If Roe is gutted, Democrats are unlikely to make it law. But they’ll run on it.

The party plans to argue to voters next year that Republican victories could fuel restrictions on or outlaw abortions.


12/2/2021 12:35:00 PM

If the Supreme Court overturns abortion rights, the Democratic-led Congress is unlikely to have the votes to counteract it legislatively.

The party plans to argue to voters next year that Republican victories could fuel restrictions on or outlaw abortions.

her harrowing decision in the past to end a pregnancy, said: “It's insulting, it's dangerous, and it's outrageous. And so I think it's going to mobilize people to go to the polls. You will see an outcry like you've never seen before.”

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The Housepassedthe Women’s Health Protection Act in September to codify abortion rights nationally. But the bill is likely to face a dead end in the Senate, where Democrats have a 50-50 majority and need 60 votes to defeat a probable Republican filibuster. The bill has only 48 Senate co-sponsors, with two Democratic exceptions, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Wednesday that the House bill would get a vote in the Senate. “Abortion is a fundamental right. We will not let right-wing ideologies tell women what to do,” he said. “It won't be an easy fight, but we will not back down.” headtopics.com

Asked about Manchin’s position, a spokesperson said only that he hasn’t signed on to it and hasn’t indicated how he would vote if it were brought to the floor. A spokesperson for Casey, who personally opposes abortion, didn’t return messages seeking comment.

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One Republican, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine,supportscodifying Roe v. Wade protections into law but wants a narrower proposal than the Women's Health Protection Act, her office said.Even if the Senate finds 50 votes to codify abortion rights, the filibuster is likely to stay. Manchin has been resolute against changing the rules to eliminate the 60-vote threshold or to create issue-based carve-outs. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., a co-sponsor of the abortion rights bill, strongly supports the filibuster rule and has opposed weakening it for certain issues.

“If the Senate doesn't act? Then we have November,” said Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif.Lee added that dismantling Roe would “be a shock” to many people who don't know a world without abortion rights protections.Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, the front-runner in the Democratic Senate primary in Pennsylvania, called on Democrats in a statement to “immediately scrap the filibuster and pass the Women’s Health Protection Act to protect abortion rights.”

A new era of abortion wars?A Supreme Court decision is expected by the end of June, in the heat of the midterm elections. Oral arguments indicated that the six conservative justices on the nine-member court appeared willing to at least uphold the 15-week abortion ban in Mississippi, if not go a step further and overturn Roe v. Wade and its precedents. headtopics.com

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Republican opponents of legal abortion sounded optimistic, particularly after conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett replaced the late liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died in the waning stages of Donald Trump’s presidency.

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'Gallup polls show Americans’ support for abortion in all or most cases at 80% in May, only slightly higher than in 1975 (76%), and the Pew Research Center finds 59% of adults believe abortion should be legal,...' So under dem majorities voting rights and abortion rights are being rolled back. Time to stop blaming Republicans for dems ineptitude.

Rich people will always get abortions. It's the poor that will have unwanted kids who will turn out to be troubled adults If roe is overturned there I s no hope in this country. Especially for women Set us back 50 years...Maybe they will take away our vote next Rather, they don't have the authority to counteract it legislatively, which is why Congress never affirmed it. That OughtNotB would do to the law as does to the child. Which of these is more precious: 👶or📜

Everyday 400 black babies are aborted, ripped from their incubation chamber and thrown in the trash or sold for profit.

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