'Icu Grandpa, ' Who Cradled Sick And Premature Babies, Has Died - Cnn

'Icu Grandpa, ' Who Cradled Sick And Premature Babies

'ICU grandpa,' who cradled sick and premature babies, has died

The 'ICU grandpa,' who cradled sick and premature babies, has died

11/21/2020 4:44:00 PM

The 'ICU grandpa, ' who cradled sick and premature babies , has died

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These were the nicknames that David Deutchman earned by volunteering for 14 years at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Deutchman would head to the hospital to comfort and care for sick and premature babies.On November 14, Deutchman died at the age of 86, just 17 days after being diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer, his family said.David Deutchman comforting one of his"kids.""We're grateful for every minute of every day we got with this great husband, father and grandfather," his daughter, Susan Lilly told CNN. Read MoreWhy he was called 'the baby whisperer' Many people only set foot inside a hospital when there's a medical need to, or an emergency. But Deutchman was not like most people.He spent his career working in international sales -- and after he retired, he decided to start volunteering. "He was at a physical therapy appointment in the neighboring building and he saw the hospital and just popped in," Lilly said."He said, 'I want to do something with kids." That lead to his next act: becoming"the baby whisperer," Lilly said. Joanna Slade, a nurse at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, who worked with Deutchman in the hospital for eight years, said she never saw a baby crying in his arms."He was a very soothing presence to our children," Slade said."He would always be there to cuddle the child when the parents or family couldn't be there."Nurse Joanna Slade said she"never saw a baby crying in his arms."Volunteering in the neonatal intensive care unit takes specialized training. Once Deutchman had completed his training, he became well known throughout the hospital and often formed long relationships with the families he met."He just really had an incredible touch comforting babies," Lilly said."And then, often their parents." But, Lilly added,"He always said the impact on him was far greater than what he thought he had on them. He got so much from it."His community held a drive-by parade in his honorOnce Deutchman's diagnosis became known, the staff at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and his"kids" began to show their"ICU Grandpa" how much he meant to them.Slade and the staff at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta organized a drive-by parade in front of his home that featured a NICU transport truck and cars decorated with balloons, hearts and well wishes. In 2017, the story of our "ICU Grandpa" touched people all over the world. Last week, we learned he has stage IV pancreatic cancer. To honor this legend, our employees organized a drive-by parade outside his home—complete with a NICU transport truck and🚁. pic.twitter.com/NsS5fuFtK2

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Terrible news Oh noooo, may he receive his wings and still watch over the little babies. Hopefully he will find his replacement and guide him in the right direction. GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS. Sending prayers to his family❤ That's so sad! I remember reading about this super grandpa😪 RIH Rest in peace ICU Grandpa

So sad when of the best of us passes. My prayers to his family, friends and people at the hospital that experienced his love. Ohhh No!!!! This Is So Sad!!!! 😞💔🙏🏻✝️🕯 😔😔😔😔😔😔 pdt353 Vampire_Queen33 this is the case 😭 😢 God bless him. Unimaginable that democrats want babies born after an abortion to be denied life saving care. Absolutely sick! On another note, what a great thing this man did for babies.

Such a good man - may he rest in peace. RIP grandpa 😭😭 An angel on earth and now an angel in heaven. God bless and RIP ❤️🙏🏻 Befitting to be a Saint Sad 😞 Compassion is a true measure of Greatness. “Intensive Compassion Unit” Grandpa Mr. David Deutchman take your rest for a life well lived.🙏🏿🙏🙏🏽 Bless this man. May he now rest in the arms of God. How blessed his family was to have this magnificent human in their lives ❤️❤️❤️

Heaven got a good angel🙏RIP 🙏🏼😘 RIP good sir A great loss to his family and those that can no longer benefit from his kindness. We can't afford to lose people like this. Pure compassion to another human being. Humanity to its height. You will be missed, great man. so sad, so sorry, he was so needed.. Nooo 😩 RIP

This is so sad. May he Rest In Peace. 😢😇🙏🏼 RIP. God bless! Awwwwww 😢 Peace to him. His life has been worth it My heart to him and his family. May God bless him . Rest In Peace sir. What you did was a blessing. 😭 Rest in peace Grandpa RIP Grandpa David Rest In Peace! You were a good man. Thank you for being so wonderful.

What an angel ❤️ 💔 What a wonderful act of kindness he provided for so many little ones and their families 🥰😢 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Wonderful 💜💜💜💜 So sad and such a loss to those beautiful babies that he cradled. 🙏🏻😢 🙏🙏🙏 I am thankful that a man such as himself once walked this Earth. I hope that his service to the community inspires others.

THANK YOU SIR..WELL LIVED&LAUDED.. It’s trumps fault. CNN forgot to mention that. You know is coming... May his soul rest in peace Tear jerking Rest In Peace Well old people do what they do, they die. Signed, andrewcuomo 🙏🏽😥 Pain He looks like he was such a great man. I’m sure he will be missed by many.