Icu Doctor Warns 'This İs What You'll See At The End Of Your Life İf Covid Precautions Aren't Taken

Icu Doctor Warns 'This İs What You'll See At The End Of Your Life İf Covid Precautions Aren't Taken

ICU doctor warns 'this is what you'll see at the end of your life' if Covid precautions aren't taken

After notifying a family their loved one had died from Covid-19, ICU Dr. Ken Remy felt compelled to send a message to emphasize how critical wearing a mask, social distancing and washing your hands are to reduce the transmission.

11/25/2020 12:14:00 AM

'I hope that the last moments of your life don't look like this,' the doctor says in a video, holding up a laryngoscope and a breathing tube. 'Because this is what you'll see at the end of your life if we don't start wearing masks when we're out in public'

After notifying a family their loved one had died from Covid-19, ICU Dr. Ken Remy felt compelled to send a message to emphasize how critical wearing a mask, social distancing and washing your hands are to reduce the transmission.

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It’s totally up to all of you out there it’s not a political thing or a macho thing it’s your life and your families life so suck it up be safe wear a mask and enjoy Christmas a vaccine is on the way meet Christmas to all and have a safe life billy bob and the bobs Stop scaring us to death! We have been wearing masks from the beginning. We have to learn to live with it. People who are at risk should stay home, and let the rest of us live whatever we have left of life ....

Hey CNN no flu all of a sudden this year? Liar. Charlatan. Propogandist. triplethreat Greetings from El Paso! Staying home and staying safe! Scaring people again? Complete and utter garbage and fear mongering. If you're over 70, maybe - big maybe. But then why aren't there huge amounts of resources being allocated to protect the vulnerable and aged, not disparage the bulk of society? You're garbage, CNN. Pure garbage.

CNN establishes new lows daily. Nothing like this has ever been on FOX.This is why Trump voters refuse to wear masks. Why did Trump exhort his followers to GATHER AT THE TABLE AND CONGREGATE IN HOUSES OF WORSHIP?Does he want more Americans to die? I don’t know why people don’t wear masks until we get a handle on’s lazy, ignorant and unthoughtful. We will get over it but have patients! It’s a virtue.

I guess we are now taking the word of some random pediatrician about an infectious disease. I mean its just good science right. Or maybe we can read an actual scientific peer reviewed journal that shows masks are ineffective. Science isn't one opinion. Welcome to CNN , we make you believe in fairytales! No science, no numbers Why ?

Very unfortunate and sad but the odds are heavily in your favor. Nursing homes should be 'double' lockdown. 26 person party!!! **** off CNN Fear mongering bullshit. I too can post photos of gory car wrecks in the hope ppl will stop driving. Or other similarly unlikely cases of misfortune that can come with having a life.

Never thought I’d be someone to post a Covid “sob” story. But last night I just found out one of my close friends had tested positive and is now starting to get symptoms. She likely contracted it at the School she works at. Several students (including one in her class) tested+ I wonder if all those mask-less Trump rallies a few weeks ago has anything to do with the current skyrocketing increase in infections and now climbing deaths.

Stop The Covid hysteria!!!!!!! Dang Pretty much that's what you see if you die from anything in a hospital..... America on alert. The Secrets of Covid-19! Who controls our world. Turkey will not be pardoned Bloody Thanksgiving Black Friday is Black Friday the 13th : this is irresponsible reporting. The facts show that most of those infected with Covid will not end up hospitalized. We should wear masks to protect eachother, but reporting inflammatory misinformation as truth only strengthens the resolve of those who oppose masks.

CNN'S TRASH. Powerful!! Should have been the inflight movie as self centered Trumpers fly across country spreading misery and potential death!! Enjoy your leftover turkey sandwiches while waiting in line for your Covid swabbing!! Happy Thanksgiving!! over 99% survivability rate Wtf is this? This was a good video. I hope people understand what's happening in it.

Every other president in our lifetime protected America from outbreaks by containment in its origin not this president. It only takes four years for this president to reverse America gains sending people to food banks death and desperation. Fear, baby! Fear! Is that what doctors are killing people with, so hospitals can get paid?

This is powerful! If this didn't make you cry and want to follow the science to live, you're a lost cause. Forget the damn politics! Please! Governments exist to serve the people. Information on how officials conduct the public business and spend taxpayers’ money must be readily available and easily understood. This transparency allows good and just governance.

Science says mask don't protect you. I saw four people in a Publix grocery store. I don't care that they're careless with their life but it pisses me off that they're careless with mine. Think of others, wear a mask. Sad that people don’t care about each other enough to wear a stupid mask for a little while when they are out. I always believed in saving someone’s life if I could. I don’t know what to think about my fellow Americans.WW2 brought out the best in us this brought out the worst

Fearmongering lying jackass is more like it.. Based on what evidence does he or anyone say that? Emotion based propaganda! Everyone with a filthy mask is unknowingly cross-contaminating themselves and their surroundings. If you dont know how to properly use one, it will do you no good. In fact it will probably do you harm. Please be well versed in PPE usage before you attempt to use it yourself.

If you can smell your fart through jeans then you can get the virus(which is one of the smallest particles in the world) through any mask. Masks are not in any way a significant prevention. Happy Thanksgiving everyone see your family you don’t have to wear a mask it’s gonna be great yay 😃 Preach it Doc!

Scaring people is not working. Another plan is needed🙄 FACT 99.7% recover FACT 99.9% under age 50 recover Source. Wall Street Journal These significant holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and July 4th are family days a chance to be with loved ones but these holidays this year are to say goodbye to loved ones as they gather to kill them off.

310 million people in the US have not been infected with the China Virus! Why isn't that the headline? FAKE NEWS continues with their fear mongering and spreading China Virus panic porn propaganda! For his next 15 minutes of fame, he could make the same video for the abortion victims. Fear mongering - That’s real news

Keep spreading fear, fake news. Jack Dorsey shouldn't you suspend cnn for spreading misinformation? Get the vaccines to hospitals. 🇺🇸 So we should wear masks and cherish our lives. Propaganda CNN Dr. Doom and Gloom. No, doc, you’re wrong. Unlike AIDS, catching COVID19 is not a death sentence. Most people will recover. Masks are a not 100% guarantee against catching the virus.

OMG.Youre disgusting!!!! You KNOW masks DONT work. You know. Please, everyone, be a FREE American. Please!!! Stop listening to this BS. Covid is a virus, like the flu. You’ll get sick. Maybe, real should co depending on your body. This is a political scare!!!!We NEAeD to get Stop the fear propaganda! Many don’t believe you anyways as we know who pull the strings of the media... 🐍

“This is what you’ll see at the end of your life if you don’t start driving with a tutu.” God help us all. Bullshit . Doctors no dam well all they have to do is clear the sticky mucus in the lungs which is so easy to suck out . The works knows exactly what they doing. Killing off the over crowded population

Mostly, the spiteful orange toddler convinced his disciples - that this is an acceptable way to die. Even if you're healthy. Or someone you care about, are expendable if it serves the infant. Wow, pushing blatant fear mongering. If you’re under 50, you have a 99.98% chance of survival. If you don’t have any underlying health issues, it’s around 99.9999% or some ridiculous number. Actually less than the flu if you’re under 20. So, this is BS.

Masks don't work, and this is obvious fear mongering. Stfu. Masks don’t work. Sad but true... Sadly , so many idiots out there will see the video & just won’t comply . If the moron in the White House had pleaded with his cult & had followed the experts advice himself, many of them would have listened to him. Many lives would have been saved.

Then why do we need to test for it? Simple fact is this ending is as rare as any other tragic ending in life but no more common than any other flu. To whoever wrote this article - Is this what you thought journalism would be? The sky is falling the sky is falling! CNN is so full of it... Propaganda brainwashing better that Pravda.

Scaremongering at its best More fear mongering from CNN Yeah. But what about how many times you touch your face when you wear it? That's the majority, plain and simple. Err, you won't see that, because you'll be sedated just before being intubated. Cut the crap. CNN is ruled by cheaters and people with no humanity. This kind of fake news are awful, disgusting and only seek to destroy us. Please, burn CNN buildings asap.

fakenews If you have CashApp or PayPal to recieve some cash, follow me and Dm... I’m blessing few people. NB: if you don’t follow me don’t DM I will not answer you I absolutely agree my friend but theres to many selfish people that just wont do as there selfish I really do feel for the n.h.s and what a fantastic job you all do stay safe all.

Over 99.5 percent survival rate News or fear propaganda? You guys are dumb. Unfortunately, there's no cure for 'Stupid' I have asthma and I can hardly breathe with a mask Fucking prick trying to scare people...first of all..if your to point you need advanced airway you will be sedated before they perform that procedure..they are trying to scare everybody into compliance. People still get COVID wearing masks...WE CAN NOT STOP THIS FOLKS.

🇧🇷 China News Network - The horror show! Fear monger much? 0-60 99.97 % chance for survival. MASKS DONT WORK!!! I ONLY WEAR MINE SO I DONT BREATH THE SAME AIR AS BLACKS!!!! You’re normally sedated before being intubated Wow spread more fear. Sad What happened to the will to live as a species - when did the desire to survive just disappear? The concept of self preservation?

Wow 😮 Masks don't work. Stop blindly accepting the fear mongering propaganda... Someone should have the guts to sue your asses! Courtesy of Biden fear network. Guess someone forgot to let them know the mortality rates! Ignore all the nooses Doc. Masks only play a minor roll. The problem is most infections come from the home. People gather in homes and that's where the major infection source are. Lock downs, curfews, restrictions on people visiting homes travel and boarder restrictions need to used with masks. It works

Well if they did there job instead of bitching we might be somewhere Wait, so this is a hella deadly contagious virus... or it’s no worse than an average flu? I’m confused. After Thanksgiving, I expect this to be true for many Americans newly infected. Doc - everyone is wearing a mask Why don’t you focus on doing your job.

keep up the fear mongering CNN I was speaking to health professionals today they all say the Media is making this worse on people. we had more ppl Overdose on drugs in 1 week than Covid deaths that is the real pandemic Fentanyl Take this serious people! Me OD’ing on the constant fear mongering. You have a smooth brain if you believe any of this shit

Oh shut the hell up. Stop causing fear and panic. Masks DO NOT work. They do not significantly reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 To be fair, that’s probably what you will see at the end of your life at any instance. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Are we just going to keep pretending that we don’t have an immune system? And exposure strengthens your ability to fight off respiratory viral infections like COVID? Wearing a mask actually suppresses your immune system. Build your immune system, practice safe hygiene, live life

Fear mongers at CNN still believe that the can someway somehow find there way through this alive..... Here’s the news CNN your light is fading and will soon be out permanently as for your controllers we have an 8x8 for each of you. Fear truth!!! Fear Trump Fear GOD!!!!! Wear a mask, don't be an azz. So an antidepressant has been found to help fight covid, does this dr. not know? Why not? Media didn't mention it?

'We don't have much time' said Dr. Li-Meng Yan. The solution to the pandemic depends on when can the world stand up and demand the truth from the CCP. All these started from dirty secrets and coverups, it will and have to end by complete exposure. Totally not dramatic. The fear mongering is out of control. This is boarder line terrorism

Lies, nothing but lies. This doctor should have his or her license revoke yeah whatever dude IF EVERYONE IN THE USA PUT ON A MASK FOR 12 SECONDS AT THE SAME TIME THIS DISEASE WOULD BE OVER!!! THIS IS OBVIOUS SCIENCE PEOPLE!!! If they knew months ago there would be another surge then why didn’t all these “Smart Educated Doctors “ better prepare for it?

Wait, you've just admitted that ventilators don't work! In that case, why would I let you? Fear one is discussing suicides, alcohol abuse, child abuse, depression, youth depression, drug addiction, financial ruin all as a result of fear mongering. The treatment can’t be worse than the problem

Are you sure you didn't cook this up like you did the Lekki toll gate story?… Your reputation as a credible news source is shaky. Stop with the fear mongering 💥Best Black Friday sales for 2020 “No denomination is a gateway to heaven. Jesus is the only way to heaven. F E A R P O R N 💔 😷wahala Dey o Scaremongering much?

G. F. Y. In case you missed it G. F. Yourselves If you are under 60, chances of this happening IF you get covid is 1%. Some fear is decent. Fear mongering 101 Stupid fear mongering from someone, who shouldn’t work as a doctor anymore. WRONG! Stop already. Over 70 percent of COVID patients wore masks! WASH YOUR HANDS DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE!

Oh really cause the masks are sealed... This is remarkably intense 🤣🤡🧠 Oh piss off with the fear porn already 😷🆙 If masks work why is there a “second wave?” IF YOU HAVE TIME OR MONEY HELP out in GEORGIA-NOW!! This MONSTER bankrolls Antifa, BLM, Dominion, Hollywood, Media, Central America caravans, US Judges to Pack courts & get rid of the electoral college All to create a ONE WORD NATION.

You fvcks make me sick. Fear much. Jesus. The headline should read. This will never happen to 99.7% of you that catch this virus but you could get struck by lightning good yours and others you infect along the way. People still won’t listen. They’ll continue to wrap themselves in the flag and whine about freedom. Well, to hell with that crap. People who won’t wear masks are unAmerican morons.

Lol 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭 👆 Fear is power.