If Republicans Are Ever Going To Turn On Trump, This Might Be The Moment

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This is one of those rare moments of uncertainty when it’s possible that the wall of Republican support sheltering Pres. Trump could crumble. More via FiveThirtyEight:

,” to help explain why:

[Kuran] argues that political regimes can persist despite being unpopular, which is why a government overthrow, when it does come, can often seem so sudden., who protested being mistreated by government officials by setting himself on fire. His death triggered a series of events, and a month later, the long-unpopular authoritarian Tunisian president fled the country after more than 23 years in power. A few weeks later,ousted their own long-serving authoritarian leader.

Kuran argues in his book that protests need a critical mass of supporters in order to force change. The logic is that there’s safety in numbers, so if multiple citizens rise up in protest of a regime, it signals that it’s OK to protest — which can cause decades-old regimes to collapse all at once.or members of Congress who already had a history of publicly chastising the president. But as conflict escalates over the protests, more and more elected Republicans may start to speak up.


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FiveThirtyEight You guys gotta stop pushing this it’s not gonna happen

FiveThirtyEight dream on. these Rs are too chicken to do it.

FiveThirtyEight you guys keep hoping and praying...he's a clown and was dead wrong with his tweet (as he often is) but your coverage of this shows how he has broke you

FiveThirtyEight You people are sick

FiveThirtyEight Please. We've known all along how despicable this man is. They're ride or die.

AnneRiceAuthor FiveThirtyEight He just had his best week ever. ABC News is part of the problem.

FiveThirtyEight You are sounding pretty hopeful here. MockingbirdPress

FiveThirtyEight Please let it crumble however to GOP in their complicity sold their souls to the devil long ago. VoteThemOut

FiveThirtyEight Silence is complicity !

FiveThirtyEight Bc they dnt like us to have freedom, they want us controlled like liberals


FiveThirtyEight Let’s remind everyone it wasn’t Republicans that elected Trump. It was Blue Dog, blue collar Democrats, in western PA, Michigan, Ohio, etc. how he won. Forget Republicans. The question is what will those Blue Dog Dems do and is the ultra Left progressive moment alienating them?

FiveThirtyEight Nobody recalls what was happening in 2016. Constant barrage. As soon as George Floyd is in the ground, the Democrats will start some other ploy.

FiveThirtyEight Nah, they are just cockroaches. They will hide til it cools off

FiveThirtyEight Republicans are corrupt as trump. Don’t count on republicans.

FiveThirtyEight ABC is not reporting here. Promoted material from 538. GoSwamp

FiveThirtyEight VoteJoeBiden2020

FiveThirtyEight 🤣If you got nuthin...make it up huh ABC?🤣

FiveThirtyEight The Republicans have already disgraced themselves by letting Donald Trump stay in the oval office. They had their chance once, they better not mess this up now!

FiveThirtyEight Republicans letting this happen trump wants the press silenced and now the American people too

FiveThirtyEight Trump is winning again! All these haters and criminals will.not even count to 10%!

FiveThirtyEight He is doing the job

FiveThirtyEight No we good


FiveThirtyEight pls dont


FiveThirtyEight Wishful thinking. They’re afraid of the inevitable Nuremberg style trials we’ll be having after this is all over.

FiveThirtyEight Wrong! Wishful thinking by fakenews.

FiveThirtyEight Nope

FiveThirtyEight Not a chance

LJAT2014 FiveThirtyEight I like how most of my friends get more comments/likes/rt’s than most of your news posts combined. And, In minutes.

FiveThirtyEight This is the most ludicrous post I’ve seen EVER !!! Trumpsters will NEVER leave our President! God is with him! He is the best President the world has ever seen! The SorosFundedRiots AntifaTerrorist that hijacked streets confirm... we are CARRYING. ABC, how you have fallen.

FiveThirtyEight Keep lying to your fan base... 😆😆😆😅😂

FiveThirtyEight DON'T YOU WISH ! It is stronger than ever after watching this shit show of morally corrupt leaders sitting back and doing NOTHING, as they watched their cities BURN TO THE GROUND ! What a bunch of LUNATICS !

FiveThirtyEight Law reform, Future leaders and youth. Need earth Preservation, equality, peaceful purposefulness. They’re moving in a direction which shouldn’t be ignored. They came out in the primary. They will come out again. loveandhappiness tradeoldschoolfornewinnovation


FiveThirtyEight What world are you people living in? republicans stand squarely behind trump no matter how many people he kills.

FiveThirtyEight Nope.

FiveThirtyEight OUT

FiveThirtyEight Hopefully some eyes open wide.


FiveThirtyEight Nothing will ever make those zombies give that fucker up as long as he’s in office. He’s evil and has used Hitler’s manifesto at every turn. You ever see nazis from those days interviewed years later?! They were still loyal to their cause and hateful to all except the Arian race.

FiveThirtyEight we love to see it

FiveThirtyEight Ya, right! GOP - Gas OWN People party are bought & paid for and will go down with the Orange Sputnik

FiveThirtyEight Why would the sell their souls, and risk everything for a lying, incompetent, morally low, con, like chump? Is it really worth it?

FiveThirtyEight Fake news!

FiveThirtyEight If Republicans keep supporting a man who incites fear, anger & violence then they are just as sick as Trump & should be held just as accountable. Continuing to listen & allow such deplorable acts by the President is cowardly. Remember the oaths you took BBCWorld vice cnn PBS

FiveThirtyEight You wish

FiveThirtyEight We can only hope.

FiveThirtyEight Ubiquity is dwindling, when they all go against him, the snake will get squished. NO MORE LIES from the guy that wants to rewrite history. There is fact check and twitter is using it. And there are copyright laws that Trump has broken. How many other laws2?

FiveThirtyEight This moment is one in which everyone should realise... right wing politics only ever really takes notice of the poor, the disenfranchised & those discriminated by the system when they are forced to They share Trumps world view, they just aren’t as blatant about it fridaymorning

FiveThirtyEight Yeah right they 😨to death of him all Trump has to say is boo and they do whatever he says no matter how wrong it is

FiveThirtyEight tania_818 is a racist who hates all black people including calling people the N-word and monkeys

FiveThirtyEight Polls: Majority of citizens support use of military ABC: Trumps uses of force and threats of military could make Republicans turn on him.

FiveThirtyEight The GOP GOPChairwoman brand is done for. realDonaldTrump will forever harm the Republican Party, that it might not survive. The best thing is trump resigns. That’s the only thing that will save their party. Otherwise the next 8 year’s will be good to the Dems.


FiveThirtyEight Oh, don't be ridiculous! The Reeps in Congress will never break from realDonaldTrump, not only because they're cowards, but more importantly, they share his beliefs, just like his MAGA cult. He still has the support of 40% of Americans and it won't drop no matter what he does.

FiveThirtyEight Another lie from the SCUM at ABC News... Trump is stronger than ever...only traitors to the USA would say otherwise. Insurrection will be met with Military Force, and Military trials. WE KNOW EVERYTHING.


FiveThirtyEight 😭😭STOP All KNEE NECKING GEORGE FLOYD, Indigenous, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran,Libya, Serbia,Yugoslavia,Lebanon, Palestine,Bolivia,Chile,Korea,Vietnam,Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela👺👺Famine, Health, Education, Refugee, Planet, JULIAN ASSANGE✊🏻✊🏻

FiveThirtyEight 2020 Trump.

FiveThirtyEight Hey cnn wannabe it ain’t happening!!!

FiveThirtyEight Republicans need to be outed they are enabling him to do this foolery but if that was Barack we all know he couldn’t get a penny for a thought it would be denied republicanslettrumpfuckusup

FiveThirtyEight When the FakeNews media figures they can say it over and over repeatedly and haven't figured out the public isn't buying it. With each passing day and as a former Democrat - my support for realDonaldTrump only grows stronger 👍 ABC 👇 😂😂😂 TIC TOC


FiveThirtyEight Can you all stop with the same bullshit piece time after time. Post something when Reps actually start openly resisting him and actually voting against what he is doing. Otherwise go away with that BS.

FiveThirtyEight Let's hope it does. They aren't standing for what's right. They are desperately afraid of crossing Trump. Where are our leaders taking us anyway? The dictator Donnie boy is taking this good country hostage and the Republicans in Congress are standing by and letting him so it!


FiveThirtyEight Trump must be voted out in November to save the nation.

FiveThirtyEight turns out the gop is fully into racism and authoritarian rule as long as they are the ones wielding the sword... because haven't seen any real action a lot of the typical words from the gop house/senate 'struggling' 'disappointed' etc... hell some are cheering it on

FiveThirtyEight Looking forward to realDonaldTrump destroying JoeBiden in the debates....

FiveThirtyEight He won't, ABC the enemy of the people

FiveThirtyEight Well, we need to remember their cowardice over the last 3 1/2 years. No mercy for corrupt Republicans! 25thAmendmentNow BLM DemocracyInChains AnyoneButTrump2020 BlueWave2020 Biden2020 TrumpCorruption GOPBetrayedAmerica

FiveThirtyEight Don’t tease me like this leedrutman

FiveThirtyEight Doubt it

FiveThirtyEight I have said all along, the GOP is grooming Pence to run for President. They are slowly but surely dumping Trump. I keep asking, where is Pence? realDonaldTrump

FiveThirtyEight 😂😂😂😂

FiveThirtyEight Wrong yet again! FakeNewsAlert MockingbirdMedia QAnon

FiveThirtyEight Yeah, when? Half past never? About the same time they find their souls? vote

FiveThirtyEight That's total BULLSHIT as democrats BLM and ANTIFA burn loot and destroy cities across our country Trumps MAGA support has never been stronger. Same old fake news.

FiveThirtyEight Fake News

FiveThirtyEight I’ll believe it when I see it

FiveThirtyEight Keep fantasizing. I can't wait to watch the MSM cry on camera again on November 3rd.

FiveThirtyEight Oh please

FiveThirtyEight grow up

FiveThirtyEight Afraid they don't turn until November 4. Trump has failed and the GOP has collectively been pathetically weak

FiveThirtyEight Bs...Lindsey Graham is over there spouting conspiracies in committees and calling for troops against protestors on twitter so...dont hold your breath

FiveThirtyEight They're not going anywhere the opposite of progressive is not conservative, it's regressive. No, they'll circle the wagons & die on the proverbial hills of ignorance.

FiveThirtyEight Had a conversation with my very left leaning democrat neighbor who told me him & his wife have decided to vote for Trump because he can’t the insanity going on with Democrats, that it no longer the same party. He said he started watching Tucker Carlson when the pandemic started

FiveThirtyEight I once read that Mickey Mouse was suicidal but Donald is far stronger that that.... I guess

FiveThirtyEight Highly doubtful. They'll continue choosing party over country.

FiveThirtyEight Don't tease me.

FiveThirtyEight Really? Now? So soon?

FiveThirtyEight Fat chance

FiveThirtyEight Hopeing ..

FiveThirtyEight 😂😂😂 “crumble” 😂😂😂


FiveThirtyEight Omg you are not paying attention to regular people. People are so fed up with the democrats in this country. Seriously get out of your bubble. Media you are the true enemies of the people

FiveThirtyEight Yeah and it might have been the moment a million other times the last 3 1/2 years. The only more annoying thing is the press saying the same thing all the time ‘ Will republicans break with trump... wake up people, the answer is no.

FiveThirtyEight Lol keep it up, the racist trump supporters are angry. 👏🏼

FiveThirtyEight Blah blah blah same old story same old song & dance. They are spineless lemurs following their BunkerBoy over the edge.

FiveThirtyEight I’m not against republicans I’m against trumpy

FiveThirtyEight like the wall you formed around Obama's crimes, selling guns to cartels, spying on everyone of his political enemies, illegal money to Iran, weaponizing the IRS to target his enemies....Nothing to see here folks.

FiveThirtyEight I think Trump has the most support he’s ever had.

FiveThirtyEight A potus is judged both by what he does and what he says. He’s certainly done a lot of the latter and it’s divided the US, made it clear that Trump’s got mental issues & he lies incessantly. None of this is good 4 US & bodes ill 4 its future.

FiveThirtyEight You wish

FiveThirtyEight Won’t happen. They are such peacocks.

FiveThirtyEight Honest crew picked up bricks in Dallas with help of DPD. People have gone mad and into destruction mode, with the 'help' of 5G radiation. 5G is not the only cause, just one of many. Read the banned 5G article here: Share

FiveThirtyEight no, the donald duck is ok 👍👍

FiveThirtyEight LOL This is probably like the 17th time you've posted this headline since Trump won in 2016... So desperate🤣

FiveThirtyEight 😂😂😂

FiveThirtyEight Turns out the GOP isn’t in favor of a police state either.

FiveThirtyEight It won't be

FiveThirtyEight If so, it’s still LONG OVERDUE

FiveThirtyEight Please.

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