11' escape as my '18 expedition and people will have a much more sense of urgency & koff about them frm stop sign-stop sign.

That's why there's Goes from 0to100 in 5s and not comes to 80to0 in 5. It's called arrogance, and it's an unattractive trait that goes with the belief that money and a flash car entitles you to be above the law. Hope that study didn’t cost much. I could have told you that for free dah tau aku ...to the surprise of nobody at all...

That’s also why tickets should be a percentage of your income. $500 is nothing to some, and devastating to others. The fiction that this is a nation without class, a lie since its inception, gets more untenable as class struggle intensifies. It’s time to accept the simple yet profound fact that we're in the midst of class war – and the oligarchy is winning.

Pointless research. UNLV apparently has plenty of money to burn.

It took science to figure that out?! Thank you scientists That’s linked to the feeling of entitlement these people have. alwayssunny Kardashian family and all rappers have flashy cars only I smell bullshit This article is proof that CNN doesn’t give a shit about journalistic standards. Is there really a way to test this? Was a triple blind study with failsafes built in for cats that just LOOK expensive? Or is this an attempt to divide again along economic lines? Garbage

Who funds these idiotic and absolutely useless science studies? How did you come up with this rate? I've had several near misses while crossing a road, in a parking lot!! It makes me want to bump their car just to make my point, Slow Down! I have never seen a store jump up and run off before I got to it!

Such brave journalisming What is this now CNN? I've noticed that! Because they are sociopathic. If your not driving get off my road. In other news the sky is blue.

Mr Donald trump is going to win the election 2020.. He's a great leader who cares for the ppl of USA and the world.. I have joined his welcome in India and heard his speeches.. I realised he has great leadership qualities.. I don't understand why democrat can't understand 🇺🇸🇮🇳 ground breaking research

Everyone who works at CNN should watch the movie Network. It is the story of CNN and the downfall predicted 40 years ago ولاية العراق/ديالى/مرئي/الجهاد ماض إلى قيام الساعة ولاية الصومال/مرئي/رجال صدقوا تجدهم في قسم-روابط مباشرة مبادرات_بوابه_المستقبل جسر_الملك_فهد للمرئيات↓ First to comment Noooooo wayyyyyy

WednesdayWisdom If U are a former/current smoker, it's important to learn about lungcancer screening. For those at high risk, a simple, painless test might be right 4 U. Lung cancer is the 1cancerkiller.It's time we changed that, & screening will help. Don’t be that guy!!! 🙅‍♀️ mercedesbenzdrivers

Someone spent money on that study? Pretty obvious if you ask me.

I slam on my brakes when someone is thinking of leaving their house for a walk, guess how much my car is worth EV owner's cars are jerks? No way 😂 The great philosopher Ludacris said “Two miles an hour, so everybody sees you.” I disagree wholeheartedly! How many people has Mike Bloomberg hit? (Trick question: he doesn't drive his own cars... or planes.)

Study found if people look both ways before crossing a street instead of just assuming cars will stop, that would avoid this. Yesterday, I was driving here and a kid just walked across the street w/his head down not looking. Had to honk and he was surprised a car was coming Was the entire experiment just driving behind a BMW?

Love my Jeep... plus I’m a nice guy! A privilege of the rich. How about we go back to look both ways before crossing and cars have the right of way. Ever since this movement that pedestrians have the right of way, more people are getting hit.

I wouldn't believe anything you read or hear from CNN. Drivers of expensive vehicles are less likely to have ever been in that position themselves, not being ones to walk to places like the commoners. I find them holding up traffic. I avoid getting behind a Lexus, Mercedes, or corvettes. It’s almost like they are wealthy enough they don’t have to worry about being to work on time!

So rich people are assholes, who woulda thought.

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